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Are the so-called blockchain decentralized social products innovative or old?



In April, according to market news, the personal data of 533 million Facebook users were leaked, including phone numbers, full names, dates of birth, email addresses, ID locations, and some biological information, which would pose potential risks to millions of cryptocurrency traders. Aaron Gall, chief technology officer at Hudson Rock (cybercrime intelligence company), said: "It is almost certain that hackers will use the leaked data to carry out online fraud. the

Earlier, Google, one of the technology giants, had leaked nearly 500,000 user data due to a loophole in its privacy policy, allowing user data to be freely accessed by other users or apps. An organization called "Google Owes Us" was awarded by a London appeal judge Once approved, claims against Google's data collection practices on behalf of millions of iPhone users are currently being finalized. If the measure is successful, it will show that the value of personal data to individuals will be recognized by law.

In fact, traditional centralized social networking platforms are all controlled by third-party commercial organizations, and personal data has become one of their important sources of profit. Although the Web2.0 we are in now gives users more participation rights on the basis of Web1.0, it does not allow complete control over their own data. Take the popular WeChat and Weibo as examples, log in It must be authorized and bound with a phone number, and the upload of personal information cannot be skipped, let alone gaining benefits through public information or publication. the

Japanese Finance Minister: The G20 summit discusses cryptocurrencies, including the rise of so-called stablecoins: On February 10, Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said that the G20 meeting next week is expected to discuss potential risks to global financial stability, including The rise of the so-called stable currency. He said that he hopes to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the impact of the central bank's digital currency on the international foreign exchange system. Suzuki also said that cooperation among G-20 countries is important. Suzuki said Masato Kanda, the deputy minister for international affairs, would attend in his place because he was unable to attend the meeting due to a conflict with parliament's schedule. (Golden Ten) [2022/2/10 9:41:54]

The characteristics of anonymity, autonomy, openness, and immutability of the blockchain have become a pioneering experimental site for exploring the Web3.0 world. The transparency and trust issues brought about by the centralization of operational services seem to be resolved through the application of blockchain technology such as data rights certification, data confirmation and authorization. After this process is completed, the era of Web3.0 will also come .

Ao Bencong: Binance Smart Chain is not decentralized, and there is no so-called decentralized exchange: In mid-April, the community-driven Binance Chain development team released the Binance Smart Chain white paper. CSW (Ao Ben Satoshi), who has long had a tense relationship with Binance, said in this regard: "The Binance Smart Chain is not as decentralized as they say. In fact, Binance is the owner and controller of the system... ...there is no such thing as a decentralized exchange. You send your money to an exchange and they have custody or control of your money. This is nothing more than a bluff to mislead regulators.” (CoinGeek) [5/2020] 7]

The combination of Web3.0 and blockchain can produce many interesting chemical reactions, such as digital identity and data self-control, people can participate in voting, participate in dividends, and realize the positive interaction between developers and users. They can also serve as great New tools to better protect your personal data, you might pay more for things, but also use cryptocurrencies for micropayments.

Voice | Columnist Jin Lun: The so-called "foolish people get money quickly" model is basically the status quo of the currency circle: columnist Jin Lun recently published an article stating that most investors do not understand the blockchain, let alone virtual currency, I only know that this thing is very profitable. Since it is very profitable, you must follow it. You can make up your own brain for the so-called "stupid people make money quickly" model, which is basically the status quo of the currency circle. I don’t understand, but dare to throw money into it. Columnist Jin Lun suggests that investors should look at what real rich and intelligent people are doing, and how they treat certain trendy investment products. [2018/7/2]

The novel idealized vision has attracted many new-generation social network projects including Steemit, Telegram, YeeCall, social network, etc. to explore more possibilities of decentralization.


The blockchain ecosystem is currently divided into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Graphene. Steemit is the most representative application in the Graphene ecosystem. Users can like and dislike, follow topics of interest, and submit content. And discuss posts with other users, all of these processes can earn STEEM cryptocurrency earnings. Steemit saves almost all content-zce text on the graphene blockchain, but still relies on third-party online hosting services like Imgur for images.

Alibaba Cloud: It will not provide any so-called "mining platform": There is news today that Alibaba has launched a mining platform "P2P node". In the evening, Alibaba Cloud Weibo responded: "Alibaba Cloud will never issue any bitcoins." It will not provide any so-called "mining platform". At present, the "P2P node" webpage cannot be opened. Previously, the P2P node website showed that the operating entity is Alibaba East China Co., Ltd. According to inquiries, Alibaba East China Co., Ltd. Established on October 10, 2017, the legal representative is Hu Xiaoming, the registered capital is 100 million yuan, and it is 100% controlled by Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. It belongs to the software and information technology service industry.[2018/1/17]


The encrypted message application Telegram is positioned as a social chat software. Users can encrypt and transmit the content-zce of the conversation. The content-zce of the conversation is not stored in the cloud, but is managed locally by the user to ensure the privacy of the user. It also allows users to use it permanently for free without intervening Mobile Ads. Recently, Telegram launched the blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) and its encrypted currency Gram, which is used to lay out the global payment network. With the ban on services, Telegram's pace of globalization and ambition to build a global encrypted asset platform will also be hindered. the

Metropolitan Denies New Policy on Virtual Currency Wire Transfers Reported New Policy Has Actually Been Implemented: Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp., parent company of Metropolitan Commercial Bank, published earlier Tuesday Responding to a "term misstatement" in its policy in a statement. Daduhui Bank stated that the policy on cryptocurrency wire transfers reported two days ago is a policy that has existed for a long time at the bank and is still in place today. Last week, Metropolitan Bank simply reminded customers that the bank has a policy of not accepting cryptocurrency-related wire transfers from outside the United States. This is just a reminder to customers, not that the bank has issued a new policy, nor is it because the bank has experienced any "international fraud incidents" that Fortune magazine called. The press release does not mention domestic wire transfers in the United States or international wire transfers originating in the United States. At the same time, Duduhui Bank also emphasized that its current policy is the result of the bank's internal risk hedging strategy. [2018/1/17]


The Yee project is a blockchain-based cloud communication network and a decentralized social ecosystem, including YeeChain blockchain, YeeNet cloud communication network, and applications such as YeeCall, YeeWallet, and YeeStore. YeeCall currently has about 30 million users, who can send messages, realize video and voice calls. In the entire Yee ecosystem, users can get YEE tokens after completing one data use, but they did not pay much attention to governance and finance, and finally calmed down like the CryptoKitties back then.

social network

social network is a new generation social network of Polkadot ecology. It not only has a real-time social function similar to Discord, but also has an information and news flow function similar to Reddit. It is positioned as a decentralized platform that changes the future of social media, and it is a traditional A decentralized alternative to social media, powered by IPFS, social tokens, NFT and DeFi, with a secure trust system that allows users to regain control of the online network. NET is the native token of the social network. By staking existing tokens or creating a social network community supported by global finance, you can get airdrops and additional NET rewards every week.

The application advantages of blockchain in the social field are obvious, and many new projects and applications are blooming everywhere. In fact, the primary problem at present is how to use the advantages to match the pain points of users, and the realization of self-control of user information becomes the key. Looking at the blockchain field, social network uses the distributed storage technology of IPFS to disperse and store user data on the user's server, and truly return the commercial value of the data to the user. Data rights confirmation is a good reference.

Social networks need economies of scale. The more users there are, the higher the value. At present, mainstream social platforms are almost in a monopoly position, so how to launch continuous highlights and retain loyal users for frequent use is the focus of all products. The social network uses the Substrate language to access the Polkadot ecosystem at any time, ensuring data security and reducing handling fees. Finally, Polkadot’s cross-chain function can be used to interact and transmit data with other DApps in the Polkadot ecosystem. value.

Secondly, the social network launched the first phase of the release of the decentralized social network protocol on April 22 (Earth Day), which aims to solve the current dilemma faced by for-profit social media companies and their billions of users. At the same time, the social network launched a key generation activity, and each account created during the activity will be used to start the agreement and have the function of P2P recovery identity, so that individuals can have their own data and personal information under the self-service account of their distributed wallet. assets.

When the internal test version is released, users only need to create an account on the social network to get a "NET" with zero threshold, and share it to Twitter, Github or Telegram to get an additional "NET" airdrop. Less popular, interesting and simple user experience has attracted many users from all over the world to participate and praise. the

The benefits of blockchain decentralization allow servers to be located anywhere in the world, social access is anonymous and easy, all documents and data are encrypted and controlled by users themselves, and of course they can also be used for other things such as buying and selling things. Blockchain socialization endows different working methods, and all information is no longer directed to the server, but to the actual content. This way, there is no one central server controlling everything and content-zce can reside in multiple locations.

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, it can not only support more social products to process massive information, but also provide developers with more inspiration and inspiration, understand the real needs from the perspective of users, and design The highlight product that solves the pain points of users, I believe that the blockchain will shine in the social field.


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Are the so-called blockchain decentralized social products innovative or old?

In April, according to market news, the personal data of 533 million Facebook users were leaked, including phone numbers, full names, dates of birth, email addresses, ID locations, and some biological information.

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