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Golden DeFi Daily | Locked assets in DeFi exceed 130 billion US dollars



DeFi data

1. The total market value of DeFi: 144.27 billion US dollars

The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFibox

DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the last 24 hours: $5.37 billion

Source of trading volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX rankings by trading volume Source: DeFibox

Golden Salon | Tian Qi: Privacy coins are just needed in currencies: In today’s Golden Salon with the theme of "Privacy Computing-Blockchain Information Security Guardian", Tian Qi, a core member of the Gringotts community, said that privacy Coins are just needed in the currency category, and privacy applications, I understand the scope is broader, and applications in encrypted networks can also be called privacy applications. In addition, an angle can be discussed, that is, the transfer of privacy coins and the transmission of privacy application data are essentially encrypted transmission of data, so there are many similarities. [2020/4/15]

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 26.87 billion US dollars

DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank

Top 10 lending platforms by lockup volume Ranking source: DeFibox

Golden Morning News | March 17 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Russia, the United States, Starbucks, Bakkt

1. Legal executives of the Russian central bank: The Russian bill will prohibit the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies;

2. The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency appoints a Coinbase executive as COO;

3. Starbucks integrates Bakkt payment for some app users;

4. The Italian Red Cross launched cryptocurrency fundraising to fight the epidemic;

5. Bakkt raised USD 300 million in Series B financing, Microsoft and Pantera participated in the investment;

6. Bitfinex CTO: With the failure of global central bank policies, Bitcoin will prove its value;

7. China Insurance Association: Blockchain and other developments provide technical support for Internet non-auto insurance scenario-based product innovation;

8. BTC is currently trading at $4,983, an intraday drop of 2.99%, and the top ten mainstream currencies generally fell. [2020/3/17]

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $94.7 billion

Jinse Finance live report, Qifu Capital Investment Director Lan Hongming: Investing in blockchain should dilute the concept of its projects: Jinse Finance live report, Qifu Capital Investment Director Lan Hongming in Consensus Future on the Chain丨Blockchain applications and The innovation forum stated that for blockchain investment, we should downplay the concept of blockchain, understand the essence behind blockchain, and make value judgments on the actual value created by businesses, products, and services. [2018/4/10]

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. The amount of FIL deposited on the DeFIL platform reaches 1.66 million pieces

Golden Finance News: Zimbabwe's Bitcoin price is as high as $13,000 due to inflation reaching 100%. [2017/11/9]

Data from the DeFIL platform shows that the current FIL deposits are 1.664 million, with a total asset value of about 250 million U.S. dollars, and 1.186 million FILs have been lent. defil is a decentralized lending protocol based on Ethereum's Filecoin. Users who participate in depositing FIL can obtain interest income and obtain platform governance token DFL, and DFL can continue to carry out Staking mining. At present, DeFIL has received successive investments from IPFS Ecological Fund, Fenbushi Capital, FBG Capital, Gate Labs, ZB Capital and other institutions.

2. Rari Capital issued a compensation plan after 2,600 ETH was stolen

According to official news, Rari Capital (RGT), a DeFi smart investment agreement, released an analysis report and compensation plan after being attacked, saying that hackers stole about 2,600 ETH, or about $10 million, from Rari Capital’s Ethereum fund pool. 60% of the capital pool. Rari Capital stated that the DAO currently only holds 1% of the RGT supply, which is not enough to bail out platform users. In the proposal RIP-1 passed 5 months ago, 2 million RGTs were reserved to expand the team size. At present, all protocol contributors choose to return these tokens to DAO to compensate users affected by the attack. and future contributors to the protocol. Next, the user can propose a compensation plan to the DAO. In addition, Rari Capital will check the security of the integrated protocol in the future, conduct more audits, take measures to prevent deposits and withdrawals in the same block, and provide failsafe.

1. HECO chain price maintenance has been completed

According to official news, in order to provide you with a better product experience and better service, the HECO Chain Token price maintenance has been completed, please forgive me for any inconvenience caused.

2. The total lock-up volume of CoinWind dual-chain exceeded 3.1 billion US dollars

According to official data from coinwind, as of 11:10 today, the DeFi intelligent high-yield mining financial platform CoinWind has double-chain total lockups in the Huobi ecological chain HECO and Binance Smart Chain BSC exceeding 3.1 billion US dollars, creating a total Revenue exceeded 93 million US dollars. It is understood that CoinWind is a DeFi intelligent mining financial platform, which automatically matches the pledged currency through the contract, cooperates with the hedging impermanence loss strategy, maximizes the user's income, and effectively solves the problem of low single-currency mining income and LP Mining impermanence and large losses and other risk issues.

1. 15 cute pet bloggers announced their entry into CyberStop

According to Sina Weibo news, 15 million-level cute pet bloggers under the well-known MCN organization 38°C MEDIA have officially settled in CyberStop. They will exclusively sell streaming media NFTs on CyberStop. 38°C MEDIA founder Ju Yi said: The main entry into CyberStop stems from the growing pet content-zce monetization market, and CyberStop's technical support for streaming NFTs will promote fan interaction and blogger revenue. CyberStop is a platform focused on streaming NFTs. The storage and distribution technology specially created for streaming media, while ensuring decentralization, gives users a viewing experience beyond YouTube and Spotify, and serves content-zce producers to maximize content-zce revenue. 38 Degrees is the top MCN in the pet field in the Asia-Pacific region, and its output includes pictures, audio, long and short videos.

2. Torum, an encrypted social and NFT project, will conduct ISNO public offering

According to official news, the encrypted social + NFT project Torum will conduct ISNO (Initial Staking NFT Offering) public offering at 21:00 on May 10th. ISNO public offering will be conducted through the sale of NFT. After users purchase NFT cards, they can destroy the NFT cards to get the XTM in the cards, or stake them on the Torum DeFi platform to get extra rewards. NFT cards can also be sold on Torum or other NFT malls. The NFT cards sold by ISNO are divided into five levels. Different levels of NFT cards have different prices, different rarities, different pledge mining bonuses, and different amounts of XTM as endorsements. Torum is a social platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users and project owners, aiming to create a one-stop social ecosystem for cryptocurrency.


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Today, Ethereum broke through $3,300, another record high. AssetDash data shows that the market value of Ethereum has risen to the 18th place in global assets, currently about 390.609 billion US dollars.

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In the early morning of May 13, 2021, Beijing time, cryptocurrencies collectively plunged.BTC retreated nearly 10,000 USDT from around 55,000 USDT, reaching a minimum of 45,500 USDT.

Golden DeFi Daily | Locked assets in DeFi exceed 130 billion US dollars

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 144.27 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

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