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How to quickly find the DeFi mining pool with the highest yield?



At present, DeFi is developing rapidly, LP mining, lending mining, and smart pool mining pools have surged, and the yields of each public chain, each project, and each currency are different. How to maximize the return on investment of our miners? Putting the coins into the pool with the highest income and quota will surely achieve the highest income.

KingData DeFi Mining APY Daquan "born on demand". apy.kingdata currently supports real-time monitoring of the four major public chains of ETH, HECO, BSC, and HSC, and the APY ranking changes of hundreds of lending pools and machine gun pools. It is convenient for users to compare the same-chain and cross-chain returns of the same currency, and invest money in the optimal mining pool.

People's Daily full-page explanation on how to speed up digital development and build a digital China: Strengthen research on key digital technologies such as blockchain: Jinse Finance Report, "People's Daily" October 29, 2021, page 09 full-page explanation on how to speed up digital development and build a digital China , which mentions adherence to innovation-driven, and comprehensively promotes the integration of blockchain and other digital technologies into the entire process of government services. Consolidate the foundation of technological innovation, strengthen research on key digital technologies such as blockchain, and consolidate the foundation for technological innovation and upgrading. [2021/10/29 6:18:58]

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Below we detail the functions of KingData APY Daquan

Click the ecology name in the header-zce area of the page to switch to display information such as the mining pool rate of return and remaining quota in the corresponding ecology. Click "All" to compare the mining pool data in all ecosystems across chains.

Chen Weixing once again responded to Zhu Xiaohu, the biggest opportunity of ofo is how to block chain: Today, Chen Weixing once again responded to Zhu Xiaohu's remarks: Finance is a systematic project, and the asset bubbles around the world have contributed to the disparity between the rich and the poor. The development of any new technology requires a perfect process, and every problem is a great opportunity for creators to contribute to the world. Excellent solutions are produced through competition, from poor quality to high quality, and towards beautiful results. Ofo's biggest opportunity is how to become a blockchain, not the order that Zhu Xiaohu thought he would lose money and report falsely. What we want is the opportunity to solve major problems in the world and to sway our passionate youth. [2018/2/24]

Click the pool indicator to set whether to display the corresponding pool data.

Click the currency name in the yellow area in the figure to sort the yield of the currency. The table with the green bottom in the figure indicates the project pool with the highest yield/lowest borrowing interest in the currency column.

Click any table to pop up the historical APY trend of the mining pool in the corresponding project.

Click the navigation on the far right of the page to quickly jump to the corresponding section.

The yellow area in the middle of the webpage displays "comparison of yield trends of various currency pools in a certain project", "comparison of yield trends of a certain currency in different projects", and "comparison of TVL trends of various projects". Click the zoom button in the upper right corner of the chart to view the chart in full screen.

Click on the bottom of the page to apply for a project to settle in Improve project influence and increase project TVL.

At present, "KingData DeFi Mining APY Encyclopedia" is a DeFi mining tool that supports a wide range of public chains on the entire network, includes a large number of project pools, and displays very complete pool information. If you want to quickly find the highest-yielding mining pool, go to apy.kingdata


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How to quickly find the DeFi mining pool with the highest yield?

At present, DeFi is developing rapidly, LP mining, lending mining, and smart pool mining pools have surged, and the yields of each public chain, each project.

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