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Golden DeFi Daily | Uniswap V3 mainnet has been launched



DeFi Data

1. The total market value of DeFi: 140.276 billion US dollars

The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFibox

DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $4.11 billion

Source of trading volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX rankings by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 22.76 billion US dollars

DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC surged sharply and attacked $6,400 again: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: After BTC dived in the morning, the bulls launched an offensive again. In the past 30 minutes, it has risen sharply, with a surge of 1.87%, but the pressure of $6,400 is still there Obviously, in the short term, investors are advised to maintain rational investment and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/10]

Top 10 lending platforms by lockup volume Ranking source: DeFibox

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $87.18 billion

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. Uniswap V3 mainnet has been launched

Jinse Finance reported that according to official sources, Uniswap v3 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet. According to the official article, Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the protocol to date, centralized liquidity provides unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and decentralized finance core infrastructure.

Analysis | Golden disk: WAVES/USD pays attention to the upper resistance 2.30: comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: WAVES/USD fell back after touching the 2.30 position, and is currently preparing for a second upside attack. Pay attention to the breakthrough situation, and the breakthrough will fall back. [2018/8/13]

2. Data: Uniswap V3 Gas consumption is nearly 100% higher than that of V2

According to Reddit netizens, on the Uniswap mainnet, the average gas cost of all three transaction types (exchange, add, and delete) in V3 is much higher than that in V2. Among them, exchanging tokens in V3 uses 24% more Gas than V2; adding tokens in V3 uses 249% more Gas than V2; removing tokens in V3 uses 33% more Gas than V2 . On average, Uniswap V3 uses 102% more Gas than V2.

3. The founder of Uniswap replied that adding liquidity in V3 costs a lot of gas, which is only applicable to creating pools

Netizens claimed that adding liquidity to Uniswap V3 cost 0.2 ETH (40 Gwei). Uniswap founder Hayden Adams stated that this only applies to creating pools and asked if it was the first LP of the pool.

4. DeFi cross-chain perpetual contract platform YFX.COM IDO went online within 1 hour and the total participation amount exceeded 138 million US dollars

Golden Finance live report XTRA digital asset exchange JIM: 90% of exchanges will die in three years: Golden Finance live report, June 20, 2018 Global Blockchain and Financial Technology Summit Forum was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. At the meeting, JIM, the architect of the XTRA digital asset exchange, said that looking at today after three years, 90% of the current cryptocurrency exchanges will die. The key to survival is to establish a consensus mechanism and constantly educate users, whether it is for investment or not. In order to protect the transaction of investors, it is better to do a good job in the review of the project side. The essence of an exchange is its users, and there must be a corresponding business model for any kind of users. Therefore, practitioners of exchanges always say that they must let users understand that huge profits must last for a long time. Each exchange has a different positioning. Currently, there are no more than a thousand digital currency exchanges with scale. [2018/6/20]

According to the latest official news, at 18:00 on May 6, 2021, YFX.COM, a cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract platform, will open IDO on Bounce and WeStarter at 18:00 on May 6, with an exchange amount of 250,000 YFX. Among them, the WeStarter whitelist pool was opened for 30 seconds to complete the exchange, and the participation amount of the public exchange pool exceeded 138 million US dollars, which exceeded 2764.43 times. YFX.COM will open token collection on May 9th, please pay attention to the official announcement.

5. Donnie.Finance, a DeFi project on the IOST chain, launched Dex

Gao Xuefeng, head of Golden Exclusive 360 Information Security Department: Blockchain companies should have a professional security team: Exclusive interview with Golden Finance, Gao Xuefeng, head of 360 Information Security Department, said in an exclusive interview with Golden Finance reporters that blockchain companies want to do well Security protection must first improve its own security awareness. In addition, because the business of blockchain enterprises is confidential, it is necessary to equip their own security teams. [2018/6/13]

According to official news, the DeFi project Donnie Finance on the IOST chain has launched the Dex function, which supports the transaction of tokens based on IOST, Ethereum, and BSC chains. Users can use the Bridge function to cross-chain BSC and Ethereum. In order to support the first batch of participants of, Donnie is increasing the rewards for liquidity providers. At present, DON — HUSD, IOST — DON, IOST — HUSD, and BNB — HUSD are added to the four major LP pools.

6. DeFi cross-chain income aggregator Autofarm officially aggregates MDEX

According to news on May 6, Autofarm, a DeFi cross-chain revenue aggregator, has officially aggregated the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol MDEX.

7. Beer aggregation trading platform officially starts mining

Jinse Finance live report that EOSIO DAWN 3.0 has achieved complete functions: Jinse Finance live report, on the evening of April 6, the high-profile Hong Kong meeting was held as scheduled. The core members of the EOS team attended the event, and 1500 Meet developers and blockchain enthusiasts from the blockchain community around the world. At the meeting, the team concluded, "With DAWN 3.0 achieving complete functions on a stable interactive interface, and achieving a good balance in scalability, security, and performance, it will improve the experience of all developers." [2018] /4/7]

According to the official announcement, the Beer aggregation trading platform will officially launch BSC (Binance Ecological Chain) and start Ber single-currency pledge mining at 8:00 (UTC+12) on May 6, 2021, Canadian time. At the same time, Beer has been launched MDEX, and will increase Ber liquidity when it goes online. The Beer aggregation trading platform has opened up the internal and external DEFI protocols of the ecology through the integration of core algorithm protocol modules, integrated DEX, cross-chain lending & aggregate mining, oracle machines, NFT, etc., and introduced a decentralized multi-source data inspection oracle machine solution to achieve Data transmission and arbitrage strategy deployment at a lower cost to solve the current pain points that different DeFi products are difficult to interact with, so as to achieve efficient integration of DeFi full ecological arbitrage opportunities.

8. PuddingSwap has exceeded 70 million TVL on the Hufu Smart Chain HSC

According to official news, PuddingSwap, the first DEX project of Hufu Smart Chain HSC, was launched at 20:00 on May 5 and started liquidity mining and pledge mining. As of press time, TVL has exceeded 70 million U.S. dollars, and the total transaction volume has exceeded 13 million U.S. dollars. The current price of the project token PUD is $5.74.

1. LendHub will open the repurchase and destruction governance voting at 16:00 on May 7

According to official news, in order to empower LendHub to govern the rights and interests of the ecological token LHB, and jointly build the ecological prosperity of Heco, LendHub will open the DAO community governance voting at 16:00 (UTC+8) on May 7, 2021, that is, to vote for the LendHub platform 30% of the handling fee is repurchased to LHB and HT for voting resolution. All LendHub holders can participate in community governance voting through DAO lockup.

2. MDEX (HECO&BSC) newly added liquidity mining list and weight adjustment

According to the official announcement of MDEX.COM, under the condition that the total mining reward of each block remains unchanged, the HECO version of the liquid mining list DAI/USDC will be added at 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 6, and will be distributed in DOGE/USDT, WBNB/BUSD, WBNB/BTCB, WBNB/ETH, DAI/USDC, WHT/USDT weights will be adjusted simultaneously for HECO and BSC versions. For the adjustment details of liquidity mining, please refer to the official website for details. After the DAO management is enabled, the weight adjustment plan will be decided by the community vote.

3. LHB (LendHub) launched on Huobi Global and rose 116.2% at the opening

According to official news, LHB, the token of the LendHub Huobi ecological chain Heco decentralized lending platform, has been launched on Huobi Global at 15:00 on May 6, 2021 (GMT+8). As of 16:00, the opening price of LHB/USDT rose by more than 116.2%, and the highest price was 0.8USDT. LendHub is a centralized lending platform on the Huobi ecological chain Heco. It has supported 20 Heco currencies to borrow and mine LHB. Users can get incentive token LHB rewards when depositing coins or lending. The total amount of deposits and loans on the LendHub platform has exceeded 1.86 billion US dollars, and the locked value has exceeded 1.128 billion US dollars. Currently, the platform supports LP automatic reinvestment mining, DAO pledge pool and liquidity pool mining LHB.

4. The DeFi protocol DogeSwap will be listed on the MX/USDT mining pool at 14:00 on May 6

According to official news, at 14:00 on May 6, the DeFi protocol DogeSwap supports the MX/USDT mining pool. After the launch, users who hold the above LP can go to the Dogeswap mining area to pledge to mine DOG through the HECO network. According to the data, MX is the only token of the MXC Matcha platform, and 100% of the currency and ETF fee profits will be destroyed. MX has been realized. Fee deduction, project voting renewal, new lottery bonus, MX DeFi mining pledge, etc. scenes to be used.

1. Burnt Finance completed $3 million in financing and will build an NFT platform

Burnt Finance completed $3 million in financing, and Injective Protocol, Multicoin Capital, Mechanism, etc. participated in the investment. The funds will be used to build an NFT platform on the Solana blockchain.

2. Bitski, an NFT platform, completed a round A financing of US$19 million

NFT platform Bitski completed a $19 million Series A financing, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and American rapper Jay-Z.

3. Dogecoin co-founder launched Dogecoin card NFT on Foundation

On May 6, Dogecoin (Dogecoin) co-founder Billy Marcus tweeted that the first version of the Dogecoin card NFT has opened for auction. It is understood that Marcus and his friend Laura Shigihara have minted these card NFTs on the NFT platform Foundation. According to the official website, there are 8 cards in the auction, and the highest priced one is called "The Billionaire Doge", with a transaction price of 24.70 ETH.


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Golden DeFi Daily | Uniswap V3 mainnet has been launched

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