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Funds once again gather core assets.



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

The information and data in this content-zce come from publicly available information, and strive to be accurate and reliable, but we do not make any guarantees for the accuracy and completeness of the information. This content-zce does not constitute investment advice, and investment based on it is at your own risk.

Ethereum led the market crazy upwards. Unexpectedly, Ethereum suddenly accelerated during the holidays. This trend is not conducive to sustainability. I don’t know where this bullish power comes from. It may be the consensus of institutions or the FOMO of retail investors. In short, the trend It is completely different from the expectations of the madman two days ago. The market is the market, we just choose to be in awe, synchronize with the market in time, and change our thinking.

In the past week, $677 million worth of Bitcoin, $1.4 billion worth of Ethereum, and $565 million worth of USDT have flowed out of exchanges on-chain. This data can show that institutions are still rushing to buy and withdraw, and it can also explain why Ethereum is stronger than the entire market.

Dynamics | ICF, the supporting organization behind Cosmos, exposed funds: 1,400 BTC, 50,000 ETH, and 20 million ATOM: Arianne Flemming, director of The InterChain Foundation (ICF), the development support team behind the cross-chain project Cosmos, said in an interview with Coindesk that the current The team also holds 1400 BTC, 50,000 ETH and 20 million ATOMS tokens, with a total value of 730 million RMB. ICF technical director Buchman said that the ATOMS held by ICF is not capital, and this part of ATOM is used to participate in the Cosmos system ecology. [2019/11/12]

The NVT indicator is still relatively low, implying high trading volume compared to market capitalization. It shows that OTC transactions are very active, and a large number of bitcoins are changing hands at this position. A new round of rise will not start until those who get on the bus and those who get off the bus say goodbye to each other.

Market | BTC’s 24-hour net capital inflow is 2.801 billion yuan: According to AICoin data, the top three 24-hour net capital inflows are: BTC (+2.801 billion yuan), XMR (+1.69 billion yuan), ETH (+921 million yuan) RMB); the top three net outflows are: XRP (-237 million RMB), PAX (-173 million RMB), and BSV (-037.5 million RMB). [2019/8/24]

Paypal CEO believes that Bitcoin will play a very important role in cryptocurrency. More and more bigwigs agree on the value of Bitcoin, which is conducive to the long-term development in the future.

Spot trading volume on crypto exchanges hit another record high in April, up 49% from March. The continuous growth of trading volume is the basis for the continuation of the bull market.

Grayscale founder hopes to sell Bitcoin to Buffett's company for $100,000. Since Charlie Munger scolded Bitcoin yesterday, it has caused a lot of ridicule in the encryption industry. This kind of duel and conflict between old and new is inevitable. We just keep following the trend of the times, leaving time for right and wrong, a black cat and a white cat are good cats if they catch mice, there is no need to argue about right and wrong, making money is the last word. After all, it doesn't make sense for Charlie Munger to have more money, and we still have a long way to go.

Voice | Roger Ver: Customer funds lost during hard fork because replay protection was not implemented: As reported by ambcrypto, Roger Ver recently said: “Some people say that cryptocurrencies cannot be split at all because people will lose funds, but I think they screwed up. Inversely, and we have empirical evidence from the last Ethereum split into ETH and ETC, many exchanges did not implement replay protection, thus lost a lot of customer funds on these exchanges.” [2018/11/9]

In the past 7 days, the Baidu Bitcoin search-zce index has dropped by 42% month-on-month, indicating that the attention of Chinese people has been decreasing this week, so today’s surge should have little to do with retail investors, so the funds are taking advantage of Chinese people’s vacations to pull a wave like this What is the purpose of this is worth pondering.


Bitcoin still has no direction in the short term, and it is brought up by the sentiment of the entire market. The upper pressure is still an integer mark of 60,000. If it breaks through smoothly this time, it will go to a new height. There is a high probability that this position will not be broken through so quickly, and the madman maintains a shocking judgment.


A few days ago, I saw that the bulls were obviously weak, and today they directly exploded and hit a new record high. The advantage of the 5-day line strategy is that it can be held without thinking, which is much more reliable than our subjective judgment. The short-term has already begun to accelerate. If it accelerates tomorrow, it is likely to leave the market in the mid-term. Don't be brought in by FOMO emotions. It is irrational to chase high at this time, and those who hold positions can still hold them according to the tactics.

Platform currency:

In the past two days, OKB has exploded and brought HT up a bit. It should be that Defi on the OK chain is about to come out.


Mainly linked. This week, 7.87 million were unlocked and 2.73 million were pledged.


At present, it is pessimistic to continue upward, and there is an expectation of a callback.


Linkage market.


Yesterday's callback has been wrapped up today, and the market outlook is expected to continue to rise.


Wright is near the pressure position and it is not easy to go directly up.


Small steps upward, you can continue to hold. On the surface of the news, the Norges Bank mentioned the central bank's digital currency and used BSV technology as the preferred solution. There is no news about this currency for a while, so you can pay attention to it.


High volatility.


Linked to the market, passive anti-package callback yesterday, mainly high volatility.


The upward trend is intact, hold if the 5-day line does not break.


I have bought everything that should be bought, and I guess I am waiting for the night live next Friday, and the short-term shocks are the main ones.


To hit a new record high, there are only so many core assets in the currency circle, and each field has a leader, just hold these leading currencies.


There is also a chance to set a new record high, leading the lending category.

The market will continue to divide in the future, the strong will continue to be strong, and those who have not risen will make up for it. Pity the guys in the middle.


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Funds once again gather core assets.

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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