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Golden Observation | Two heavyweights attended the Ethereum Summit



At the 2021 Ethereum Virtual Summit hosted by Decrypt, many guests gave wonderful speeches, including Daniel Roberts, V God, cz, Sergey Nazarov, Stani Kulechov, Joe Lubin and other well-known figures.

Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, delivered a speech on NFT, DAO, DeFi, and Ethereum. He introduced different views on how to organize people to work together. He said that with DeFi and NFT, the usage rate of Ethereum is accelerating. NFT has a speculative nature, which allows people who have no intersection to produce a certain business model for the first time, including creators, artists and even charity. Institutions, giving birth to unprecedented interactions.

Golden Theory of Relativity | Yan Song: The improvement of the fundamentals is the key to enter the big bull market: In the live broadcast of the Bitcoin halving special edition of "Crisis to the Left, Faith to the Right" held today, the factors that determine the trend in 2020 will be reduced How much does the half factor account for?" OKEx analyst Yan Song said that it is still in the gestation period of the bull market, which is also consistent with the historical trend that Bitcoin prices usually start to soar only after halving. Before mid-February, we have seen price increases and market discussions, and at the same time a large number of miners joined them. In addition, the popularity of derivatives transactions has led to a sharp increase in market leverage. The leveraged bull lasted nearly two months before crashing in March. It's just that the huge destructive power brought by the epidemic made all expectations reset after the sharp drop on March 12. With the rebound of the currency price, market participants once again sent the topic of halving, and we can still see a lot of responses, such as the search-zce volume of "Bitcoin halving", and the spot trading volume in the US market after mid-March. There has been substantial growth. Compared with the hype or expectation of the halving, the increase in Bitcoin holdings is the most basic and important factor, that is, more people know and buy Bitcoin, and more institutions enter the cryptocurrency field. If these institutional investors with a longer-term perspective can be brought into the cryptocurrency field, the overall volatility of Bitcoin will inevitably decrease, because there are more stable bulls in the market, rather than short-term funds that are constantly flowing in and out . The improvement of the fundamentals is the key to entering the big bull market. [2020/5/11]

As far as the Ethereum roadmap is concerned, V God said that as the merger date approaches, many aspects of the roadmap are becoming more and more feasible. It is optimistic that the upgrade can be completed by the end of this year. After the merger, the execution chain will be on the consensus chain. Internally, each beacon chain block will include a block from the execution chain. He also said that merging requires many complicated technologies, and the purpose is to make the whole process as simple as possible. For users, clients, developers, and smart contracts, the merging will be smoother, and users do not need to worry too much.

Jinse Finance mining data broadcast | BCH network computing power dropped by 17.94% today: Jinse Finance reported, according to the data of Spider Mining Pool:

The computing power of the entire ETH network is 173.904TH/s, the mining difficulty is 2186.26T, the current block height is 9834981, and the theoretical income is 0.00800839/100MH/day.

The computing power of the BTC network is 105.487EH/s, the mining difficulty is 14.72T, the current block height is 625056, and the theoretical income is 0.00001708/T/day.

The BSV network computing power is 2.722EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.41T, the current block height is 629855, and the theoretical income is 0.00066125/T/day.

The BCH network computing power is 2.986EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.40T, the current block height is 630043, and the theoretical income is 0.00030140/T/day. [2020/4/9]

When talking about the non-tamperable aspect of Ethereum, he said that he wanted to make the operation and construction of Ethereum nodes easier in the future. There are cultural differences between Ethereum and BTC. For today’s BTC nodes, it needs to record and verify the entire The data of the BTC chain is the opposite of that of Ethereum. In the future, researchers of Ethereum can use an old node to check the old data of the blockchain. The difference in community relations is only one of the differences between BTC and Ethereum.

Golden Morning News | Coinbase launches currency trading for retail investors Fuzhou plans to build a blockchain economy comprehensive pilot zone: 1. Coinbase launches currency trading for retail investors

2. UAE banking union proposes blockchain to strengthen KYC process

3. IMF: CBDC will bring benefits to central banks and governments

4. The Central Bank of Egypt is studying the feasibility of issuing digital currency

5. Ohio State Treasurer: Blockchain technology can increase tax payment options and promote financial democratization

6. Fuzhou plans to build a comprehensive pilot zone for blockchain economy

7. Yahoo subsidiary acquires virtual currency media "CoinDesk Japan"

8. Hong Kong Securities and Exchange Commission to Tighten Cryptocurrency Laws

9. The Korean government plans to add blockchain technology to new growth R&D business sectors and expand tax incentives[2018/12/18]

Binance CEO cz insisted that Binance does not have a headquarters. He said that everyone has a slightly different definition of the company’s headquarters. Is a company’s headquarters an office? I've been working from home for three and a half years, and our senior leadership team is not in the same office. He added that when it comes to a company in the traditional sense, people think of concepts such as headquarters, offices, bank accounts, registrations, etc., but today you can still start a company without these things.

Regarding the listing of Coinbase, cz said that this incident gave Binance a clear development direction in the United States. He said that the United States is now the most developed economy in the world, and now cryptocurrency exchanges can conduct IPOs on Nasdaq. He made it clear that Binance will follow in the footsteps of Coinbase, and other countries will also imitate many methods of U.S. encryption regulation. In terms of the trading volume comparison between Coinbase and Binance, he expressed optimism, saying: "On the first day of Coinbase IPO, The trading volume of Binance in the United States has reached 40% of that of Coinbase. Now every exchange claims to be the largest exchange. We call Binance one of the largest exchanges. There are different indicators to measure the scale of the exchange. In terms of trading volume, number of active-zce users, third-party network traffic analysis, and mobile downloads, Binance is the largest.”

cz also talked about Binance's US development path, saying: "We want to let people know that Binance is very serious about compliance. Even so, we also want to develop our business. In the field of encryption, Binance can be regarded as the world's most Compliant company."

Regarding BSC, he insisted that BSC is definitely not a copy of Ethereum, saying: "Obviously, people will observe the popular projects of Ethereum and bring these projects to BSC. Blockchain is not born from Ethereum, Ethereum Uniswap just uses the same blockchain technology as BTC, and Uniswap did invent concepts such as AMM and liquidity pool, but in the field of encryption, your concept will soon be imitated by others.” In terms of transaction fees, he Said: "Although the transaction fee of Ethereum has reached a new high, the platform can produce some similar but higher quality projects. For other blockchains, if the transaction fee reaches 100 US dollars, it will certainly not have so many users. quantity."

The content-zce of this article comes from Decrypt


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Golden Observation | Two heavyweights attended the Ethereum Summit

At the 2021 Ethereum Virtual Summit hosted by Decrypt, many guests gave wonderful speeches, including Daniel Roberts, V God, cz, Sergey Nazarov, Stani Kulechov, Joe Lubin and other well-known figures.Vitalik.

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