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Ethereum pointed at $4,000, Dogecoin fell by more than 20%, with a net outflow of more than $500 million



[Today's headlines] Musk: Dogecoin is an unstoppable financial tool According to Businessinsider, in the "Saturday Night Live" talk show on Saturday night local time in the United States, Musk said: "(Dogecoin) is a currency. future. It is an unstoppable financial instrument that will rule the world.” He also added that Dogecoin is as real as dollar bills. [Disk analysis] On Sunday, the overall trend of cryptocurrencies diverged. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, fell slightly, while Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market value, continued its recent strong rise and set a record high of $3,982.7, a distance from 4,000. The U.S. dollar mark is only one step away; the recently popular Dogecoin (DOGE) has experienced a decline, once falling below $0.50, with a maximum drop of 30%; technically, the daily chart, Bitcoin is in the midst of shocks and consolidation. In the middle and above, there is a strong resistance at the important $60,000 mark. This is a very critical resistance area. Once it breaks through, it is expected to open up new upside space. Of course, investors should also pay attention to the risk of false breakthroughs when they rise and fall. As of press time, coinmarketcap data shows that the 24-hour performance is as follows: BTC reported 57,963.50 US dollars per coin, down 2.33% in 24 hours; the balance of Ethereum miners’ addresses exceeded 260,000, a record high in four years: August 31 news, according to Oko According to data from OKLink's multi-chain browser, the balance of Ethereum miners' addresses has exceeded 260,000, rising to the level of the same period in April 2018, a record high in four years. As of now, the total amount of ETH in all miner addresses on the chain is 261,848 pieces, which is about 415 million US dollars based on the current price. [2022/8/31 13:00:25] ETH reported at $3956.94/coin, up 11.40% in 24 hours; DOGE reported at $0.5357/coin, down 23.59% in 24 hours; BNB reported at $645.51/coin, up 1.71% in 24 hours ; XRP reported at $1.52 per coin, down 5.13% in 24 hours. Figure: 24-hour ups and downs of mainstream currencies [Data Analysis] Contract turnover as of 17:00, the total network futures market turnover of the day was 119.674 billion U.S. dollars. The market turnover in the morning was relatively light. The prices of various currencies continued to rise, and the trading volume was significantly enlarged. Specifically, OKEX's turnover was US$16 billion, Huobi's turnover was US$303.93, Bybit's turnover was US$10.504 billion, and Binance's turnover was US$54.258 billion. Data: In the last week, 587,600 NFT assets were added to the Ethereum network: According to Jinse Finance, NFTScan data shows that in the latest week, 587,693 new NFT assets were added to the Ethereum network, and an average of 83,900 NFT assets were minted every day. [2022/2/26 10:16:38] Picture: The liquidation amount of the futures market trading volume contract was 912 million US dollars in 24 hours, and the number of people liquidated was 139,526. The largest single liquidation order occurred on Binance-DOGE $12.0738 million. From the detailed data of the liquidation, the liquidation amount of long positions was 616 million US dollars, the liquidation amount of short positions was 296 million US dollars, and the liquidation of long positions accounted for 67.54%. In terms of currency, the amount of Bitcoin liquidation exceeded 303 million US dollars. From the 4-hour data, the amount of liquidation on the entire network was 74.2364 million US dollars, and the amount of long liquidation was 37.8173 million US dollars, accounting for 50.94% of the total. Figure: 24-hour network explosion statistics: Purpose Ethereum ETF currently holds a total of 31,395 ETH: Bloqpor, an encryption research and analysis company, pointed out that since its launch 20 days ago, Purpose’s Ethereum ETF currently holds a total of 31,395 ETH . [2021/5/9 21:41:32] Figure: 4-hour network-wide liquidation statistics chart: 24-hour liquidation statistics of various currencies. The price range is sorted out, and the long-short sentiment in the market is stalemate, both at around 50%. Although the Ethereum market has soared recently, the long-short sentiment of Ethereum is still stalemate. The specific data is as follows: Ratio chart: 24-hour ETH long-short ratio of the entire network exchange Fund flow to the list number of transactions) is really enough to make Ethereum a global settlement layer, a payment system, does Ethereum need a larger scale, and if so, is this possible? In response to this, V God tweeted that I think we can definitely increase the base layer to 10-20 MB/s if needed (this will allow 1M TPS). [2020/10/5] The net inflow of funds into ETH, DASH, ADA, SHIB and other currencies on that day, ETH topped the list with USD 262 million in gold, DASH with a net inflow of USD 130 million, and DOGE with a net outflow of USD 543 million. Figure: Top 10 net fund inflows of the day Figure: Top 10 net fund outflows of the day Grayscale Trust Position Tracking Grayscale Trust’s position data changes on Saturday are as follows: Grayscale BTC Trust has not changed, with a total position of 653,300 BTC, and the premium rate - 12.62%; Grayscale ETH Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 3.1657 million ETHs, and a premium rate of -1.57%; Dynamic | The total transaction volume of Ethereum DEX projects in the past week totaled 19.71 million US dollars: According to the data on DEX special page : As of now, 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network have been counted, and the transaction volume on the chain in the past week has totaled 137,789 ETH, totaling 19,716,007 US dollars. Overall, the DEX projects ranked by the number of trading users in the past week, the DEX projects with the largest number of active-zce users are: IDEX (5,506), Uniswap (4,405), Bancor (1,562), ForkDelta (1,520), Eth2dai (644 ); ranked by user transaction volume, the DEX projects with the largest transaction volume are: Uniswap (62,263ETH), Eth2dai (19,620ETH), Tokenlon (18,323ETH), IDEX (16,380ETH), Bancor (7,146ETH). [2019/12/16] Grayscale LTC Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 1.5028 million LTCs, and a premium rate of 1017.48%; Grayscale ETC Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 12.396 million ETCs, with a premium rate of -50.05%; Grayscale BCH Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 293,500 BCHs, and a premium rate of 224.39%; Grayscale ZEC Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 327,100 ZECs; Grayscale ZEN Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 605,500 ZEN; Grayscale XLM Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 68.951 million XLMs; Grayscale MANA Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 17.5885 million MANA; Grayscale LPT Trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 439,600 LPTs Grayscale FIL trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 51,800 FILs; Grayscale BAT trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 3,651,500 BATs; Grayscale LINK trust remains unchanged, with a total holding of 169,400 LINKs. Figure: Grayscale Trust Single Asset Fund Information Greed Index Today's Bitcoin Fear/Greed Index is 73, up from 67 yesterday. Figure: Daily/Historical Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index Note: The threshold of the panic index is 0-100, where a value of 0 means "extreme fear" and a value of 100 means "extreme greed". Included indicators: volatility (25%) + market trading volume (25%) + social media popularity (15%) + market research (15%) + the proportion of Bitcoin in the entire market (10%) + Google hot word analysis (10%). [News review] 1. Elon Musk said on Saturday Night Live that Mother’s Day gift would be Dogecoin. Elon Musk participated in Saturday Night Live (SNL) and talked about Dogecoin. Elon Musk’s mother said in the program that I am looking forward to this year. Great Mother's Day gift, but I hope it's not Dogecoin. But Elon Musk jokingly replied: "It will be!" "Saturday Night Live" and launched a variety of betting markets, including whether Doge will rise during the broadcast of "Saturday Night Live" (yes -175, no +135). According to the data, Doge fell to $0.5 during the broadcast time of the program, but recovered as the program progressed. At the same time, online trader Robinhood tweeted that there was a problem with its app, but the company refused to respond to whether the problem was caused by a large number of transactions during the broadcast of the program. 3. "shib" and "Dogecoin" were both on the Weibo hot search-zce list The Weibo hot search-zce list shows that "shib" and "Dogecoin" were on the Weibo hot search-zce list at the same time, ranking 18th and 29th respectively bit. 4. Whale groups holding 100-10,000 bitcoins have increased their holdings by 20,000 BTCs in the past two days. Santiment tweeted that 16,104 bitcoin whale addresses currently holding 100-10,000 bitcoins have a total of 9.1 million bitcoins ( or about $531.3 billion). After holdings fell between April 10 and May 4, data shows that this group has accumulated an additional 20,000 BTC in the past two days. 5. South Korea will crack down on cryptocurrency phishing activities The South Korean government said on Sunday that it will cooperate with the South Korean Police Agency to strengthen the monitoring system for cryptocurrency-related phishing websites amid the recent surge in virtual currency prices. South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) said there have been increasing reports of phishing attempts via text messages recently, leading cryptocurrency users to enter transaction IDs and passwords on fake websites to steal their accounts. The department said it found and blocked 32 such phishing sites in the past three months, compared with 41 sites detected in all of last year. ICT said it would strengthen its 24-hour monitoring system to quickly block such phishing websites. The Korean National Police Agency has also been cracking down on phishing websites since early March this year. As of May 4, police were investigating 21 cases in which individuals hacked into the accounts of other cryptocurrency users and sold their assets. [Market outlook] Analyst Willy Woo: Cryptocurrency flows to strong holders, it is impossible to enter a bear market Cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo tweeted over the weekend that this cycle is different, and cryptocurrencies are flowing to strong holders like never before. He doesn't think it's possible to enter a bear market. This is evident from this week's price action. Willy Woo said that the entry of cryptocurrencies into the company's balance sheet could have an impact. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust currently holds 3.5% of the Bitcoin supply and only allows Bitcoin to flow into cold storage. The leverage market, which has grown in size since 2017, may also have played a role. A large number of tokens move in order to trade, and tokens with less leverage also need to move with the same amount of speculation. In the early days of Bitcoin, it was used as a currency, so it makes sense for Bitcoin to circulate in more liquid hands.


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Ethereum pointed at $4,000, Dogecoin fell by more than 20%, with a net outflow of more than $500 million

[Today's headlines] Musk: Dogecoin is an unstoppable financial tool According to Businessinsider, in the "Saturday Night Live" talk show on Saturday night local time in the United States.

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