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Spring and Bondly reached a cooperation to release the digital potential of NFT creator economy



Spring Now Offers Influencers the Bondly Tech Behind Logan Paul's Multi-Million Dollar NFT Sales       

Spring has established industry-leading partnerships with 450,000 creators across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram platforms.

Bondly's technological innovation has led to multiple firsts in the DeFI and NFT space - the first NFT album, the first NFT concert ticket of a mainstream artist and influencer, the first NFT song released by a reggae artist, and more.

NFT Sales Exceed $2 Billion in Q1 2021         

May 12, San Francisco: Spring (formerly Teespring) and Bondly (Bondly, a problem-solving pioneer leading the next generation of NFT creators) today announced their new partnership, Spring’s platform will allow creators to sell digital and physical products , which unlocks a new wave of digital potential for the creator economy. Content creators will use Bondly technology on the Spring platform to create, manufacture and sell NFTs. Additionally, Bondly will provide expertise to develop new digital experiences between creators and fans. In the first quarter of 2021, NFT spending exceeded $2 billion, an increase of approximately 2,100% from the fourth quarter of 2020, which verifies that individual creators can also generate a lot of additional income. These new NFT features will allow them to be the creators of the original digital product and be rewarded.  

Digital identity authentication company Spruce launched an authentication plug-in to support the use of Ethereum accounts to log in to the Discourse forum: on March 16, digital identity authentication company Spruce announced the launch of its first authentication plug-in for logging in to the Discourse forum using an Ethereum account. The plugin is open source and enables self-hosted Discourse forums running the official version to have their users authenticate with an Ethereum account, including registering for a Discourse forum with an Ethereum account or linking to an existing account. Spruce will continue to explore how the plugin can be used with forums hosted and moderated by first and third parties.

Spruce is an open source software company that builds encryption tools that help users manage identities and data across platforms. Spruce won the bidding jointly launched by the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum Domain Name System (ENS) in September last year, and will develop the technology to log in to third-party Web applications through Ethereum accounts. [2022/3/16 13:59:42]

Creators will now be able to simultaneously leverage Spring's industry-leading social integration features and combine Bondly's creation technology to sell NFTs, making NFTs accessible to fans around the world with the click of a button. Spring will provide creators with a platform to sell NFTs, similar to their existing digital product platforms, and use their distribution channels to provide fans with the opportunity to purchase them. Bondly will power the next generation of digital collectibles and turn year-round fan engagement into a revenue hub for influencers and others looking to connect with their fans through embedded NFT perks. With the advent of Web 3.0, framed as the new "Internet of Value," this shift in value is most clearly seen in the relationship between fans and creators. The partnership between Spring and Bondly will bring creators and fans closer together, as fans can now join and engage with their favorite creators’ exclusive fandoms by purchasing NFTs on the platform.

LBank Blue Shell will launch CSPR (Casper) at 20:00 on May 3rd and open USDT trading: According to the official announcement, LBank Blue Shell will launch CSPR (Casper) at 20:00 on May 3rd, open USDT trading, and open recharge at the same time According to the data, the Casper network is the first real-time proof-of-stake blockchain based on the CasperCBC specification. Casper is designed to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises and developers today, while ensuring its high performance in the future as the needs of network participants evolve. [2021/5/3 21:19:51]

Bondly laid the groundwork for widespread NFT adoption earlier this year, pioneering unique NFT offerings by partnering with influencers and musicians, as well as with game/collectible creators. Bondly created and sold Logan  Paul's first limited-edition NFT collectible for fans, and generated $1.3 million in NFT sales in the first 30 minutes. In addition, through Bondly's core product BONDSwap , helping singers and songwriters Author PelleK released his first NFT music album and it sold out instantly, earning $160,000. Two-time Grammy Award-winning band and reggae royalty Morgan Heritage is the first artist in history to introduce a new song and two digital remasters via NFT.

Asproex Apollo will be officially listed on SEC at 10:10 on January 22: According to official news, Apsorex (Apollo) will be officially listed on SEC at 10:10 on January 22 (UTC+8), with an opening price of 3.1USDT. Specific arrangements The time is as follows:

Open deposit and withdrawal time: 10:10, January 21 (UTC+8);

Open trading time: 10:10 on January 22 (UTC+8).

Space has developed an AI intelligent trading system for users to use strategies to conduct smart spot transactions to earn income, and at the same time provide hot and cold wallets for users to store digital assets in Space. SEC is the token of Space (digital asset ecological application).

Asproex (Apollo), as an offshore bank holding licensed trading platform, covers CTO (Corporate Token Offering) corporate token listing, contract documentary, ETT index token, digital mining, Digital Bank sector and holds legal licenses in 5 countries , is committed to providing one-stop digital listing services for small, medium and micro enterprises around the world. [2021/1/21 16:38:14]

The Spring platform allows creators to join "social stores" and sell products through social channels. This helps creators gain influence and attract new fans including from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The successful partnership has brought explosive growth to the platform, with over 450,000 verified creators signing up to the platform and building their socially integrated e-commerce stores as of January 2021. 2020 saw a surge in activity, with the number of new creators up 135% and the number of creators actively selling their products through the platform up 92%. Spring has seen more than 30 creators become millionaires through sales on the platform.

News | Asproex (Apollo) Exchange began to connect to the EMTC mainnet on the 12th: According to official news, the Asproex (Apollo) exchange began to connect to the EMTC mainnet on the 12th. Due to the complex technical structure of the EMTC mainnet, the connection will take a certain period. After the docking is completed, all EMTC tokens held in the exchange will be mapped to the main network currency.

Elemental core adopts 1+2 multi-chain structure public chain, combined with IoT intelligent hardware and enterprise ERP system, to create a new enterprise data circulation ecological platform. Elemental core aims to implement the enterprise ERP system, combined with the intelligent manufacturing equipment of the Internet of Things, to enable the enterprise product production process data to be uploaded to the chain, so that the product data is safe, cannot be tampered with, and can be traced back to the root, so as to create a new blockchain credit system . [2020/1/12]

Spring CEO Chris Lamontagne said: “NFTs provide creators with the opportunity to create and, more importantly, own their own digital creations. At Spring, our goal is to put power in the hands of creators, and the first step is to let them Take ownership. This is an opportunity for creative people not only to sell their products on the Internet, but also to innovate in an unprecedented way. We are very happy to work with Bondly, because we are very interested in the creator economy and NFT scale Together we share a common vision and both understand the greatness of this market."

"Spring and Bondly are the perfect partners because we see NFT as a tool to increase fan stickiness and are committed to creating tailor-made NFTs with special benefits to increase the market value of creators." Bondly CEO Officer Brandon  Smith said. “We focus on quality first, so that each NFT can withstand the test of time and maintain its value to fans, ensuring that their perception of each creator will not only remain as good as before the sale, but will also improve their perception of the creator. favorability."

For the creator economy, looking at the macro trend of content-zce and business mergers in the past decade, NFT is the next step forward. Now, with no restrictions of national borders or demand for existing markets, the possibilities for creator commercial activities are endless.

About Spring

SPRING (formerly Teespring) is the leading creator commerce platform, providing creators with an end-to-end solution to design, promote and sell custom on-demand products without cost, risk or hassle. SPRING has partnered with YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Discord, and Streamlabs, making SPRING the go-to platform for over 450,000 creators to monetize their content-zce and create and sell real products to their fans.

About Bondly

Bondly is an interoperable, transparent and portable exchange protocol designed to revolutionize traditional custody methods, thereby empowering the next generation of NFT creators. Bondly's vision is to bridge non-crypto audiences using art, games, anime, music, and brand-based NFTs to join the crypto world while providing decentralized financing.


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Spring and Bondly reached a cooperation to release the digital potential of NFT creator economy

Spring Now Offers Influencers the Bondly Tech Behind Logan Paul's Multi-Million Dollar NFT Sales       Spring has established industry-leading partnerships with 450,000 creators across TikTok.

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