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A quick inventory of the money-making models of these financial games of NFT



Hello everyone! I am Xiaofan.

NFT was born in early 2018. It was originally a niche application for collecting digital cats in the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. After three years of development, this technology has gradually landed in the fields of art, design, game development, music and writing, and gradually formed a wave of financial innovation.

In this issue, we mainly talk about several financial methods of NFT, so that everyone can better participate in it.

The first is the mortgage method. Since 1980, banks have allowed traditional artworks to be used as collateral for loans. According to Deloitte estimates, the global value of artwork-backed loans in 2019 will be US$21-24 billion.

Across Protocol is about to go live on the mainnet, allowing assets to be quickly transferred from L2 to the Ethereum mainnet: October 26 news, the Ethereum cross-chain protocol Across Protocol will be launched on the mainnet on November 8, enabling assets to be transferred from L2 to Ethereum more quickly, Safely transferred to the Ethereum mainnet. Across has established a fund pool on the Ethereum mainnet. Cross-chain users will receive funds immediately after submitting a cross-chain request, and users who provide liquidity to the fund pool will be rewarded. The Optimistic Oracle of the decentralized financial contract protocol UMA was adopted It is used to ensure the speed and security of assets across chains. [2021/10/26 20:57:16]

At present, the most widely used application of NFT is encrypted digital artwork. The Rocket lending company also made an attempt in this area in early 2020. NFTfi has so far received approximately US$22.5 million in loans. But the mortgage value may still have to be appraised by a licensed appraiser or platform.

Quotes | BTC rose rapidly and once exceeded $10,500: According to Huobi data, BTC rose rapidly in the short term, up to $10,513.78, and is now reported at $10,475.10, with an intraday increase of 0.85%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2019/9/9]

The second is financing, a writer named Emily Siegel raised about $50,000 for her next novel, worth 25 ETH, and gave away 70% of the work in the form of tokens, These tokens represent fractional ownership of the NFT, and holders of the tokens are entitled to a proportional distribution of profits.

Market 丨 BTC prices rebounded rapidly in the early hours of this morning, and the difficulty of computing power reached a new high: According to TokenInsight data, the TI index, which reflects the overall performance of the blockchain industry, reported 727.12 points on 9th Beijing time on the 25th, down 14.65 points or 1.98% from the same period yesterday . The general platform index TIG reported 745.09 points, down 30.32 points or 3.91% from the same period yesterday. According to monitoring, the growth rate of BTC community activity remained at 0.08%, and the number of transfers increased by 8.9% from the same period last week to 159,000 (146,000 last week). new highs. BCtrend analysts believe that BTC has a 4-hour sky-high positive line, indicating that the demand for stability has increased after a short-term oversold. Investors can pay close attention to the restoration of market sentiment. The market continues the slow and grinding market, and the defense is the main focus. Analyst Bi Dongxie believes that whether it can rebound effectively after the sharp drop can be judged by observing today's market trading volume. [2018/6/25]

In addition, the NFT of the "New York Times" column was recently sold for $560,000, which is also much higher than the company's income on the advertisement, and it is a new investment method.

The third is royalties, which can apply to content-zce other than digital art and music. For example, the "rebellious" dance on Douyin made Charlie D'Amelio famous overnight, and both Charlie and Douyin, who have more than 112 million fans, can benefit, but the person who created this dance, a 14-year-old girl, did not because Her work has been recognized.

And NFT can solve this problem by offering to tokenize such content-zce and provide creators with financial help when it is monetized. In the future, athletes, dancers, photographers, and other creators can directly cast their copyright content-zce through NFT, and get credit and compensation for their works.

The fourth is split ownership. Fractional ownership is an effective way to democratize assets, which can be developed in conjunction with real estate Reits. Digitize the land or house, and make the divided assets into NFT assets. As a certificate, its owner can obtain corresponding benefits and rights.

In addition to the above models, there are other models that will not be introduced one by one. Different models of NFT can also be integrated and developed. In the next few years, we are also very willing to cooperate with excellent institutions and organizations to conduct a series of experiments around these models and discuss with developers, creators and communities how to work together to put these models into practice.

If you have some views and ideas on the cryptocurrency field, please contact us to discuss cooperation.


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A quick inventory of the money-making models of these financial games of NFT

Hello everyone! I am Xiaofan. NFT was born in early 2018. It was originally a niche application for collecting digital cats in the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. After three years of development.

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