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21.2 million Americans hold cryptocurrencies 52% of investors interested in cryptocurrencies are women



Original title: "21.2 million Americans hold cryptocurrencies, 52% of investors interested in cryptocurrencies are women"

FX168 Financial News (North America) News New York-based exchange Gemini recently released a report on the state of cryptocurrencies in 2021, pointing out that more than 50% of investors interested in cryptocurrencies are women, and about 14% of the US population (approx. 21.2 million) hold cryptocurrencies.

Gemini released its 2021 State of Cryptocurrency report, offering several indicators of U.S. market trends. The survey polled 3,000 investors and consumers between October and November 2020.

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In the introduction section, Gemini pointed out that the arrival of institutions and companies such as PayPal and MicroStrategy has brought encryption technology into people's sight. Investment activity by potential investors will increase, likely with a wider demographic spread, the report said.

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(Source: Yahoo Finance)

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Overall, the survey examines current and potential investor profiles, popular assets, knowledge levels and confidence. Interestingly, over 50% of respondents said they would like to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

Surprisingly, 53% of investors who are “curious about virtual currencies” are women. The average age of this group is 44, and the average age of current investors is 38. This unique statistic prompts Gemini to think that the average holder of cryptocurrencies may soon look different.

Not surprisingly, the most popular age group in the cryptocurrency space is millennials, followed by Gen Z. The firm noted that 14 percent of the U.S. population owns cryptocurrencies, which is a very large number. This level of growth suggests that cryptocurrencies are on the cusp of transitioning to mainstream currencies.

Among racial groups, cryptocurrencies are most popular among Caucasians. However, the percentages of Hispanic and Asian American/Pacific Islander (3.340, -0.02, -0.60%) were both below 15%. This also shows a shift in demographics.

There are some differences in the understanding of crypto assets between investors and those interested in the market. 95% of respondents said they knew about Bitcoin, but only 38% knew about Ethereum.

After pointing to the average perception among U.S. adults, Gemini said that education is important in converting “crypto-curious consumers…into real crypto holders” — something the company is also working on. 60% of cryptocurrency curious people say they don’t know much about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin's popularity stems from the fact that it has become synonymous with cryptocurrency. The oldest cryptocurrency has made a name for itself since its inception, but only now has it attracted widespread retail attention.

Unlike the 2017 bull market, the current one has the backing of institutions and big corporations. This gives it some legitimacy and more confidence from retail investors.


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