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ZB Research Report April (Part 2): Taking stock of animal coins that have skyrocketed and plummeted



Introduction: Since Dogecoin opened on April 16 with a single-day increase of 200%, numbers named after Shiba Inucoin, Akitacoin, Pikachucoin, Pigcoin, Antcoin and other cute animals have appeared in the encryption market The typical feature of many animal coins is the roller coaster market. After Bitcoin went through a similar "flash crash" state on April 17, the animal coins took turns to skyrocket and plummet. This article takes stock of all the recently popular animal coins. Dogecoin is called "Dogecoin" in English and has been born since 2013. The logo-zce is taken from the Shiba Inu meme that was popular a few years ago. Since January 2021, the world's richest man and Tesla President Musk and some other influential figures have hyped Dogecoin on social media, driving up the price of the currency. On February 4th, Musk mentioned Dogecoin 6 times on social media Twitter in one day, and then the price of Dogecoin rose rapidly by 60%, and its market value reached 10 billion US dollars, becoming the eighth largest cryptocurrency in the world. In April, Elon Musk said on his personal Twitter account: "SpaceX will send a dogecoin to the moon". Following Elon Musk, the official Twitter account of the Snickers bar produced by Mars Foods in the United States posted a tweet with the hashtag #DogeDay, which included a Dogecoin-themed packaging image. Snickers has yet to launch a limited-edition Snickers bar for Dogecoin investors, saying it’s just a “cool GIF.” After the price of Dogecoin soared, more than 140,000 people signed a petition on the Internet, calling on Amazon to use Dogecoin as a payment method. The petition states that by not offering DOGE tokens, Amazon is "alienating the many people who do not have traditional bank accounts." Crypto payments company BitPay has added support for Dogecoin (DOGE). The Dallas Mavericks have partnered with BitPay to accept DOGE as payment for tickets and merchandise. Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban said the Mavericks will permanently hold Dogecoin on their balance sheet. Newegg, an online software retail giant, tweeted that it is considering accepting DOGE as a payment option. Slim Jim, an American meat snacks and bacon brand, posted a lot of content-zce related to Dogecoin on its official Twitter, and interacted with Dogecoin developers. ZB will start BDM 10% discount purchase on January 25: According to the official announcement, ZB (ZB) will start BDM 10% discount purchase on January 25, 2021. Subscription time: 12:00 to 20:00 on January 25; the total purchase amount is 40,000 BDM; the purchase price is 1.08 U; users who have completed advanced real-name authentication and have 200 ZB in their spot accounts can participate in the purchase. This subscription is only available in the "Singapore Express" of the latest version of the ZB APP ZAPP. BDM Protocol is a decentralized global open financial application platform based on blockchain and cryptocurrency. The BDM ecosystem covers financial services, cultural entertainment, IP copyright, Internet of Things, sharing economy and other scenarios. For more details, please refer to the official announcement of [2021/1/22 16:47:59] The listed company Kronos Advanced Technologies (KNOS) announced that it will accept Dogecoin (DOGE) as a payment method for air purifiers and PPE supplies. Latvia Airlines has announced that it will add BCH, ETH, DOGE and four USD-pegged stablecoins GUSD, USDC, PAX and BUSD to its payment options. Driven by many celebrities, institutions, companies and the listing of Coinbase, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) reached a record high of US$0.458 on April 16 on ZB, with a total market value of more than US$50 billion. Since the 20th, the market price of Dogecoin has been falling, and the lowest pin has reached 0.16 US dollars. The skyrocketing and plummeting market is like a roller coaster supported by bubbles. When Dogecoin skyrocketed and plummeted, some investors flocked to join the Dogecoin army, and some analysts pointed out that this was some kind of pump-and-dump scam. Veteran British trader Glen Goodman (Glenn Goodman) warned people "don't just jump on the Dogecoin carriage" in an interview with "Forbes" business magazine. Nic Carter, co-founder of Castle Island Ventures, called Dogecoin a "speculative tool," warning retail investors that "Dogecoin will lose money." After the popularity of Dogecoin remained undiminished and it became the "upstart in the currency circle", various digital currencies named after animals began to take turns on the stage of history. Shiba Inucoin was issued in February 2021. It is a new currency issued after the popularity of Dogecoin increased. On April 16, the skyrocketing mode was started, and the price rose from US$0.00000027 to US$0.00000419 on April 20, a weekly increase of 1551%. Afterwards, the market started to plummet, and it is now reported at $0.00000119 (April 27). ZB Market Research Report: Bitcoin price broke through 16K, there is room to continue to maintain bullish momentum: According to the ZB Market Research Report, yesterday, Bitcoin price shorts became weak at the price level of $15,452.44, giving The bull market brings strength and resilience, which in turn drives up the price of Bitcoin, which then surged to $16,191 and peaked at $16,442. An analysis of the 4-hour chart of BTC predicts that the price of Bitcoin will continue its bullish momentum towards the yearly resistance of $16,756.36. In addition, the report also made an intraday technical analysis of ETH. For more details, please refer to the official research report released by ZB. [2020/11/13 20:44:29] According to the data provided by Feixiaohao, the circulation of Shiba Inu (SHIB) is 1000 trillion, and it was first issued in the form of IDO on the Ethereum public chain, with an initial price of 0.00000001 US dollars. According to the official introduction of SHIB, SHIB is an experiment of decentralized spontaneous community construction. After the project was established, prominent figures in the Telegram community formed a leadership group that assigned skills within the community to appropriate roles in the development of Shibs. The SHIB token, nicknamed DOGECOIN KILLER, is the token of the Shib community. Anyone who has the skills or time they can contribute to Shib will be invited to help develop and advance Shib. SHIB will be traded on the centralized exchange ShibaSwap in the future. 50% of the total supply has been locked in Uniswap, and the remaining 50% will be destroyed to the address of Vitalik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum). In March, Musk once tweeted that he wanted to buy SHIB INU (Shiba Inu Coin). Since then, Shiba Inu Coin has gradually entered people's field of vision: According to the official introduction, it is a new coin based on blockchain technology. Pet ecology, the system realizes peer-to-peer value transfer through the value transfer protocol, and is a decentralized application platform in multiple vertical segments including pet virtual games and pet charity. Anyone in the SHIB ecosystem can own hundreds of millions or even trillions of SHIBs. ACH will be launched on the ZBG sub-platform at 16:00 on September 30: According to ZBG official news, ACH will open the recharge service at 12:00 on September 30, and will open ACH/USDT at 16:00 on September 30 trading pair. Alchemy Pay (ACH) is an adaptive encrypted payment infrastructure, and is a decentralized digital currency payment solution and technology provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Online and offline merchants provide fast, safe and convenient aggregated digital currency and legal currency payment technology solutions. For more details, please consult ZBG official website customer service. [2020/9/30] In the SHIB ecology, SHIBA is just a governance token, LEASH (dog rope coin) is a stable currency, BONE (dog bone coin) is the decentralized financial token of ShibaSwap exchange, and ART is NFT (non-fungible token) tokens. The purpose of the SHIB team to refer to the derivative coin Dogecoin as the Dogecoin killer is to satisfy the ambition of succeeding DOGE, and said that it will not be listed on the central exchange. SHIB's soaring market in April was even more violent than DOGE's performance, but the subsequent slump was also multiple, and the market in the past two days tended to go sideways after the slump. The first issue of AKITA INU is only 2 days later than the Shiba Inu coin mentioned above. It is also a new coin issued in February 2021. According to the data provided by Feixiaohao, AKITA is also in the The skyrocketing mode started on April 16 and the price rose from US$0.00000054 to US$0.00000998 on April 20, a weekly increase of 1848%. Afterwards, it started to plummet like a flash in the pan, and it is now reported at 0.00000118 US dollars (April 27). According to the official website of AKITA INU, Akita Dog is a 100% decentralized community experiment. Half of the tokens have been sent to Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum founder V God), and the other half is locked in the Uniswap pool. The key has been burned. AKITA is the same as SHIBA INU, but the token indicators are different. The AKITA token is inspired by Elon Musk and Dogecoin. The circulation of AKITA is 1,000 trillion pieces, which is the same as SHIB. It is also issued in the IDO (liquidity mining) mode on the Ethereum public chain, and the initial price is 0.00000001 US dollars. Akita Inucoin is still fluctuating and falling after the sharp drop after April 20. In the 13th round of ZB community voting, EJF obtained the qualification to list ZB with 2,062,668 votes: According to the announcement on ZB’s official website, ZB will open its 13th round from 14:00 on August 12th to 14:00 on August 14th. Community voting for listing: EJF vs TRAC vs DATA. EJF was qualified to list ZB (ZB) with 2,062,668 votes. According to official information, Enjoy Job Fee is a payment solution based on blockchain technology. EJF already has a large number of user groups at the beginning of its release, and has formed a mature user community through continuous preparation in the early stage. Coupled with the support of various applications such as online shopping platforms, game guessing, and wealth management products, EJF has a circulating application scenario at the beginning of its issuance. For more project details, please log in to the official website of ZB. [2020/8/14] Dogcoin DOG will be issued on March 9, 2021. It is a decentralized and extremely deflationary currency issued on the Heco chain. The difference between Dogecoin (DOG) and Dogecoin (DOGE) is only one letter "E" in English. It is inferred that it was created freely by a group of Dogecoin enthusiasts overseas. It is issued anonymously. No relevant founders have been found so far. any available information. According to the non-small market, the historical high of DOG coins on April 20 was 0.00000007 US dollars, the current price is 0.00000003 US dollars, and the circulation is 480 trillion pieces. All actions on the DOG chain will trigger the destruction and dividend mechanism. Every transfer transaction on the chain will deduct 5% of the tax, of which 3% will be allocated to the MDEX fund pool to provide liquidity for IDO, of which 1% will be transferred to the black hole address. 1% is allocated to other holders outside the black hole address. The stock of DOG will decrease with the passage of time and the frequent increase in the number of transactions and become more scarce. Since the issuer of DOG has withdrawn in the early stage, the currently circulating Dogecoin is completely self-built by the holders of DOG. Community driven development. The distribution and destruction mechanism of DOG has the characteristics of liquidity trading mining. The larger the number of DOG held by users, the longer the holding time, the more interest dividends, and the behavior of holding, transferring, trading, etc. to provide liquidity for DOG can be generated income, which can effectively resist inflation. The circulation of DOG is relatively large and the price is extremely low. 1 yuan can buy about 4.17 million dog coins. DOG was also issued after DOGE became popular. It is understood that the positioning of DOG is to surpass the consumer culture of DOGE. By creating DOG's real-time, efficient, unique and simple reward mechanism, it helps those who have no ability or resources to obtain more wealth in the real society. Opportunity for the underclass to realize hopes and dreams. ZB will launch an additional round of subscription for Filecoin futures FIL6Z at 21:30 tonight: According to the official announcement, in order to meet the investment needs of the majority of users, ZB will launch an additional round of FIL6Z purchases from 21:30 to 21:45 tonight The round of subscription activities for Filecoin futures FIL6Z can be purchased in the "Filecoin Express" ZAPP of the latest version of ZB's APP. The purchase price of FIL6Z this time is 200QC (approximately 28.5USDT). Finally, the platform will issue FIL6Z through a lottery. In addition, users who participate in the subscription need to hold 2,000 ZB. Within two hours after the subscription ends, the platform will announce the signature form on the subscription activity page and issue FIL6Z. [2020/8/10] The implication of Space Dogecoin (DOGZ) is to spread its influence to the space universe, which is a new side chain of Dogecoin. In theory, DOGZ has all the characteristics of Dogecoin, such as decentralization, borderless, security, anonymity, etc. DOGZ has been upgraded in terms of algorithm, ownership, and application implementation. DOGZ was issued in June 2018, with a total circulation of 100 billion pieces. The historical high price is US$0.000169 (2021.4.16) and the current price is US$0.000109 (2021.4.27). The recent price of DOGZ also hit a record high in mid-April, and then fell back quickly, which has typical "Dogecoin" characteristics. Dog-type currency linkage rises and falls, true and false are difficult to distinguish In addition to the above-mentioned typical examples, dog-type currency also includes DOGIRA, DOGEFI, DOGO, RENDOGE, BDOGE, etc. In the securities market, the stock linkage effect (comovement) is very common, which refers to the phenomenon that the same type of stocks often rise and fall together. fall. For example, when a dark horse stock in the new energy sector in the stock market wins out, other stocks in the new energy sector that have not risen will usher in a wave of chasing up. Similarly, in the encrypted market, Bitcoin has risen, bringing market linkage The effect often drives other cryptocurrencies to usher in a wave of rise. Due to the linkage effect of the rise of Dogecoin, the rise of these dog coins all started a wave of skyrocketing in mid-April.


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ZB Research Report April (Part 2): Taking stock of animal coins that have skyrocketed and plummeted

Introduction: Since Dogecoin opened on April 16 with a single-day increase of 200%, numbers named after Shiba Inucoin, Akitacoin, Pikachucoin, Pigcoin.

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