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The key you must understand when deploying the NUT-2912 protocol on the Osasion public chain



With the continuous growth of the Osasion consensus group and the development of the community ecology, the data of the main network of the Osasion public chain Troy has increased by hundreds of times. The basic reference data for opening the staged process expansion and chain reform. Therefore, the staged chain improvement has entered the best period for mainnet parallelism, a data is at the critical value of the lowest variable, and it is also the initial stage of community distribution participating in the establishment of consensus ecology, everything is just right.

In order to optimize the experience of node users and release the underlying data to the greatest extent, especially to verify the reliability of the data blowout on the chain in advance, enter the performance pressure test and prepare in advance of the main network. But in addition to these objective conditions, of course, it is also because the community joint foundation supernode judges that the current industry is in a critical period of bull-bear transition, which is indeed good for Osasion, and therefore predicts that the data of future node activation will create a new high. Therefore, planning in the development of Osasion Osasion itself, whether it is facing the expansion of the Layer 1 stage, or the improvement of node consensus participation in community hotspots and governance, the deployment of the protocol has become an unstoppable trend.

Osasion access to Sobrinans Metaverse: According to the latest news from Osasion Osasion, Osasion Sobrinans Metaverse chain end structure adjustment and adaptation and GAS parameter calibration have been completed, the data blocks on the chain are segmented, classified and stored, data processing is completed, and airtight data pressure testing is completed. It has been completed to meet the batch access capability of DAPP applications. The chain-end communication has been resumed. At that time, some functions of the Meta Freecity section, the first ecological project to enter the Metaverse section, will be opened. Meta Freecity will open the team invitation and IDO task functions. The Meta Freecity chain game aggregation platform carries the comprehensive portal of the Osasion metaverse to aggregate chain games. It is one of the core modules that link the cross-chain aggregation transactions of the multi-metaverse and establish the decentralized metaverse. It is also developed based on blockchain technology. Virtual game ecosystem. Featuring a virtual world where GameFi players can build, own and earn benefits, with a play-to-earn model. [2021/12/20 7:51:46]

On April 23, the Osasion public chain officially released the Osasion Layer 1 expansion design plan. Osasion aims to improve the design of the block structure through the code technology on the chain, and release the size of the data carried by the block through the design of the fixed variable block, and provide an expansion solution on the chain that ensures that the consensus mechanism will not be affected. This agreement It will greatly release the underlying data call, not only improve the user experience, but also greatly provide high-performance guarantee for the deployment of DAPP smart contracts.

Composable Finance launched the MosaicSDK toolkit to support interaction with other dApps: On October 20th, Composable Finance, a DeFi liquidity protocol based on Ethereum Layer 2 and Polkadot ecology, announced the launch of the Mosaic SDK toolkit to support interaction with other dApps. It is reported that this will allow dApps to optimize scalability solutions and achieve seamless interoperability. Meanwhile, Composable Finance is adding more cross-chain bridges to the SDK to provide bridge aggregator functionality. [2021/10/20 20:43:30]

The NUT-2912 protocol, also referred to as the Nut protocol, is called Non-standard radius Unlimited Subtree (non-standard radius infinite subtree), mainly to solve the Osasion Osasion public chain in the design of the layered architecture, optimize the chain Functions, satisfy state verification and unlimited data expansion and storage to the greatest extent, and provide decentralization and security of Layer 1 architecture chain expansion layered design.

The Osasion Osasion block synchronization node triggers the dividend of the first phase of AUC14,000 or more GAS fees: According to the community joint foundation, according to the data monitoring on the Osasion chain, as of 19:10 on April 15, 2021 Hong Kong time, participate in the block synchronization node election There are 152 communities, and the number of coin-holding addresses that participate in the block synchronization node election voting this time exceeds 14,200, accounting for 64.22% of the activated MPOS nodes. The candidate for block synchronization nodes has reached 98, meeting 100 qualified , which will trigger the block synchronization node election for the first dividend and stripping the block synchronization node and super node GAS fee collection address. At that time, the 100 block synchronization node campaign communities will divide up the GAS fee of more than 14,000 AUC in the first phase on average , Subsequent collection of GAS fees reaches 1,000 AUCs, which will involve secondary distribution.

It is reported that the super node election did not touch the applicable conditions of the rules, and its distribution rules and timeline will be significantly different from those of block synchronization nodes. Cut to ensure that the data wear is close to 0. In case of time delay and uncontrollable adjustment items, the announcement will prevail, please wait patiently. [2021/4/15 20:23:44]

The Osasion public chain Troy main network node breaks through the 10,000 mark: According to the data on the Osasion chain, as of 17:00 on January 24, 2021 Beijing time, the Osasion public chain Troy main network data is as follows:

AUC consensus target: 1.52$; increase: 1520%; initial multiplier: 15.2 times;

The current number of activated nodes: 10177; the average mining value of the current node: 0.01295961AUC;

Current block height: 9669550; AUC circulation market value: 3561006.78464734$;

AUC mining volume: 2342767.62147851 pieces; AUC issued hard cap: 137436181 pieces;

The current output ratio: 1.7%. Current mining coefficient: 89.37%; current mining difficulty: level 3, showing easy.

It is reported that the Vietnamese blockchain team BlockHub is holding Osasion’s first global gathering in Hanoi to celebrate the first landing of community distribution in the key node layout. So far, the net increase of nodes today is 136. With the gradual determination of the layout of overseas communities, the Osasion public chain will start the next stage of system testing, making full preparations for the interaction of breaking through 100,000 nodes. [2021/1/24 13:21:25]

Simply understand, each node activation in the Troy main network needs to pass algorithm verification and interact with the mining pool under the control of the smart contract, ushering in the distribution of different objects and equivalent mining coins, but the data generated by node activation will be packaged on the chain block and distribute the amount of ore to all nodes above this column (the first 250 columns), and display them item by item in the transaction records on the wallet side. To put it simply, among the array nodes whose price has not changed in the same column, it is equivalent to every time a node is activated, the miner node (super node and block synchronization node) must undertake the infinite loop of homogeneous data block packaging. Not only data homogeneity verification increases the waste of invalid verification computing power, but also a large number of blocks accumulates, which also causes a massive increase in the data carried by the database. However, the capacity of a single block records a lot of homogeneous data on the basis of unreleased potential, which causes computational pressure to verify invalid data, and also burdens the data storage costs borne by super nodes.

In the early stage of Osasion's development, the number of concurrent nodes required to be activated after the activation of the node is small, and after the activation of the new node, other nodes can obtain AUC minerals faster. However, as the daily average number of nodes continues to increase, this will be a continuous test for the servers that carry concurrent network data. In this case, the deployment of the NUT-2912 protocol will reduce the invalid superposition of data and calculation occupation caused by the homogeneous transfer hash, so as to release the underlying data calls to the greatest extent and increase the speed of AUC mining and transactions , optimize user experience. This is predictable in the data model, and the pressure in the future is the real pressure, so the first stage of NUT-2912 is just the beginning.

Although there were small fluctuations during the deployment protocol and the migration and expansion of the API-side database, the overall results were very satisfactory. It is worth noting that after the Osasion wallet side activates the node, the amount of distribution generated by hitting the AUC mining pool will limit the packaging of blocks according to variable rules and conditions, that is, the main variable factors of the NUT-2912 protocol are time and the number of blocks. The setting of these two variables will also change, which is related to the fluctuation of the data on the chain and the short-term surge data. The timeline will be different. This is also the charm of this protocol. It fully complies with the Bayesian variable control. It will balance variables according to the current usage rate, computing pressure and data call frequency on the chain, no longer like other public chains. The expansion scheme loses flexibility and the value ratio of effective data in a single block.

This agreement is a design based on the essence of Bayesian. It will flexibly adjust the ecology of the city like a sponge city. Controllable variables have become the soul of its design. It is not like an agreement, but more like an AR smart contract with Osasion DNA. Its leading design can respect the uncontrollability and unpredictability of market variables, so that people praise.

In the phased project route previously announced by Osasion, no more clear information has been disclosed yet. The deployment of the NUT-2912 protocol is also a stage for the first expansion of the public chain to accumulate experience and verification. The time for real feedback on the practical capabilities on the chain is still from July to September in the future. We look forward to a smooth bearish market, and a smooth one in Europe. Data explosion.

In addition, in addition to the deployment of the protocol, the community optimization has also been updated for the first time, adding a community search-zce function. After each node user selects the community to vote, they can search-zce for the community they want to support through the new search-zce function, which is more convenient than the community function of the V1.0.5 version. At present, 202 Osasion communities have been established, and 135 qualified candidate block synchronization nodes have been established, and the number of community votes continues to grow. This means that the Osasion community is growing, and more node users are beginning to turn into deeper consensus. The increase in deep consensus will further promote the ecological development of the community, promote the broader development of Osasion's evangelism, and pay attention to the Bayesian ecology to enhance the value of AUC.


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The key you must understand when deploying the NUT-2912 protocol on the Osasion public chain

With the continuous growth of the Osasion consensus group and the development of the community ecology.

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