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Technology Weekly|Ethereum 2.0 successfully completed the PoS merger in the developer test network



This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, Ripple, Filecoin and other networks.

Ethereum 2.0 successfully completes PoS merger in developer test network

Ethereum 2.0 clients Teku, Lighthouse, Nimbus, and Prysm, and Ethereum 1.0 clients Geth, Besu, and Nethermind successfully completed PoS mergers in the developer test network (devnet). The test lasted for one day, and the testnet was called Steklo. Ethereum 2.0 developer Diederik Loerakker said that the test network is now in a rather unstable state, and it is more of a tool for developers to debug clients. We will be running more user-focused testnets in the coming weeks.

Jiangsu: Rural land transfer is based on blockchain technology to achieve "cloud signing": Sheyang County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province is a pilot county for online signing of land transfer contracts in the country. The "cloud signing" activity for rural land transfer contracts was held in Sheyang on the 6th. The outflowing party, inflowing party, and authenticating party complete the online signing of the contract based on blockchain technology through the website of the rural property rights transaction information service platform in Jiangsu Province or the mobile app in their respective offices. Yang Shiyun, Director of the Agricultural Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that this is the first time in Jiangsu to introduce blockchain technology in the field of rural property rights transactions to carry out electronic contract signing and certificate storage applications, realizing the process of signing electronic contracts for rural property rights transactions. "The identity of the signing subject is true and valid, and the signing time is objective and true", which ensures the safety and reliability of the electronic contract. (Xinhuanet) [2020/5/8]

V God: The long-awaited upgrade "optimistic estimate" will be completed by the end of the year

Dynamic | Paydex has introduced multi-signature technology to iteratively upgrade the asset registration ecology: It is reported that Paydex has introduced multi-party signature technology to iteratively upgrade the asset registration ecology. Organization) community management, and asset security control through the signature weight threshold. [2020/2/5]

At the Ethereum Global Summit on the second day, V God said that as the merger approaches, the roadmap has become more pragmatic in many ways, and the long-awaited upgrade "optimistically estimated" will be completed by the end of this year. For the merger, the biggest compromise is that the new Pos chain will not contain the transaction data of the old chain, and the old chain will be named as the execution chain. At the same time, the beacon chain that introduces Pos into the Ethereum network will be named the consensus chain. After the merger, the execution chain will be within the consensus chain. He believes that this design is to make the merger easier and smoother.

News | Madison Holdings applies blockchain technology to wine auction business: According to Zhitong Financial News, Madison Holdings announced that the group has recently expanded to wine auction business and plans to hold its first auction at the end of 2018. The online platform allows global customers to bid, track and participate in sales in real time through video. The Group has recently entered the smart technology industry. The successful application of blockchain technology in the wine auction business will create good opportunities for the Group to further deploy blockchain technology in other industries, and improve the consignment procedures and distribution channels of the wine business. [2018/9/13]

Polkadot releases a new version Polkadot v0.9.0, deploying parachains on Kusama

News on May 6, early this morning, Polkadot code released a new version Polkadot v0.9.0. This release includes client-side changes to allow parachains to function correctly. This means that when all nodes are successfully upgraded to this version, the parachain function will be officially deployed on the Kusama chain. At the same time, this version also integrates Beefy and MMR (Merkle Mountain Range) for the Polkadot-Ethereum bridge, as well as the Polkadot-Kusama bridge mentioned by Gavin (once connected, 1% of DOT can be transferred to Kusama network) and other cross-chain bridges. EOS developers can automate resource management needs through the PowerUp tool

Jinse Finance reported that tweeted that developers and users of the EOS public chain can easily automate their resource management needs through the PowerUp tool built by the community. The Chintai network automatically allocates dApp resources, helping developers to focus on building their products. provides community-funded transitions and automates resource management. Wallets such as Greymass, TokenPocket, and can help execute transactions. Prior to the news on April 9, the EOS PowerUp model transition has been successfully completed.

Ripple CTO Is Focusing On Improving Ripple Payments Network

Amid the legal battle against Ripple, its chief technology officer David Schwartz is focusing on improving its payments network. Schwartz believes that recent technological improvements to the XRP Ledger will help make the system a better alternative to certain cross-border payment systems.

Filecoin launches free NFT distributed storage solution NFT.Storage

According to official news, Filecoin recently announced the launch of NFT.Storage, a free NFT distributed storage solution. This is a service created by Protocol Labs and Pinata specifically for NFT data storage, allowing developers to protect NFT assets and related metadata with content-zce addressing and decentralized storage - ensuring that all NFTs follow best practices and long-term access.


Golden Morning Post | The average transaction fee of Ethereum has risen to a record high

Headline ▌The average transaction fee of Ethereum has risen to a record highAccording to Coindesk, according to data from BitInfoCharts and Blockchair, the average cost of an Ethereum transaction is currently $64.

Is it true that Musk said that Bitcoin wastes resources and pollutes the environment?

Bitcoin "supporter" and Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted in the early morning, saying that Bitcoin consumes too much energy, uses too much non-renewable energy and causes adverse environmental impacts.

Popular Science: Hash Locking of Cross-chain Technical Solution

Hash lock, the full name of Hash TimeLock Contract (Hash TimeLock Contract).

Technology Weekly|Ethereum 2.0 successfully completed the PoS merger in the developer test network

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, Ripple.

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