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After the market releases risks, it will be healthier



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

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Madman Says

In today's domestic market, commodities plummeted across the board, with a large number of limit-down varieties, which reflects the market's expectations for future tightening, but conversely, if commodities are pulled back in advance, it will reduce inflation expectations and reduce tightening. Expected, I don’t know if you can understand the logic of the madman, so it is actually a good thing for today’s resilient Bitcoin, so the trend at night is likely to continue to rebound, and the probability of continuing to bottom out is increasing. reduce.

Musk seems to be not very popular with industry leaders in the past two days. Everyone has criticized his remarks. One of the more objective statements is that the development of Bitcoin does not need to rely on Tesla, let alone Musk. Bitcoin is a decentralized mature network and the best performing asset in the past 10 years. Musk can earn $300 million in profits through Bitcoin and improve Tesla's financial statements, but he can't get cheap and sell well, and now he says that Bitcoin is not good. This kind of remarks is unpleasant. The madman is also completely incomprehensible to Musk's move. Maybe this is a layout method for him to switch to Dogecoin or Dinosaurcoin (Musk may issue the currency himself). Musk also said this morning that he is working with Dogecoin developers to improve transaction efficiency.

South African exchange Valr withdraws from the crypto arbitrage market: Jinse Finance reported that the cryptocurrency exchange Valr announced that it has closed its crypto arbitrage service for new customers in order to comply with the requirements of its banking partners. The announcement makes Valr the latest South African cryptocurrency exchange to shut down its arbitrage operations. Ovex was one of the first exchanges to announce its withdrawal from the market.

South African cryptocurrency exchange Valr will exit the crypto arbitrage market on Feb. 28 to comply with the demands of its banking partners, according to a report. The exchange also revealed that it stopped offering crypto arbitrage to new clients on Jan. 31. (news.bitcoin) [2022/2/5 9:33:10]

Coinbase’s net profit in the first quarter was US$771.5 million, which was expected to be US$730-800 million, basically in line with expectations. Regarding the number of monthly active-zce users, Coinbase increased the number from 4-7 million per month to 5.5-9 million per month, and the current monthly active-zce trading users are 6.1 million. From the perspective of the number of users, it means that the growth rate of the number of users of Coinbase in the year is limited, so the market has doubts about whether its financial growth can continue, and it is not friendly to its stock price in the future. Also affected by this is the ARK fund, which has a heavy position in Coinbase stocks.

NFT of legendary MMA boxer Anderson Silva is listed on the Ouyi NFT market: According to official news, the dynamic card NFT of Anderson Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion and the best MMA athlete in the world, will be released on September 10 At 22:00, it will be sold in limited quantities on the Ouyi NFT primary market.

A total of 3 Anderson Silva NFTs are on sale this time, including 50 "Legendary Silva" cards, starting at $999 each; 125 "Epic Silva" cards, starting at $300 each; 1,000 "Common Silva" cards, From $50 each. [2021/9/10 23:16:25]

MicroStrategy bought another 271 bitcoins at a unit price of $55,387, for a cost of $15 million. This leveraged institution continues to Allin Bitcoin to see whether it will end up getting rich or losing money. The madman feels that the probability of the former is high in the end.

The CEO of Galaxy Digital said that cryptocurrencies accounted for 85% of his net assets. This buddy is similar to the buddy from MicroStrategy. He bought Bitcoin with his life, and then crazily promoted how good Bitcoin is. Two people whose ass decides their brains.

Announcement | SingularityNET announces it has integrated its decentralized AI marketplace with PayPal: SingularityNET (AGI) announced that it has integrated its decentralized AI marketplace with PayPal, making it accessible to PayPal's 286 million users. [2019/11/15]

Bloomberg reported that Binance is facing investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service, but there is no evidence that Binance has done anything wrong. A sister responded to this: "Binance does not support US user transactions, and Binance US is a legal and independent company. "Now these big firms are playing very slickly, the laws of various countries are transparent, Binance in the United States is very compliant, and Huobi OK in China is also very compliant, but they can complete business through other channels. mode, so overall nothing to worry about.

Steve Cohen's hedge fund Point72 plans to enter the encryption market. The company's asset management scale has reached 17 billion US dollars, and another large asset management company intends to allocate cryptocurrency.

Switzerland's state-owned bank Postfinance has launched an app supporting 13 cryptocurrencies that allows users to make payments or invest in various assets, in what is essentially the country's mini-exchange.

Voice | Wang Binsheng: Bitcoin’s status as a beacon in the blockchain market cannot be shaken: Wang Binsheng, a distinguished professor of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in the series of topics "Blockchain Industry Big Guys Talking About the New Year" launched by Jinse Finance that the stability of stablecoins The scale will continue to expand, playing the role of bridge infrastructure for the expansion of the market. The transparency of stablecoins should be the focus of the market. Bitcoin's status as a beacon in the blockchain market cannot be shaken. Because the essence of the blockchain market is not technology, but a comprehensive social change triggered by the accumulation of technology to a certain extent. [2019/1/30]

A researcher at the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggested that my country should actively explore the inclusion of private digital currencies such as Bitcoin into my country's foreign exchange asset reserves. It seems that domestic control over cryptocurrencies is gradually being relaxed, and some researchers have even gradually guided the country to participate in the value storage of cryptocurrencies.

Exit, the largest music festival in Europe, has begun to accept bitcoin payments, and the transaction can be completed by scanning the code directly on the website. Sounds very convenient, bring bitcoin and go to a music festival in Europe, haha.

About 10,000 bitcoins were withdrawn from Coinbase last night. Every time the market plummeted, many institutions came to pick up cheap chips. After picking them up, they put them in their wallets. There were fewer and fewer bitcoins in circulation. Where should the future bitcoin go?

Policy | New Malta Bills: Prohibition of Insider Trading, Market Manipulation and Misleading White Papers: According to, the Maltese Parliament has officially passed three bills on cryptocurrencies and blockchain yesterday. The new bill defines “DLT assets” and “virtual financial assets” with the aim of creating categories for crypto businesses that want to operate in Malta. Additionally, the new bill includes prohibitions on insider trading, market manipulation and misleading white papers. The bill states, Upon conviction, offenders will be: 1. fined up to fifteen million euros or three times the profit or loss gained, whichever is the highest; 2. imprisoned for a term not exceeding six years; 3. concurrently accepted Fines and imprisonment.[2018/7/6]

Yesterday, the number of bitcoins flowing into exchanges reached 30,000, a new high in nearly a year. The frantic turnover of high levels is still continuing, and the game between institutions and the game between institutions and retail investors is going on crazily.

WazirX, India's largest exchange, announced the listing of SHIB. It seems that the SHIB donated by V God will enter the market circulation, which is not good news. Fortunately, the central bank of India has not bought it, urging banks to cut off ties with encrypted exchanges and investors. I feel that the central bank of India really doesn’t understand anything. It seems that there is no way to completely cut off this kind of point-to-point transaction except to cut off the network. National Oxygen It's so sad that it's so dangerous to look down on such a timely donation.

About $240 million in cryptocurrency has been stolen in the DeFi field in the past four months, a record high. Defi is still an early market, so hackers will take advantage of various contract loopholes or lack of economic models to steal tokens. This is the same as the initial centralized exchange. As it matures in the future, hackers will have more and more opportunities few. It’s just that we who are in the early stages still need to keep our eyes open if we want to mine, and we should try our best to participate in things that are not within our cognition.

The grayscale GBTC discount is -21.23%, a record low, and the Ethereum discount is -14.34%, which is relatively low. In this context, Grayscale CEO said that converting GBTC to Bitcoin ETF is the best rescue plan in the future. This means that you use GBTC to smash ETFs. Anyway, there are people in the US stock market, as long as you don’t hit the encrypted market. , this line of thinking is similar to his original idea of creating Grayscale GBTC.

The panic index is 26, on the verge of extreme panic. Looking at this number, the madman is not so panicked.

Tether announced its reserve data. Commercial paper constitutes the majority of its cash and cash equivalents, accounting for 65%, trust deposits account for 24%, reverse repurchase notes account for 3.6%, treasury bills account for about 3%, cash accounts for 3.87%, and the rest is digital currency .

In other words, Tether does have a run risk. He uses the cash that investors exchanged for Tether for various low-risk financial management. If more than 65% of investors redeem USDT at the same time, Tether will form a run risk. It's scary to think about it, but this kind of run is very difficult to occur in the medium and long term.

Market Analysis


The market value of Bitcoin has dropped to 40%. The lower the ratio, the more unfavorable it is to the progress of the market bull market. Based on this data, Bitcoin should also work hard. Short-term lunatics still believe that Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate and rise. As long as the U.S. stock market opens tonight without smashing the market, it can close the positive line, and the short-term risk release is temporarily over.


The strength of the rebound is still significantly stronger than that of the big pie, and it directly rebounds to near the 5-day line, and it is expected to resume the upward trend of shocks.


After two lower shadows, today it turns upwards and is expected to continue to rise.


The rebound kicked off, continue to hold.


After proving the support level, it rebounded and is expected to continue.


Relatively weak, the upper pressure is greater, you can consider adjusting positions every rebound.


Touch the support to rebound, there is still some room, the pressure is 350.


New highs, first hold.


Today's rebound is not bad. If the market is strong enough, he still has a chance to go up.


Stepping back on the support level and rebounding is expected to continue.


High volatility is the main trend.


Today's strong anti-package, I personally feel that he has the attributes of MEME coins. Since V god killed the zoo, these crazy investors are going to do some more extreme things. Maybe ETC is one of their optimistic targets.


Coinbase plans to provide Dogecoin trading in the next 6-8 weeks. With Musk and the team doing research together, Dogecoin has risen sharply again today. It is currently under pressure and cannot be sustained.


It has been analyzed above, let alone, it is difficult to become a fragrant shit again.


The volatility is mainly higher.

After the market releases risks, it will be healthier. If it can be released again, it will be an excellent opportunity to buy bottoms, but many times, the market will not allow you to get in the car so comfortably.


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After the market releases risks, it will be healthier

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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