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The entire currency circle suddenly understood Mr.Buffett today...



Everyone is in the same mood today. Is the belief in blockchain and value currency all shaky?

Hahaha, this is the real world, friends, new people always like what the old guys don't like, and then fry it up, just don't take what the old guys have, no matter how good they are valuable.

"I understand why Buffett hates BTC, because I also hate shib", this is simply the best of the day.

When we laugh at Buffett and Munger for being too old to understand Bitcoin, we should know how new Bitcoin is to them, and how young people embrace Bitcoin. Are the companies in their hands, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, etc., valuable? Of course there is value, it's just that people don't even bother to look at their market.

Li Shigeng: The launch of IPFS will be very beneficial to the entire DeFi and even the entire blockchain industry: live report, September 20th, hosted by Node Consulting, co-sponsored by WAVES, Jinse Finance, and IPFS100 "The Rise of DeFi" Leading the New Trend of Thought in the Mining Industry" Co-For Entrepreneurs Conference · Ludao sub-forum was held in Xiamen.

During the roundtable discussion, Li Shigeng, head of WAVES China, said that DeFi has already been talked about. In the short term, there must be a bubble, and the bubble burst will be tragic. At present, many DeFi projects have bubbles, and there is nothing to say . But my point of view is very clear about what kind of changes will happen in the future, or whether the entire development direction of DeFi in the future will be a completely innovative direction. The technical indicators and various performances of the blockchain in the future, with the improvement of the technology of the chain itself and the entire network environment, are two-sided. On the one hand, the existing technical bottleneck is broken; on the other hand, the carrying capacity of the network And some hardware upgrades will lead to an upgrade of the entire infrastructure, just like in the earliest Internet era, you can only read a novel or listen to a piece of music, but now you can directly download two or three hours of movies in a few seconds. The upgrade of the entire infrastructure will promote the development of the DeFi industry, and even make many things that were difficult to do in the DeFi industry before will become smoother in the future. For example, Uniswap is actually very poorly used, and it has a very close relationship with the hardware foundation of the chain itself. So I think in a longer-term perspective, including the application of IPFS, it will be very beneficial to the entire DeFi and even the entire blockchain industry. So I am still optimistic about the future changes in DeFi. With technological innovation, product itself, and hardware network progress, there will be more and more application forms and user experience. [2020/9/20]

Young people like new things. It is a pity that Bitcoin has become a "valuable old thing" in this light-speed development circle.

Encrypted artist Trevor Jones: NFT is an important part of the entire art market: Encrypted artist Trevor Jones said in a recent interview: "I see NFT as my future, the future of art, and an important part of the entire art market. With the With the growth of the space, and more and more works like 'Picasso's Bull' being sold, the traditional art market will eventually catch up with the digital art market revolution. Art schools and artists who do not adapt to new ways of creating, selling, investing in and displaying artwork, Commercial galleries and auction houses will eventually be eliminated."

Note: On July 23, Trevor Jones’ work “Picasso’s Bull” was sold to Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile of the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) for $55,555.55 through the Nifty platform. (Cointelegraph)[2020/8/6]

Golden Relativity | Founder of China Wanwang: Blockchain may subvert the entire financial industry: In this issue of Golden Relativity: The Treasurer Investigation Bureau, regarding whether the blockchain has the opportunity to subvert the Internet, Zhang Xiangdong, founder of China Wanwang said: No It must subvert the Internet, but it may subvert the entire financial industry. The Internet is the foundation of the blockchain, and they are not on the same plane. Blockchain technology is built on top of the Internet. The technologies of human society are stacked layer by layer in this way. [2019/4/11]

This picture is also the most classic picture today.

Times have really changed.

But in fact, this is the most obvious manifestation of the bull market, and this is the manifestation of the influx of newcomers. Think about it, when you are a newcomer, what is your purpose of buying coins? It's nothing more than one -- rising fast.

So what currency is rising fast? It is definitely not a currency like Bitcoin that will be on the news when it rises by a few points. It must be the most hyped currency with the cheapest unit price, so everyone sees that every time there is a bull market, copycats are always flying around.

For newcomers, it’s not that they don’t like value coins, but air coins. Mainly for a newcomer, do you think there is really a big difference between Dogecoin, Shicoin and Bitcoin? Maybe it doesn't make a difference.

So the lively coins they are rushing to rise naturally fast, because in essence, everyone is making a lot of fun, and the fundamentals are not that important. Just like the early Bitcoin, it has tens of thousands of times in two or three years. In fact, every participant It is the myth of wealth itself.

However, it is said that there are big bosses behind the various animal coins this time, but who knows?

Anyway, it’s good for everyone to have a lot of speculation. I don’t understand, and I never hoped that I could earn every coin. Just kidding, it’s over. After all, you can’t fry this stuff every day. If the market value exceeds Bitcoin in a few days, it’s okay, haha.

Let's see a play.

We can’t keep up with the speed of the new leeks. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s like after you’ve experienced a sea of knives and a sea of knives and you’re covered in bruises again, it’s hard for you to explain to yourself, “It’s impossible for these knives to touch you. ", which can only be done by newcomers who have no experience at all.

If you have experienced that kind of pain, it is difficult for you to make Stud without an altcoin, and it is even difficult for you to convince yourself.

So this kind of money is earned by newcomers. If they can’t come in, they will take over from you, right? You have to make money first. After earning, you find that you still have to find some value, and then come to take your order. Don’t worry, if the currency in your hand is a real value currency, not a bragging value currency, it will be your turn. Yours.

Don't worry, take a good rest, don't worry.

After all, anxiety is useless.


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The entire currency circle suddenly understood Mr.Buffett today...

Everyone is in the same mood today. Is the belief in blockchain and value currency all shaky?Hahaha, this is the real world, friends, new people always like what the old guys don't like, and then fry it up.

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