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Retail victory? Let’s start with the surge of Dogecoin driven by consensus



When the vigorous bull market in the encryption market gradually deepens, the direction of capital bets in the market and the investment preferences of retail investors have a clear tendency to involve (Note: Introversion is generally used to describe excessive competition in a certain field, causing people to enter Mutual rivalry and internal friction.) When BTC stagnated, mainstream currencies and altcoins performed very well compared to BTC, with new highs and new highs, with a daily increase of 20% or more. the

In this scenario, there is a currency with no technical content-zce and no grand vision. The economic model is a continuous increase. Under Musk’s strong Amway, the increase has reached 3412% in the past three months and 441% in the past 30 days.

Immediately afterwards, perhaps inspired by Dogecoin, Shiba Inu (Shiba Inu) coin SHIB was created in the past two days and spread in the cryptocurrency community, with an increase of 1278.72% in the past 7 days.

As a result, the involution among animal coins has also become more and more obvious. AKITA INU has risen by 1278.72% in the past 7 days; Aragon—ANT has risen by 96% in the past three months; BSC has risen by 105.47% in the past 30 days; PIG has risen in the past 30 days 310.00%; SDOG rose 100% within an hour of going online.

The chairman of the US SEC warned retail investors to be careful about brokerage apps: On January 20th, Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said that many US brokerage apps will guide users to frequent transactions, which may be detrimental to retail investors.

In an interview Wednesday (Jan. 19), Gensler issued a warning to retail investors who use commission-free brokerage apps to buy and sell stocks, and expressed concern about the inconsistency in incentives among the apps used to participate in the stock market. . Asked for his thoughts on the retail trading boom in early 2021 and the "gamification of trading," Gensler said when it comes to retail investing, be wary of apps that are trying to get them to trade more often. (Financial Associated Press) [2022/1/20 9:01:49]

1. The increase is much

In any financial market, investors will vote with their feet: because of the skyrocketing price, with the help of contract leverage, many people have achieved financial freedom. Stimulated by the existing facts, the FOMO sentiment of the market has been expanded, so that the dog Dogecoin went out of a diametrically opposite trend with BTC, BTC fell, Dogecoin rose.

Cardano founder: The Dogecoin bubble is bound to collapse, causing huge losses to retail investors: Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson warned that as the price of DOGE soared, a bubble was undoubtedly forming, and many people would soon lose a lot of money. He said: "In the encryption industry, DOGE has always been a joke in circles, a fun and light-hearted thing. It seems to have always existed, but for the most part, we have never taken it seriously. Recently, due to Musk The price of DOGE has become very high due to the efforts to bring goods and the manipulation of the market by whales. Let's be clear - this is a bubble. The rise of DOGE is unsustainable, it will collapse, and a large amount of retail funds will be lost soon. I think that after the bubble bursts, it will be a catalyst for regulators and lawmakers to intervene in the encryption industry and damage the entire industry. This is not a good thing. DOGE does not have a stable development team. There is no original technology. In the inevitable coming After the bubble bursts, Congress will investigate. The US SEC will be running around. All kinds of regulators will go around saying, 'This proves that cryptocurrencies can't control themselves, and we need to come in and rescue you.'” [2021/4/17 20 :31:14]

On April 15th, Dogecoin soared by 50%; on April 16th, it skyrocketed again, and the increase reached 250% within 24 hours. Among the top 10 market capitalization projects in the overall encryption market:

Voice | Harry Zhou, Chief Compliance Officer of Koi Trading: Bakkt can serve both institutional users and retail investors: Today, Harry Zhou, Chief Compliance Officer of Koi Trading, an American OTC trading platform, raised questions and commented on the successful financing of Bakkt. Regarding whether Bakkt uses "institutional users" as a difference, Harry Zhou said that Bakkt can serve both institutional users and retail investors.

1) Bakkt's futures products, like CME and CBOE products, will be open to individuals who can open a Margin account, and there is no high qualification threshold. General brokerage firms in the United States should be open for trading.

2) Bakkt's single-day spot settlement futures are simple and easy to understand, and participants do not need a professional financial background. Therefore, rather than saying that Bakkt is "serving institutional users" for differentiation, it is better to say that Bakkt has the opportunity to serve institutional users that other platforms cannot reach. [2019/1/2]

Analysis | The ETH market is recovering, and the participation of retail investors has increased: According to the data analysis of the ETH market activity has increased yesterday compared with the previous day, and the trading enthusiasm has all increased compared with the previous day. However, the overall inflow and outflow of exchanges and the number of large-value transfers have decreased significantly, and the transaction volume and turnover rate in exchanges have generally shown an upward trend. From a data point of view, retail investors’ enthusiasm for trading has increased yesterday, and the market trend is optimistic. If the activity continues to rise today, the market is expected to pick up. [2018/11/5]

Data source: coingecko

2. There are scenes

Previously, Dogecoin could be used to reward each other on Reddit, and it was an extremely high-frequency type, because it was so cheap that it was almost worthless, so everyone rewarded each other with tens of thousands or millions...

3. Safety

Although Dogecoin has no technical content, it is just two engineers who changed the code of Bitcoin, but this does not mean that it is possible to launch a double-spend attack on Dogecoin: Dogecoin realizes that its POW is too fragile After that, I chose to hold my thighs and changed it to the same algorithm as Litecoin, so Lite miners are all dual-mining, with Litecoin on the one hand and DOGE on the other.

News | Binance Labs leads retail investment platform Republic: According to CCN, the retail investment platform Republic recently completed a $12 million financing in order to tokenize its platform and introduce its own security tokens. The financing was led by Binance Labs and NGC ECO Fund takes the lead. Republic began offering token sales to accredited and non-accredited investors late last year. The dozens of encryption projects it provides are supported by tens of thousands of investors around the world. [2018/7/4]

Perhaps we can start from the "Battle of Liwei" among US retail investors at the beginning of this year. The outline of this story is: Citron, a big short seller in US stocks, lost GameStop, and retail investors grouped together to boost the stock price:

On Tuesday, January 19 this year, Citron stated in a post on its social account that the buyer of GameStop stock is "the loser in this poker game" and that the stock's share price will soon return to the $20 level. the

However, this statement "stabbed a hornet's nest", Reddit users attacked Citron's comments, and even attacked Andrew Left's family. At the same time, these retail investors collectively pushed up the stock price of GameStop, with the purpose of squeezing out the short positions of institutions such as Citron.

With the continuous participation of retail investors, GameStop's stock price soared by nearly 80% in a single day, and it has increased by 30 times in less than a year. the

Can retail investors fail institutions? My lord, the times have changed, back to the content-zce of this section, why did Dogecoin start to explode at this point in time? In fact, this question can also be asked, when will the market value of Dogecoin exceed Bitcoin? Many people may think that this question is a bit whimsical, and assert that Dogecoin has no value, so how to grasp the standard of measuring value?

When everyone, whether inside or outside the circle, knows that Dogecoin is worthless but has a market value of tens of billions of dollars, it may have value inexplicably, just like short sellers on Wall Street think that GameStop stock is worthless, But retail investors can get rich from the soaring GameStop stock by doing long in groups.

Following the trend and grouping together, Elon Musk threw a cup as a sign, and Dogecoin soared in response. Under the consensus that "Dogecoin can still skyrocket", the market echoed, because Dogecoin is dispersed enough, it is difficult for dealers to control the market. The process of buying chips is the process of buying, and this will only make the price of Dogecoin higher, and the short sellers who have liquidated their positions have also become the best fuel for the rise of Dogecoin. Let us who are still floating in the market see A glimmer of get-rich-quick hope.

When SHIB, the variant version of Dogecoin, has risen by 1278.72%, there are more reasons why SHIB can rise so much in the market, but from the author's personal point of view, perhaps the market has forgotten the original intention of encrypted assets, which is decentralization , Decentralization means community-led, SHIB can rise so much, it is actually a variant version of the above-mentioned retail investors grouping together to explode the stock price, everyone is optimistic about the future development prospects of SHIB, the continuous rise of token prices promotes fomo sentiment, token economy The way the model is completely decentralized is more fair, and the property of fairness is the first one that the dealer will not agree to.

Therefore, under the success of Dogecoin and SHIB, new and creative thinking and models continue to emerge. For example, have you ever seen a project that airdrops 35% of the total amount of tokens? And all the tokens of this project are produced in a decentralized manner, oh yes, except for the 5% airdrops to V God and Musk.

This project is called Dogecoin. Well, according to its official website, this project is a revolutionary experiment initiated by the decentralized community. The author agrees with this. The airdrop ratio and token distribution method are indeed in line with the revolutionary experiment. :

By browsing the official website of Dogecoin, we can know that the airdrop method of Dogecoin is very interesting. As long as you hold Dogecoin on a whitelist exchange supported by the community, you can enjoy the airdrop of Dogecoin. Dogecoin holders are very friendly. After receiving the airdrop of Dogecoin, users can also mine directly on the Dogecoin protocol. This airdrop method is also more friendly to the exchange: trade So as long as you support Dogecoin, you can get the airdrop of Dogecoin. After this airdrop is given to Dogecoin holders, it can also increase the stickiness of users. the

Here comes the question, what height can Dogecoin reach in the end, it is difficult for us to say whether the market will embrace such a decentralized approach, whether the consensus and power of retail investors can promote the development of the project itself, these issues are open to discussion, that is In other words, whether the exchange will be optimistic about Dogecoin and list Dogecoin depends on the confidence of retail investors in Dogecoin and the degree of optimism in the future. For example, if A exchange is on the Dogecoin airdrop whitelist, B exchange If it is not on the white list, users who hold Dogecoin on Exchange B will transfer their Dogecoin to Exchange B in order to obtain the airdrop of Dogecoin.

If there are enough users withdrawing coins, the exchange will be forced to seek cooperation with the Dogecoin community, and the more exchanges that support Dogecoin, the market performance of Dogecoin will also be fed back. Every supported exchange, They are all milestones in the development of Dogecoin, and finally promote Dogecoin to become the mainstream currency in the market and become a role model for latecomers. Perhaps this is the ultimate experimental purpose of the Dogecoin community?

So far, Dogecoin has received whitelist applications from four institutions (including ZB Exchange, CoinW Exchange, HOO Hufu Exchange, and HyperPay Wallet), and said it will launch trading pairs. And the performance on Uniswap is not bad. In the 15 days since its launch, the price has risen 23 times, and the daily transaction volume has exceeded 2.6 million US dollars.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, and we may see more and more interesting community experiments, making the current encryption market more colorful.


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Retail victory? Let’s start with the surge of Dogecoin driven by consensus

When the vigorous bull market in the encryption market gradually deepens.

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