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Golden trend丨The bull market is not over, seize the opportunity to buy low



According to the contract data, in the last 24 hours, 50.40% of the BTC contract transactions on the entire network were opened long, and 49.60% were shorted. Among mainstream contract exchanges, Huobi’s quarterly long position ratio is 50.77%, and its short position ratio is 49.23%; OKEx’s quarterly long position ratio is 49.63%, and its short position ratio is 50.37%; was 49.46%.

The 0.618 Fibonacci support on the monthly line breaks through the normal retracement, the weekly line rises in a triangle, and the daily line’s upward channel fluctuates. The trend is still bullish, and there is a high probability of subsequent outbreaks. It will take time. Hold coins patiently, fall back and buy low, and the trend support will move up to 49,000 dollars.

Golden Morning News | A list of important developments overnight on August 16: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Beidou, Agricultural Bank of China, medical care

1. Scientist of China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association: Promote the integration of Beidou space-time and blockchain

2. Deputy Director of the State Information Center: Blockchain technology is expected to become a transformative force for innovation in public resource transaction governance

3. It is recommended to use blockchain accounting and other models to improve the mutual assistance and mutual insurance model for the prevention of major diseases

4. The establishment of the Agricultural Bank of China's financial technology subsidiary recruits positions such as blockchain research and development

5. BM: Support for adding token token auctions and issuing tokens without deploying native contracts

6. U.S. Congressman: Libra-related controversy is not about cryptocurrency itself

7. Report: DeFi drives Ethereum gas costs soaring [2020/8/16]


Jinse Finance Market Report | BTC has risen sharply, and the box has broken upwards: According to the Huobi market, from yesterday morning to today’s early morning, the BTC market has risen sharply, from a minimum of 9278.19 USDT to a maximum of 9785 USDT, and then pulled back. Some prices are temporarily at Around 9630USDT. The daily chart surged and fell back, the moving average has accumulated momentum and has been released, and the box broke through upwards. The 4-hour chart closed up 6 K-lines in a row, and the bulls are strong. The possibility of continuing to rise after a partial correction cannot be ruled out. As of 10:00, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/6/23]

Golden Morning News | BTC breaks through $3,700 Mauritius will begin to authorize crypto custodians in March: 1. \tOntario Securities Commission is investigating QuadrigaCX.

2. \tCryptocurrency platform Bakkt has hired two new directors.

3. \tQuadrigaCX CEO died in the same month, nearly 1 million USD in ETH was transferred to other exchanges.

4.\tVanEck Bitcoin ETF proposal has incorporated feedback from regulators and market participants.

5.\tLTC led the rise of the top 100 currencies by market value, with an increase of over 32%.

6.\tBTC broke through $3700.

7. \t Mauritius will start authorizing crypto custodians in March.

8.\tThe Ethereum Foundation denied that it would invest $15 million in the development of VDF.

9.\tIMF report: Cryptocurrencies currently have no potential impact on monetary policy. [2019/2/9]

Jinse Finance live report, Yusen Dai: The future development potential of the blockchain is extremely high: At the 2018 World Digital Asset Summit (WDAS) and FBG Annual Conference, Yusen Dai from ZhenFund said that in the past 20 years, the Internet has been dominated by giants It is dominated by and highly centralized, and the decentralized concept of the blockchain may be able to break this monopoly phenomenon. The future development potential of the blockchain is extremely high, and more and more talents have joined the blockchain field. . [2018/5/3]

Recently, it has been going up along the 5-day line, which is relatively strong. It has been reminded in the early stage that the exchange rate for BTC transactions breaks through the suppression line, and there is a high probability that it will outperform the market in the future. Once it falls back, you can continue to cover positions on dips. Recently, it has been continuously pulled up. The price has deviated far from the short-term weekly average. The daily line is also at 13, which is also close to the upper suppression line. There is a need for adjustment. The short-term support is 3700 US dollars, and the strong support is 3000 US dollars.


The weekly line breaks through the long-term suppression line, and the subsequent upside will continue to expand, but it often needs to be confirmed by stepping back. Continue to hold those who entered the market at a low level in the early stage. Once they fall back, they can continue to cover their positions. The recent trend also needs to be adjusted. The low-absorbing range is 335-310 US dollars , Short-term operations can be held along the 5-day line.


After the sharp increase in the previous period, the range arrangement is still bullish. The short-term support is 37 US dollars, and the trend support is 30 US dollars.


The upper weekly line suppresses 1620 US dollars for an effective breakthrough, and the new space will be enlarged. The current volume can shrink, and the probability of a short-term breakthrough is not high. Further momentum is needed. The current price is also far away from the weekly average line, and the daily line does not increase volume. It is also a deviation , There is also a need for adjustment, with a short-term support of 1,200 US dollars and a strong support of 1,000 US dollars. If it falls back, it can be deployed on dips, and the trend is still bullish.


The trend of EOS/BTC also breaks through the long-term suppression line with heavy volume, and it is expected to outperform the market after the trend reverses. The short-term support is 8.8 US dollars, and the trend support is 7.9 US dollars. Once it falls back, the layout will be dominated.


The overall trend is still volatile and bullish, mainly suppressed in the area of 58 US dollars, and the space for breakthroughs will continue to widen. In the short term, it can be held along the 5-day line, with short-term support of 45 US dollars, strong support of 40 US dollars, and long-term bargain hunting.


Breaking through the 17-year bull top, the trend space is widening, and the opportunity to fall back around $400 in the future is mainly to buy low, and hold it patiently.


After the sharp adjustment in the previous period, the probability of a recent strengthening is not high, and it will take time to brew. The general direction is still a bullish trend. The short-term support is 1.3 US dollars, and the trend supports 1 US dollar. Patiently make a bargain-hunting layout.


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Golden trend丨The bull market is not over, seize the opportunity to buy low

According to the contract data, in the last 24 hours, 50.40% of the BTC contract transactions on the entire network were opened long, and 49.60% were shorted. Among mainstream contract exchanges.

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