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It’s worth a lot of chicken feathers.Let’s pick up some



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

The information and data in this content-zce come from publicly available information, and strive to be accurate and reliable, but we do not make any guarantees for the accuracy and completeness of the information. This content-zce does not constitute investment advice, and investment based on it is at your own risk.

The United States released the CPI data at the end of April yesterday, which was 4.2%, while the estimated value was 3.6%, which can be described as greatly exceeding expectations. A sharp rise in CPI means a sharp rise in consumer goods prices, which is the core manifestation of inflation. Therefore, the market generally expects that the Fed’s expectations for inflation are not accurate, which leads to the probability of raising interest rates after severe inflation. This data has refreshed the past 13 years. The high point is a very bad signal for raising interest rates. The U.S. money market believes that the probability of raising interest rates within the year has risen to 88%, and global monetary tightening is coming. This kind of expectation directly led to the continuous decline of Bitcoin at night, including commodities and US stocks. The value of these assets is based on the underlying logic of printing money. Once the flood is no longer flooded, it means that the market’s upward momentum will weaken. It is also purely normal to cause a fallback.

The other two reasons for the decline, one is that a whale rushed 18,000 bitcoins into Bitfinex last night, and the other is that Musk tweeted early this morning that Tesla would stop using bitcoins for payment. In my impression, Bitfinex has not deposited such a large amount of coins for a long time, so as soon as this incident came out, the madman gave everyone a risk warning in the Huoxin official group. As for Musk, I don’t know what he thought. Such a sudden statement may be related to the political economy of the United States. He found a very far-fetched reason, saying that Bitcoin pollutes the environment, and he needs to seek cryptocurrencies that consume less energy to replace Bitcoin. Later, Brother Sun and both went to say that their TRX and EOS are doing better in terms of carbon emissions. Now think about it, whether it is the founder or the project itself, the two coins still have some similarities.

Australian asset management company Trovio Group launched a $35 million DeFi fund: On November 3, according to foreign media reports, Australian asset management company Trovio Group launched a $35 million DeFi fund "Trovio DeFi Fund", which aims to provide institutional Investors are offered the opportunity to diversify their investments through yield-generating strategies in the DeFi ecosystem. By combining the asset management expertise of Trovio Group and the DeFi risk management experience of digital wealth platform Yield App, the fund will use the DeFi strategies that power Yield App. (Coingape) [2022/11/3 12:12:44]

Another big event happened at night, that is, 50% of the shitcoins that the founder of Shicoin called V God’s address at that time were transferred. The original expectation was that V God would not care about these. V God said that he will donate all 50 trillion shitcoins (1.2 billion U.S. dollars) to the Indian Encryption Epidemic Relief Fund. The foundation said that it will not smash the market immediately, and will realize it in an orderly manner according to demand. I hope the shit community can rest assured. This is all a matter of the ass deciding the head. For a large amount of money that comes in vain that may return to zero, it is a fool not to cash it out. At the same time, V God also donated ELON and 1,000 ETH to the Methuselah Foundation, which is a charity that extends human life. V God’s series of actions made the participants in the encryption industry feel a lot more noble in an instant. It is taken from the market and used for charity. How many industries and individuals have such generous donations? I have to praise V God’s series. Operate with noble sentiments. In addition, God V also sold all 20.6 billion HUSKY coins.

CoinDCX CEO: I hope the government will regulate encrypted assets with the nature of value storage: Sumit Gupta, CEO of Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX, said that he hopes that the Indian government will regulate encrypted assets with the nature of "value storage rather than another currency", rather than completely banning them encrypted assets. Prior to the news on January 31, CoinDCX officially stated that it will try its best to protect the safety of users' funds in response to India's possible introduction of a bill banning private cryptocurrencies. (AMBCrypto) [2021/3/10 18:31:12]

Top hedge fund Balyasny, which manages more than $10 billion in assets, is considering investing in bitcoin. Brex, a $7.4 billion fintech company, is considering buying crypto assets. The entry of institutions is still continuing, and the opportunity of market decline should be seized as much as possible to buy those real valuable assets while taking advantage of the plunge.

Beachclub, an outdoor club in North America, began to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. These processes have not changed because of Musk’s remarks, nor have they changed due to short-term market fluctuations.

4,951 BTCs were transferred from Coinbase in two transactions, worth about US$68.453 million: whale alert data shows that at 02:27 on November 2, Beijing time, 4,951 BTCs were transferred in two transactions (the first transaction was 2501 coins, the second transaction was 2450 coins) ) from the Coinbase exchange to an unknown address starting with 38UmuUq, which is worth about $68.453 million at current prices. [2020/11/2 11:23:36]

MoneyGram announced that it will cooperate with Bitcoin ATM operator Coinme to create a Bitcoin cash transaction service, which can be used globally through tens of thousands of offline outlets of the company. This is quite awesome, it is equivalent to being a bitcoin bank outside the regulatory framework.

Bitwise launched an ETF in the field of encryption, code "BITQ". This fund tracks the Cryptocurrency Innovation 30 Index.

Dario, the founder of Bridgewater Fund, once again expressed his views: He believes that cryptocurrency is an exciting and unknown thing, and the biggest risk is that it is too successful. The madman feels that the trend is irreversible and can only be killed in stages, but it cannot change the future trajectory.

News | 10 million USDT was transferred from Huobi Exchange worth US$10.035 million: At 18:13 on November 2, Beijing time, 10 million USDT was transferred from Huobi Exchange to the address starting with TCi4WL, which is worth about 10.035 million based on the current price USD, the transaction hash is: 4f32c4b9244cb344e5353add832c15c3d1537b50aa1095bacf5efeaa8a561ced. [2019/11/2]

The South Korean central bank is trying to regulate cryptocurrencies with the greatest power, tracking crypto assets through laws, bank accounts. In short, the supervision of the encryption industry is really too difficult, we don't worry about that, just do our own job well.

Tether has printed 1 billion USDT, and the pace of entry of stablecoins has not changed much, so the market is not very supportive of continuous plunges.

The blockchain sector of the U.S. stock market fell sharply before the market. It is worth noting that Coinbase will release its first-quarter financial report tonight. Madman expects the results to be gratifying, so it will ease the market sentiment.


Today, Bitcoin has inserted a needle into the range of 43000-47000. These two numbers represent the low points of 2.28 and 4.26 respectively. No matter from the data, disk or technical indicators, this position has strong support. The market There is a high probability that there will be a rebound cycle of 1-2 days. After the rebound, we will determine the subsequent trend based on the strength. Today's needle is likely to be the lowest point in recent weeks.


The 4-hour divergence at the high level is still very strong. At present, it has turned from an upward trend to an adjustment trend. It is expected to take a few days to digest it if it wants to rise again. The high level is mainly linked to the rebound of Bitcoin.


The overall trend is not bad, and it is very resistant to falling compared with other mainstream currencies, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate and rise.


A needle was inserted in the linkage, but it is obvious that the selling pressure is not too great, and you can wait for a rebound.


The overall development momentum is still good, and the main focus is to buy back on dips.


The trend is very general, and the linkage weak rebound is the main one.


Today's trend is weak, stepped back on the support, and the short-term rebound is the main one.


There is not much movement, linkage.


Today, it once again showed a defensive state. It can be basically expected that the market outlook will take the lead in making new highs, and the protection of funds is obvious.


Don't participate, and never drag your feet when you fall.


High volatility is the main focus, so don't participate first.


After falling below the 5-day line, it has been negative for three consecutive times, and it is expected to rebound in the short term.


Weaker than expected, there is no obvious support for funds today, and the linkage rebound is the main one.


The investment guru Grantham said that investing in Dogecoin will eventually lose all his money. He made the same mistake when he was young. He knows that no matter what he says now, no one will believe him. He can only express regret. Madmen agree with this point of view. A worthless thing is just a bubble in the end. In the bubble, everyone is happy.

In the short term, step back on the strong support of 0.4, mainly rebounding.


Today, it is basically cut in half. 50% of the total amount of this currency will be used to smash the market. I don’t know if there are any fools who will pick it up. There is not much chance in the long run.

The Defi category is generally resistant to falling today, and there are funds to participate in bottom-hunting. The market outlook for those leaders is still optimistic. There is nothing else to say.


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It’s worth a lot of chicken feathers.Let’s pick up some

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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