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Click to ArriveFlaneur in Digital Space The term "Flaneur" in French refers to people in 19th century Paris who had money to support but did not need to work. In the efficient digital world, it may be difficult to find the Flaneur described by Benjamin. Wander aimlessly on the streets of Paris to discover and enjoy the art hidden in the details of life. Only "spectacles" in the screen world can capture one more second of attention, proof of work becomes the price target, and even the exploration of artwork capitalization turbocharges the already efficient capital flow. Fortunately, the traditional art circle and the encrypted art circle cherish each other. On the standard of "good art", they seek a balance between efficiency and timelessness through constant collisions to reach a consensus. "Enter Arrival" is an exhibition curated at such a point in time. The title-zce aims to describe the viewing experience of the virtual exhibition hall in CryptoVoxels (Chijin ChiJin), an encrypted art space. At the same time, it is also a daily portrait of digital life. The works of the 10 artists represent the various stages of the close interaction between the development of Internet technology and visual art since the millennium. Even at the end of the exhibition, Wang Xing, an artist who is deeply involved in the blockchain ecology, exhibited his white paper on the creation blueprint. Our understanding of the openness of crypto art. DeFi wallet integrates VVS Finance Swap: On December 15th, DeFi wallet integrated VVS Finance Swap, becoming the first encrypted wallet to natively support VVS Finance. Users can directly and seamlessly exchange and transfer Cronos ecological tokens across chains through the built-in Swap function of the DeFi Wallet App. It is reported that VVS Finance is a decentralized trading platform on Cronos. The DeFi Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. And Cronos is the first Cosmos ecological EVM chain for DeFi, NFT and Metaverse. [2021/12/15 7:41:36] Chijin is in the representative project of CryptoVoxels in Metavers (Metaverse/Digital World), CryptoVoxels is a pixelated editable space. Unlike Decentraland, which pursues exquisite visuals, and Sandbox, which has complex structures, the rough texture of CryptoVoxels derives a set of Lego-like spatial aesthetics. Even the somewhat rough experience became a testing ground for radical concepts. It's hard to imagine a Chinese-style temple in an electronically textured building complex. This chijin ChiJin located in the northeast corner of the map, a red building with a giant Buddha running through it, is a representative of the oriental temperament in the entire territory. Avatars (virtual images) flying all over the sky are surrounded by pixel-built temples. Is this the gamification transformation of religion, or is it an ambush from content-zce penetration Metavers? F1 announces that Crypto has become its official cryptocurrency sponsor: On June 29th, F1 announced that it has reached a cooperation with Crypto, and Crypto has become its official cryptocurrency sponsor and NFT partner. In addition, Crypto will also serve as a global partner and the first partner of the F1 "Sprint" series of events in 2021. will display its brand in every F1 race to increase its international brand awareness and attract more users to enter Motor racing and the field of cryptocurrency. (Golden Ten) [2021/6/29 0:14:50] "Arrival by car" Chijin, the virtual space provides functional scenes, the opening of the exhibition is the reason for global users to gather, CryptoVoxels is not only an interactive tool for text and emoji, Body language of waving and dancing is used to aid in expressing emotions. The attention of the participants is switched back and forth between the screen and the chat window. We judge from those gorgeously equipped IDs that the player behind is a large currency holder, and the logic of the world has not changed. At the moment when global travel is restricted, the lifestyle of return and arrival is a rigid demand in the post-epidemic era, because it is efficient, encrypted, green, and safe. 10 artists, 10 time slices The popularization of digital cameras is the beginning of human digital migration. After 2000, the entity of the photo album has almost disappeared from our lives, and the emotional memory is sealed in the depths of the hard disk. It is no longer placed on the table and cherished, but called when needed like all data. Guan Yinlin is a collector of classic textures. He minimizes the color information in his works to highlight the details of the pictures preserved by technology. As the beginning of the exhibition, the images of the pagoda and the body echo each other, forming a tension between the abstract spiritual pursuit and the real personal experience, and we start to roam in such a scale. Crypto Finance will support IOTA Chrysalis upgrade: Crypto Finance Group announced that it will support the IOTA Chrysalis network upgrade, and the company has upgraded its infrastructure to Chrysalis. According to previous news, IOTA is scheduled to start the Chrysalis network migration on April 21, and the network upgrade on April 28. (beincrypto)[2021/4/27 21:01:27] Guan Yinlin  Power Center 2018 Today, when 8K images are close to the limit of naked eye perception, flash animation, a software that has long stopped updating, has withdrawn from the stage of history. Artist Bu Hua uses technology to define boundaries for himself, and uses the limited functions of flash to create his own Metavers in the two-dimensional world. The girl in the painting is her self-portrait, she is innocent and romantic, dancing gracefully. Looking at the wealth, sex and power in her paintings, the protagonist in a student attire is like an elf who is not affected by it. This is the oriental wisdom of "less is more". Bu Hua Beijing Water Depth (5)   2010 Internet technology expands the human scale, and satellite navigation can overlook the world from the perspective of God. Art group Liu Bo + Li Yu's "Map" project has been exploring the relationship between network information and real experience for many years. From early labeling and actual dislocation, to sensitive landmarks that cannot be marked, the balloon of "Map" project has been abstracted into a symbol, confirming the Complex correspondence between digital world and physical space. This time, Chi Jin, who "arrived by carriage return", is an exception. Does the balloon in the virtual space point to another virtual parallel world? Cryptograph has raised more than $50,000 through the auction of digital artworks of V God and others: Jinse Finance reported that the Cryptograph platform has launched the first round of auctions for digital artworks, and has raised more than $50,000 so far, and the auction will continue two days. So far, the top auction revenues include Ethereum founder Vitalik (whose artwork sold for 40 ETH), Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir (10 ETH), and Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman (5 ETH). It is reported that these digital artworks are stored on Ethereum as non-fungible tokens (NFT). [2020/7/15] Li Yu + Liu Bo   Map Project   2021 The birth of 4G network provides the possibility for real-time video transmission, and webcasting has developed rapidly after 2010. Similar to the situation of contemporary art in China in the 1980s, the content-zce management of live broadcasts is a game between users, platforms and officials. Ye Funa participated in this trend at the very beginning. The "Exhibition Fetish" project she initiated has a series of live performances around the topic of gender and subculture. When she mentioned that "my early live broadcast platforms were all closed", One can't help but sigh the huge price behind the efficiency of the Internet. Announcement | WBF has landed on the cryptocurrency market website CryptoRank: According to official news, on February 19, 2020, Singapore WBF Exchange officially landed on the digital asset market website CryptoRank. CryptoRank is Russia's largest ranking website, which gathers global digital asset resources, includes hundreds of digital asset trading platforms around the world, and provides multi-dimensional platform data analysis. With the successful entry of WBF Exchange into CryptoRank, it means that WBF Exchange has been recognized by the most authoritative global market in terms of technology, products, and services. Singapore WBF Exchange is the world's leading digital asset financial service platform, known as the world's fastest-growing exchange in 2019. As of February 3, 2020, WBF's global real registered users exceeded 3 million, and the highest daily activity in the same period reached 160,000 . [2020/2/19] Yefuna subspecies? 2021Bian Tengjin, who was born in 1996, is an aborigine of the Internet. This generation understands the world as zoom in/out, and the screen-based working method is no longer limited to space and texture. It is infinite, complicated, and spotless Yes, it is also subtle. The virtual identity does not carry a huge sustenance for them, because she wants to team up with "Sister Mountain" to play games, so she named "Brother Mountain" and frequently revealed this nickname. Bian Tengjin, who studied Chinese medicine as an undergraduate, is good at using body elements in the creation of visual art. Unlike most artists, the body in her works is full of vitality. Bian Tengjin High Fidelity Withering Cough 2021 Social media has restructured the organizational form of the world. Strangers are organized into communities on the Internet because of their interests. The accumulation of numbers forms a highland of attention. The writing of history begins to refer to the large data. Jin Ningning seeks meaningful connections in social media by initiating art projects: naming bears, using puppies to express friendship, QR codes are part of his works, scanning codes and adding friends builds relational aesthetics in the context of social media. Jin Ningning FDP4 2021Accompanied by Dvořák's symphony "From the New World", the lighting installation created by Wang Enlai echoes the ups and downs of the music, and strange elements are organized together to form a "meaningful form". Computer programming tries to explain the world with rational logic, and sensibility creates a new connection in the logic. The slightly superior sensibility is the reason why we believe in art. Wang Enlai  Synaesthesia - From the New World 2020 Large-scale data changes our visual experience. Zhu Peihong + Lilyo used infrared sensing and programming algorithms to create 3D images, continuing his previous creative ideas of abstract paintings, and the high-purity color units interact with the audience with organic rhythms. The scattered particles construct landscapes and form images, which fit the pixel space of CryptoVoxels. Zhu Peihong+Lilyo My Space 2021 Today, the Internet as an infrastructure is using NFT technology to give value to every grain of Ganges sand. Shi Minghui, who is stranded in the United States due to the epidemic, cooks every day. She cherishes the production labor condensed in each grain of rice, and gives each grain of rice a name. "Animism" is her understanding of the world, and NFT is the technical vision of the future Internet. Shi Minghui  005-Belozovsky 2021 Timeless art often requires complex forms to be constructed layer by layer. The Library of Babel described by Borges is just such an endless intention. Wang Xing hopes to build an ideal of a Tower of Babel in the encrypted world with a grand narrative. Trying to start from the design of the token economic model, with the help of decentralized values and technical means, to re-examine what art might be? In addition to images, the economic model is the work, the behavior is the work, and the white paper is the work. Wang Xing   "Digital Babel Library" White Paper 2021 Efficient Wandering Withdrawal Press the F key, and the avatar in CryptoVoxels will fly in the air, which is closer to the meaning of roaming in form. In the high-speed world of the Internet, the moment between ideas and results is only a moment of clicking back. Space collapses in the pulse signal, and the upgrade of perception pushes us to a higher dimension. Improving efficiency to make full use of time is regarded as a way to approach eternity. Even in "24/7 Late Capitalism and the End of Sleep", the author Jonathan Clary has already involved the discussion topic in the instinct of life. Artists have to respond to the unprecedented technological situation, what value will "art" provide to the Internet? Is it the target of some financial product? It could be, but it's not that simple. Is it possible for us to use art as an excuse to temporarily withdraw from the ocean of information and find the lost timelessness and delicate feelings of wanderers in the digital world? The screen is the Garden of Eden for modern people, and there are already enough wonderful visual impacts on the audience's retina. "Enter Arrival" provides such a choice: If you are in Chijin at the moment, you will find that compared with the surrounding buildings, there is no fashionable electronic music, no trendy cartoon dolls, my life has a limit, and the pleasure has no limit, we need A kind of aimless wandering, leaving a blank space in the infinite information, allowing the real part of art to grow here.


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Virtual World Rovers on CryptoVoxels

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