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The dark horse Yaoshi of the NFT track is coming to SilkSwap to unlock the new posture of the wealth code



Foreword: In 2021, NFT will make the encryption field and the traditional world continue to collide with new sparks. More importantly, as some mainstream artists began to join the NFT camp and obtained huge profits through the auction of their works, such news was magnified by the media, making NFT a new hot spot again and again, which brought shocks to people, and appeared The anecdote that an ordinary pixel work is also called a work of art and fetched $15,000. If other fields are constantly trying to touch new ways of playing with a strong sense of the future, then the rapidly rising NFT will also be a potential track. As the dark horse of the NFT track, SilkSwap has obviously discovered this blue ocean.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is undoubtedly the most popular hotspot in the blockchain industry/cryptocurrency market this year. According to the latest data from Messari, it achieved a transaction volume of US$1.1 billion in the first quarter of this year alone, compared with the entire year of last year. The transaction volume is equivalent. Encrypted artwork is the first application category in which NFT has made a breakthrough. In 2020, it accounted for 5% of the transaction volume and achieved a transaction amount of nearly 13 million US dollars, accounting for 24%. A digital painting "Everyday's - The First 5000 Days" set an auction record of US$69.34 million at Christie's Auction House, making the unknown commercial painter Beeple the third most expensive living artist in the world in one fell swoop, attracting worldwide attention.

Tom Cat: At present, business cooperation intentions have been received from a number of NFT business developers: On March 3, a few days ago, Tom Cat disclosed the investor relations activity record form announcement. In mid-February, the company has launched the 11-year-old game " "Talking Ben the Dog" once again topped the list of iOS app downloads in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Based on the huge number of users and influence of the "Talking Tom Cat Family" IP, the company has received business cooperation intentions from a number of NFT business developers, and the follow-up company will continue to promote emerging businesses such as NFT. [2022/3/3 13:33:59]

The NFT trading market dominated by encrypted artwork and collectibles is also booming. According to DappRadar statistics, among the top ten markets with transaction value, NFT platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, SuperRare, Fondation, and AtomicMarket occupy 5 seats. Unlike players who only focus on the NFT track, SilkSwap redefines artwork with unique and cutting-edge technology, and is determined to fill the gap in the NFT+DeFi ecosystem.

Chinese artist Hong Zhongxuan (X-HONG)'s DRAMA series of NFT products will be launched soon: According to official news, recently, the DRAMA series of NFT products designed by Chinese artist Hong Zhongxuan joined hands with MOROZMETA to announce and release them on overseas platforms. This time DRAMANFT works will also release offline joint products with global first-line brands, as well as brand joint NFTs, including the famous international brand Lamborghini. DRAMANFT has also released a roadmap through overseas platforms. MOROZMETA will provide a continuous ecosystem and technical support for the ecological construction of X-HONG metaverse art products. At the same time, as the global outstanding youth of Hong Kong and the person in charge of the special commercial space system design of the 29th Olympic Games, X-HONG has its unique advantages regarding the construction of the virtual land world of the metaverse in the future. It is reported that Mr. Hong Zhongxuan's work footprints have been left all over the world, such as the interior space design of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the CHINA Landmark Hotel in Los Angeles, Wanfa Ruihua and other designs. Hong Zhongxuan X-HONG has also made great contributions to the trendy art of the Metaverse, and the works of the Drama super fantasy series are loved by the art collectors of the Metaverse. [2022/2/11 9:45:44]

SilkSwap is an encrypted artwork platform with cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol. It redefines artwork through the technical concept of NFT+DeFi, enables global artworks to be encrypted and confirmed on the chain, and provides NFT assets based on the Erc72 protocol. In addition, SilkSwap is also compatible with smart contract chains based on the Ethereum technology architecture (such as Heco, BSC, etc.), and through a cross-chain infrastructure, the platform can expand users and realize cross-chain transfer of NFT assets.

The average decline of the NFT concept sector today is 0.26%: Jinse Finance and Economics shows that the average decline of the NFT concept sector today is 0.26%. Among the 26 currencies, 12 rose and 14 fell, among which the leading currencies were: RFOX (+27.58%), ATTN (+11.96%), MIX (+6.54%). The leading currencies are: BONDLY (-20.98%), MEME (-10.69%), MANA (-10.67%). [2021/11/14 6:51:28]

It is worth mentioning that SilkSwap has innovatively launched a new way of playing encrypted artwork NFT. Collectors and artists can not only mint NFT through SilkSwap, but global users can also buy their favorite encrypted artwork without leaving home, and hold encrypted artwork. Artwork NFT can obtain corresponding benefits, so that artworks can generate greater value. The SilkSwap platform provides encrypted artwork NFT, and the decentralized sale and transfer of NFT can be completed on the platform. And combine DeFi to expand more financial derivative games, such as supporting NFT pledged lending, NFT pledged mining, etc. In this way, users can obtain multiple rights and interests through transactions or DeFi while obtaining mining income.

NFT Collectible Game NBA Top Shot to Sell Exclusive Tokens During NBA Summer League: Flow-based NFT collectible game NBA Top Shot will sell exclusive tokens during next week’s NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. These tokens will be the first Top Shot NFTs, dubbed "moments," available exclusively at physical venues, and they mark the first time "moments" will be sold at an NBA game.

Exclusive NFTs will commemorate highlights from each game on August 8, 9, and 10, respectively. A minimum of 1,000 copies of each edition will be minted, and the total number of "instants" minted will be determined based on demand. Fans can only purchase 10 tokens per day. Contest participants can pre-order tokens not yet created from the Top Shop kiosk at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas for $5 each. The NFT will be transferred to the buyer's Top Shot account after creation. (Cointelegraph) [2021/8/4 1:33:21]

Like many NFT projects, SilkSwap also has its own token economic ecology. Among them, the governance token Token of the SilkSwap platform is called SLK. As the equity certificate of the SilkSwap platform, it has two functional rights. One is that art owners can mortgage SLK to cast encrypted artwork NFT through smart contracts; the other is that users can obtain platform token SLK by participating in transaction mining, mortgage mining and liquidity mining. At the same time, holders Can deeply participate in the future development and governance of the platform. Of course, in SilkSwap’s DeFi mining ecosystem, SLK also serves as a carrier of value empowerment. Users pledge NFT to obtain platform currency SLK; users can provide LP (liquidity) about SLK to obtain SLK rewards. It is not difficult to see that SLK is not only the value carrier of SilkSwap's token economy, but also plays a pivotal role in SilkSwap's DeFi ecology. I believe that with the extension and expansion of the SLK ecology, its value is self-evident.

In addition, the unique community DAO mechanism is also a major advantage of the SilkSwap ecosystem. As mentioned above, every SilkSwap platform currency SLK holder has the right to participate in platform governance equally, and can participate in platform decision-making governance by voting. In addition, SilkSwap has created an original node mechanism, which has 5 genesis nodes and 31 management nodes. It integrates pledge mining and inviting users into the computing power increase rules, which makes the SilkSwap platform ecology become more popular while allowing users to increase mining income. Increase diversification and improve the vitality of the platform. At the same time, in order to achieve the openness and transparency of the decision-making process, the platform will select 7 representatives from the SilkSwap team and consultant members to start the operation of the SilkSwap platform, and set the contract management authority of each section of the platform currency as a multi-signature wallet. And adjustments and decisions can only be made when there are 4 or more votes in favor of a proposal among the 7 representatives to achieve the governance goals of the SilkSwap platform.

Conclusion: NFT can be regarded as the closest and most down-to-earth blockchain product to our lives. With the popularity of NFT, various NFT platforms have sprung up. It is foreseeable that with the birth of SilkSwap, this method of introducing NFT into LP will definitely promote the integration of NFT and DeFi, and give birth to new gameplay, new wealth codes, and even new tracks. people look forward to!


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