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All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets



All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets, and algorithmic stablecoins use algorithms to achieve more efficient mortgage assets. Other pure algorithm-anchored coins, air coins without any collateral, cannot be called stable coins.

There are currently only two types of algorithmic stablecoins, that is, partial mortgages and PCV (protocol control value). Others cannot be called algorithmic "stablecoins". In other words, all stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets, while algorithmic stablecoins use algorithms to achieve more efficient mortgage assets. Other purely algorithm-anchored coins cannot be called stable coins.

Found a feature, the projects that are purely based on liquidity mining are actually 2B. What needs to be done is to attract large capital first, and the large capital to mine to form a huge amount of lock-up, and then drive a large number of retail investors to pursue and push up the currency price. The most extreme example here is BDP. When more than 6 billion U.S. dollars are locked, the currency price is very high. After the liquidity mining is over, the locked position collapses instantly, and the currency price also drops by 80-90% instantly. In fact, the same is true for BASIS CASH. The projects that rely on the use of functions are 2C. There are many users, and the price of the currency will rise sooner or later. Of course, it needs an opportunity for the influx of funds, such as UNISWAP, Little Fox, Opensea and so on.

PREMINT reminds users not to sign any settings to approve all transactions: News on July 17, the NFT access list tool PREMINT tweeted to remind users not to sign any display settings to approve all transactions (set approvals for all). According to Twitter users, PREMINT is suspected of being attacked. [2022/7/17 2:19:20]

Since Bitcoin plummeted on 2.22, the basic market value of mainstream DEFI tokens has not risen as a whole, and the hype funds have mainly been transferred from Ethereum to projects on the Binance Smart Chain. This is a feature from 2.22 to now. However, the sharp drop of Bitcoin on 1.11 this year, through the transfer of funds, has achieved and pushed up the market value of the Ethereum DEFI mainstream currency. As a result, UNI/AAVE/LINK have all entered or will soon enter the TOP10. These are the different results caused by the two bitcoin crashes. The bitcoin crash on 2.22 has not pushed UNI to a new high so far, but pushed up the projects on BSC and BNB. This was really unexpected at the time.

Bank of America Chief Investment Strategist: Bitcoin's new bull market is the "mother of all bubbles": Jinse Finance reported that Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist of Bank of America, called Bitcoin's latest bull market the "mother of all bubbles," claiming that it "broke previous bubbles, such as the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s". [2021/1/9 15:41:56]

This is like how developed countries will naturally spill over technology and operating models to backward countries in the process of development. Because the world is flat, it is impossible for Ethereum to stand out, and the first to absorb these spillover funds must be the largest number of people, Most active-zce in the underdeveloped world, smart links are subject to these spillover funding and operating models. Then will it be more backward to the world before accepting the spillover? I think the secondary influence will not be as great as the smart chain, and now after the baptism of time, Ethereum will soon make a new leap forward. And other active-zce and backward worlds such as Facebook or Twitter, if they wake up quickly, they will directly dominate users and become dominant.

Openfinance will delist all security tokens that do not provide new funds: Jinse Finance reported that the security token trading platform Openfinance stated that unless the issuer provides more funds to cover its costs, it will delist tokens on May 21. The currency will be delisted and trading will be suspended. [2020/4/23]

From the temporary short-term success of BSC, and the comparison with the well-known domestically produced Ant, Quantum Chain, TRON, and even better EOS, we will find that the most important thing is to capture end users is more important than grasping developers and merchants. can have practical effects. It is not a problem for the developers in the middle to capture the end users, and various dAPP developers, because they all want to make money and capture traffic.

Grasp users from the C side, once the Facebook stable currency is launched, it will directly start from the payment demand, and will soon become a blockchain system with over 100 million users. Of course, many countries will try their best to suppress it, but the number of users exceeding 100 million will soon be reached. If he wants to do it, its ecosystem will soon become the most prosperous, surpassing BSC, but of course it may not be able to surpass Ethereum.

Voice | Xiao Sa: Virtual currency exchanges have anti-money laundering obligations: According to Sina Finance News, lawyer Xiao Sa published an article pointing out that "technical apes in the blockchain team will still pay attention to 'screaming products', and their risk awareness is obviously weaker. Weak, as for issues such as anti-money laundering, I have not even thought deeply about it. And this is a key vote of 'one-vote veto', which must not be lost!" "We recommend that a high-quality team with capabilities should be equipped with professional anti-money laundering specialists (headquartered in New York's international accreditation qualification)", as for the anti-money laundering obligations, "of course, virtual currency exchanges, no exception." [2018/9/19]

Facebook's currency issuance is very scary, and it will change people's perception of cryptocurrency in non-currency circles. Just imagine, the payments between merchants in Yiwu and foreigners may all be paid in Facebook’s stable currency, because the existing bank card system may be frozen or there may be various problems. Of course there is still an OTC channel problem. Therefore, the release of Facebook will once again stimulate the accelerated application of DCEP, not only for personal consumption, but for the B-side supply chain and the international payment system.

Innovation tends to happen in bad times, more often in bear markets than bull markets. Successful projects are often very good at marketing in a bull market. They accumulate in a bear market and market in a bull market.

The Chinese have a special preference for hardware mining. Except for Bitcoin, other mining really doesn't see much meaning. Bitcoin hardware mining, just because Bitcoin is already big, and the world is evolving, I can say that in addition to Bitcoin, there are various other hardware mining, whether it uses UPU computing or hard disk Storage is a kind of backwardness, including FILCOIN mining. Because the world is evolving.

The essence of anti-Bitcoin people is to look at problems only based on personal feelings, not logic. the

Various anti-Bitcoin questions, just like when many people read Copernicus' books and questioned why the sun revolves around the earth? Just like seeing Einstein's papers, you will question how time can be compressed or elongated?

They will ask how these new things can exist?

Human cognition, cognition in various fields, is actually evolving and developing in this way, and solidified cognition will continue to be broken by new cognition. Their logic, as long as they deduce a wrong fact according to their logic, can be broken quickly, just like Galileo's overthrow of Aristotle's two iron balls, the random thinking that is only based on feeling and not logic.

In the future, Bitcoin will not only replace gold, but also become the main value storage carrier, and it is more likely to "replace" gold, which means that gold may withdraw from the historical stage of value carrier, because gold mining not only consumes energy, but also pollutes the environment. With the development of aerospace technology (aerospace mining) and metal technology (new alchemy), human beings have more and more ability to obtain gold, and the unit price of gold in the world will not only not rise or even fall, just like in the history of China Silver has become a common metal from an ultra-high value carrier to today.

Not being able to understand, being unable to understand, and refusing to learn are the characteristics of anti-Bitcoin people. Buffett's investment is the beneficiary of dollar seigniorage, and of course he doesn't want things other than dollars to affect his money. In addition, for him, he basically does not invest in new things, because new things are risky, such as the Internet before. What he wants is an investment that he can understand, a safe investment. the

For example, I often see a sentence that anti-Bitcoin people will ask: "Who will endorse Bitcoin?"

Who endorses Bitcoin? This sentence is very funny? Purely inertial thinking! Has anyone endorsed gold? The fact is that the issuance of legal currency, in order to protect the value of legal currency, was once anchored by gold as collateral.

Binance Changpeng Zhao said “The Internet should not have any value, because it’s all virtual and not “real”. The asset is not in the hands of the value owner.


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All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets

All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets, and algorithmic stablecoins use algorithms to achieve more efficient mortgage assets. Other pure algorithm-anchored coins, air coins without any collateral.

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