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5 must-reads in the evening | "Hidden Wealth" in V God's wallet



1. Musk and V God acted at the same time, and the cryptocurrency plunged

In the early hours of May 13, 2021, Beijing time, Tesla CEO Musk announced on social media that Tesla has suspended accepting bitcoin payments because of concerns about the consumption of fossil fuels, especially coal, caused by bitcoin mining and transactions. Growing by leaps and bounds, coal has the worst impact of all fossil fuel emissions. "

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has sold a large number of MEME tokens since the early morning of May 13, including 660 billion Shiba Inu tokens SHIB, 140 billion Akita Inu tokens AKITA, 43 billion Dogelon Mars tokens ELON, 2.06 million 100 million HUSKY, a total of about 16,000 ETH, worth about 63 million US dollars. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of December 4: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Mt. Gox, ETH options, US Treasury, North American investors, Ethereum 2.0, OMG

1. Mt. Gox civil suit deadline set for December 15th.

2. Reuters: North American investors are currently the largest buyers of Bitcoin.

3. The balance of the Ethereum 2.0 mortgage address exceeded 1 million ETH.

4. GBV acquired OMG Network, the second-layer expansion solution of Ethereum.

5. The 3iQ Ethereum Fund will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

6. 669,000 ETH options will expire on December 25. The biggest pain point is $400.

7. The U.S. Department of the Treasury wants regulators to pay attention to the “potential risks” posed by innovations in digital assets.

8. Report: The blockchain technology market is expected to grow by $8.07 billion between 2020-2024. [2020/12/4 14:02:07]

2. Koreans are crazy because they don’t want to work and only want to speculate in coins

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of February 25: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Russia’s richest man, cryptocurrency taxation, proposal

1. Haidian established a leading group to carry out a series of work in the field of government affairs served by blockchain technology.

2. The New Zealand Internal Revenue Service plans to abolish the consumer service tax on cryptocurrencies.

3. Vladimir Potanin, the richest man in Russia, will launch his blockchain platform and token.

4. The Court of Appeal of Singapore rejected the appeal of Quoine Exchange because of its illegal reversal of transactions.

5. Bithumb insiders respond to the acquisition of the BitMax contract: No acquisition is just a financial investment.

6. The EOS Nation multi-signature proposal setinflation has been unanimously approved.

7. V God expressed his criticism of the ProgPoW proposal's "cutting first and playing later".

8. Canaan Technology was sued by a class action accused of violating securities laws.

9. CoinMex will close the asset deposit and withdrawal of all currencies. [2020/2/25]

Just last month, Korean media reported that a Samsung employee made more than 40 billion won (about 230 million yuan) by investing in virtual currency, and resolutely submitted a letter of resignation, which once again ignited the enthusiasm of Koreans for speculating in coins. .

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of December 16: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Political and Legal Committee, Netease Circle, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Muir Glacier, R3

1. Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Committee: Deepen the application of blockchain technology in the field of political and legal public services.

2. Netease Circle will cease operations on February 1, 2020.

3. Deputy Director of the Information and Software Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Promote the integration and innovation of technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain.

4. Nobel laureate: The development of Libra is more like a reminder to global central banks.

5. Major U.S. banks process up to $2 billion in undetected cryptocurrency transfers annually.

6. Ethereum developers: The Muir Glacier hard fork may be launched around December 31.

7. Founder of MakerDAO: will launch DAI anchored to other fiat currencies.

8. R3 has completed trade finance blockchain trials for more than 70 organizations.

9. After the Istanbul upgrade, Ethereum can theoretically handle up to 2048TPS transactions.

10. Bitcoin fluctuated within a narrow range during the day, with the highest rising to 7138.89 US dollars and the lowest falling to 7043 US dollars. [2019/12/16]

However, in fact, there are still very few people who can really make money in this circle. The volatility of the virtual currency market is extremely high, with a single-day drop of even more than 50%, directly causing investors to fall from heaven to hell . click to read

3.MEV Era

Miner-extractable value, or MEV, has gradually permeated every aspect of DeFi, quickly transitioning from an academic concept to the undercurrent of all Ethereum transactions.

MEV growth is hard to measure. But by all measures, MEV has soared from barely a year ago to more than $400 million. click to read

4. The "hidden wealth" in Vitalik Buterin's wallet

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, we call him V God, and V God’s wallet address naturally attracts infinite attention. How many wallet addresses does he have? Besides SHIB, are there other hidden coins? click to read

5. V God: UNI should become a prophecy token

One of the most important elements for a successful DeFi ecosystem is to have a highly secure price oracle. Algorithmic stablecoins, such as DAI, RAI, LQTY, etc., all rely on such oracles, synthetic assets and collateralized loans of any kind require price oracles, as do many other types of projects. Click to read


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5 must-reads in the evening | "Hidden Wealth" in V God's wallet

1. Musk and V God acted at the same time, and the cryptocurrency plungedIn the early hours of May 13, 2021, Beijing time.

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Chia, known as "Green Bitcoin", has been aware of the high energy consumption of Bitcoin since August 2017, so its mining method has changed from graphics card mining to hard disk mining.

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