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You can't learn the success of SHIB



The market crashed as scheduled, but the jitter of 5 points or 10 points is really not a big drop, it is completely normal fluctuation. And from the perspective of correlation, it may not be the crazy backlash of the market, but it may be the rhythm of the US stock market. The popularity of SHIB not only did not cool down, but rose against the trend. In the face of jaw-dropping gains, super cognitive contrast, and strong price support, all the old leeks who can't see, look down on, understand, and can't keep up have a trace of self-esteem left in their hearts. In the face of such a hurtful and extremely insulting steel fact that "working hard for 4 years is not as good as shi", no matter how stubbornly you mutter the sentence "This kind of stupid B thing is just a gust of speculation", working hard for yourself for many years and not earning After a few days of diligent defense, it was hard to hide the sense of loss in my heart.

If the disenchanting effect of SHIB is to expose the pretentious behavior of many people who are busy for the sake of being busy, working hard for the sake of diligence, and working hard for the sake of hard work, it also has its social experimental significance. Life is short, come to the currency circle. The only way to relieve worries is to get rich quickly. However, many people have been in the circle for many years, only engage in salty and bland things, pretend to be aggressive all day long, and are ashamed to talk about money, this is a big problem. Not only is knowledge and action inconsistent, but it is dishonesty. Obviously, I want to make a fortune and think about it, but I have to talk about ecology, models, patterns, strategies, and those poisonous things in the Internet world. Pretending to be struck by lightning, these high-sounding nouns that sound cloudy, seem very insincere and unreal when they get the currency circle. So leeks are going to riot. How did leeks riot? It is to fry those pure, non-toxic airs, without ecology, models, patterns, or strategies, just air, as transparent, pure, and harmless as air. This rebellious trend of thought always reappears periodically. The biggest advantage of transparent air is transparency. Instead of being packaged in layers of cloudy terms by a few elites, smart project parties, and cunning capital, they will attract leeks and harvest them with a knife. Just cut it off, be sincere, okay?

The SHIB community provides assistance to the hacked BitMart: Jinse Finance reported that when BitMart was in trouble due to the hacking incident, the SHIB community extended a helping hand. It is reported that hackers have previously stolen nearly 900 billion ShibaInu tokens and more than 20 other types of tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. According to SHIB’s official Twitter, the team behind ShibaSwapDEX will help BitMart review potential security threats and urge the community to proceed with caution. In addition to the SHIB community, it was reported that Huobi also assisted by freezing transactions related to the incident. [2021/12/6 12:53:55]

As far as the essence of harvesting is concerned, do you say that those projects that issue coins to collect money are not as sincere as SHIB? At least, SHIB actually transferred 100% of SHIB plus 10 ETH (made into liquidity) to Vitalik, and it was witnessed decentralized on the Ethereum chain. SHIB does not have any advanced mainnet or bragging new concepts, it is just a simple and ordinary ERC-20 token. The token code is also on the Ethereum blockchain, which is transparent and verifiable, with no backdoors and no fraud. This is an era of living to death, leeks have had enough of being harvested by the elite, they want to vent, they want to resist. This is not the trend of the currency circle, but the trend of thought of the whole world. Throughout the world, the collective has yaw to the left. Whether it is populism or grassrootsism, the long history has shown its strength. Those who cannot adapt to the current situation have only a dead end. Buffett and Munger hate Bitcoin, it is the elite who hate grassroots, and those who wear leather shoes hate those who wear straw sandals. The old leeks in the currency circle, especially the old leeks who have accumulated, hate SHIB, which is also the disgust of those with vested interests for those without benefits, and it is also the disgust of those who wear straw sandals and hate bare feet. This is reincarnation.

Wing and SushiSwap launched pWING liquidity mining: Official news, the decentralized cross-chain lending platform Wing announced that it will once again launch pWING liquidity mining with SushiSwap, pledge pWING-ETH trading pairs, and provide a total of over 2,000 pWING rewards. [2021/4/30 21:13:43]

Some people began to reflect, and even wrote all kinds of long-winded texts, analyzing why they missed it at the beginning, why they didn't know it well, why SHIB was valuable, and so on. Let me tell you, there is no need for that. If he had a time machine and sent these people back to last August, he would not buy SHIB either. Why? These reflections are nothing more than a speculative pretending to be profound. What is the value of SHIB? It is an insult to SHIB to put various value explanations on it, and it is to weave SHIB's cage with the values of old leeks. People just want to create a pure and worthless atmosphere, don't use those toxic values to trap me. Just imagine, if SHIB is still at the same price as shit at the end of 2020, will these deeply reflective people write these mother-in-law words? Don't even think about it with your ass. They won't. They will still reflect, but what they reflect may not be SHIB, but another thing that has skyrocketed ten thousand times. This is to reflect on the urine nature of the party. Not that they are really deep, they just like to pretend to be deep. Their deep reflection is just a Pavlovian product under the touch of big positive lines (skyrocketing). Really profound thinking, and the only useful thinking, is to deeply grasp the essential laws, make predictions, and unite knowledge and action before there is a big positive line (skyrocketing), and take action. Only such thinking is real thinking. Only such cognition is real cognition. Only such actions are real abilities. And only this kind of ability is the real, valuable ability that allows you to make money. Everything else is bullshit.

SushiSwap and UMA jointly launched xSUSHI call options: On April 6th, the decentralized trading protocol SushiSwap and the decentralized synthetic asset protocol UMA cooperated to construct xSUSHI call options with a strike price of $25. The European option exercised on the date of the expiration date is May 31, 2021. xSUSHI’s call option token, named XSUc25–0521, is now tradable and can provide liquidity on any AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol. [2021/4/6 19:50:06]

Going back to the third quarter of 2020, what was the fashion at that time? It is DeFi mining, it is airdrop, it is extreme deflation, the amount of coins is extremely small (typically YFI, only 30,000 coins), and it is a complex nesting doll model (YFI and others). However, SHIB, which was born in the same period, does not have any complicated mining and nesting dolls, and the currency volume is super large (1000 trillion), which is completely opposite to the current popularity. Do you have the ability to jump out of the mainstream thinking? you have not. SHIB has no airdrops, no pre-mining, and nothing. Half of the coins are directly given to Vitalik, and the other half of the coins plus 10 ETH are also given to Vitalik. There are a lot of people who send coins to Vitalik’s address to pay tribute. If you think of sending 50% of the coins, as long as it rises, you can turn Vitalik’s public holding address into a live advertisement. Do you have the idea? you have not. The English of SHIB has nothing to do with feces. The full name is SHIBA INU, which is Shiba Inu, a kind of dog.

SUSHI will be listed on the BiKi platform at 18:00 on August 31: According to the official announcement, SUSHI will be listed on the BiKi platform at 18:00 on August 31 (GMT+8). The SUSHI /USDT trading pair and withdrawal are open, and deposits are now open .

SushiSwap allows users to mine the governance token SUSHI by staking mainstream LP tokens on UniswapV2. 100 SUSHI are issued in each block, and these tokens will be evenly deployed in all 13 pools. In the first two weeks, each block can get 1000 SUSHI, and the SUSHI/ETH pool will get 200 SUSHI. SUSHI tokens have no practical value and only have governance rights. Once the liquidity of Uniswap is migrated to SushiSwap in the future, SUSHI token holders will share 0.05% of the transaction fee. [2020/8/31]

The Doge of Dogecoin, which was born in 2013, is a dog called Doge. When DeFi is on fire in 2020 and no one cares about Dogecoin, can you predict that Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, will call Dogecoin on Twitter every day in early 2021? Can you foresee Elon Musk mentioning that he wants to buy a Shiba Inu (SHIBA)? you can not. A name that happens to be able to catch the hot spots in the future, a token design that is completely different from the mainstream ideas of the hot spots at that time, an idea that was given to Vitalik by surprise, and a larger amount than Dogecoin, which feels cheaper to buy and easier to get started. Easy (you don’t need to learn to install the mainnet wallet, you can directly use a large number of mature Ethereum wallets to buy and trade), SHIB, as a better Dogecoin, is just right on several key points, and detonation depends entirely on luck . And neither the ability to follow the mainstream thinking nor the luck of running into Musk's order is something you can't learn. Dissatisfied? So why don't you come up with a coin that is beyond the present and can rise ten thousand times in the next six months? You can't do it.

For investors, even speculators, multiples are not the most important thing. What is important? is a repeatable capability. It doesn't make sense to make a hundredfold profit one time and lose it back the next time. If you have a stable ability to earn 10 times in a certain period of time. You only need to repeat 3 times, it is a thousand times. So, in the final analysis, chasing hot spots is beyond human reach. Improving investment ability and pursuing repeatability are skills that everyone can acquire with hard work. I wish you success.


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You can't learn the success of SHIB

The market crashed as scheduled, but the jitter of 5 points or 10 points is really not a big drop, it is completely normal fluctuation. And from the perspective of correlation.

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