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Golden Outpost | Woofy, a new project that splits YFI tokens, is here.YFI breaks through $90,000



Last night and this morning, (YFI) suddenly emerged.

According to data from Huobi Global, as of press time, YFI has risen to 95887.53YSDT, an increase of 70% from 56297.92USDT when the market opened on May 11. Now it has fallen back, and the quotation is 85458.19USDT.

This round of YFI's rise is directly related to the new projects launched by its core developers.

Analysis| Golden disk: ETH futures contract position changes: Golden disk comprehensive analysis: According to OKEx data, currently 42% of long accounts, 56% of short accounts, 21.86% of the main long positions, 31.38% of the main short positions, from the data , the main short-selling accounts showed a clear downward trend, the difference between long-short accounts has decreased, and the advantage of short positions has weakened, but the overall market is still dominated by short positions. As of press time, the quarterly BTC0928 contract price is $216.489, and the spot price is $216.356, with a discount of $0.133. There is little difference between long and short positions. Investors are advised to pay attention to risk control. [2018/9/14]

Analysis| Golden disk: XRP will come out of the volatile market in the short term: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: XRP is still in a downward channel, and will go out of the volatile market in the short term. From the distribution of chips, it can be seen that some funds are buying here, and we still have to be careful The risk of falling again, the lower support level is 0.343, and the upper pressure level is 0.352. [2018/8/8]

On May 12, (YFI) core developer banteg tweeted about Woofy, a new project that splits YFI tokens. Woofy tokens use a special Woof technology that allows two-way conversion between WOOFY and YFI. According to Woofy’s official exchange website, every 1 YFI can be exchanged for 1 million WOOFY tokens, and WOOFY can also be exchanged back to (Unwoof) YFI.

Jinse Finance Live Report Head of Baidu Blockchain Lab: The game field may become an explosive field: Jinse Finance live report, at the New Finance 100-person Forum, Xiao Wei, head of Baidu Blockchain Lab, said that blockchain The field of chain explosion is not necessarily in the financial field. Judging from the current situation, the game field may be the field of blockchain explosion. [2018/4/27]

In this regard, SushiSwap co-founder 0×Maki tweeted today that the SushiHOUSE proposal approved 2% of the DeFi distributable funds. I think it is the only sensible thing to allocate 1% of the funds to WOOFY, and the rest will be allocated to the yearn ecosystem. index. Another Twitter user said that the high price of YFI is not conducive to speculative traders. Many traders are looking for cryptocurrencies below $1, and Woofy may continue the DOGE and SHIB craze.

Currently, the BiKi platform supports the exchange of YFI to WOOFY, and will open the WOOFY/USDT trading pair at 11:30 on May 12 (GMT+8), and the deposit and withdrawal business is now open. In addition, it can also be exchanged on the woofy official website


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Golden Outpost | Woofy, a new project that splits YFI tokens, is here.YFI breaks through $90,000

Last night and this morning, (YFI) suddenly emerged.According to data from Huobi Global, as of press time, YFI has risen to 95887.53YSDT.

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