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Golden trend丨The bull market continues, seize the opportunity



The picture above shows the long-term weekly trend of BTC 2010-2020 in the 10-year cycle. At present, BTC has completed three reward halvings. We can find from the figure that during each round of halving cycle, BTC trend includes large Bull market, bear market, fund-raising at the bottom of the range, the stage of the calf pull-up, the stage of fund-raising again at the peak circuit, and the beginning of a new round of bull market after that, this is the first halving cycle of BTC in 2010-2013, 2013-2016 Both the second halving cycle and the third halving cycle from 2016 to 2020 have been verified. History will not simply repeat, but it is always surprisingly similar. However, the regular characteristics of the BTC market have not changed, but these specific features have changed slightly.

Jinse Finance mining data broadcast | ETH's network computing power rose by 4.29% today: Jinse Finance reported that according to the data of the spider mining pool:

The computing power of the BTC network is 128.006EH/s, the mining difficulty is 16.95T, the current block height is 643772, and the theoretical income is 0.00000817/T/day.

The computing power of the entire ETH network is 213.779TH/s, the mining difficulty is 2739.97T, the current block height is 10661764, and the theoretical income is 0.01374984/100MH/day.

The BSV network computing power is 1.992EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.29T, the current block height is 648163, and the theoretical income is 0.00045172/T/day.

The BCH network computing power is 2.860EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.41T, the current block height is 648389, and the theoretical income is 0.00031472/T/day. [2020/8/15]

At present, BTC has completed the third cycle of evolution, and once again entered the new bull market range. At present, the overall operating track is still intact, and the general direction is still maintaining a oscillating upward rhythm. At present, there is no sign of peaking. Investors still have to follow the trend and don’t be easily washed out. A sharp drop in the bull market is an opportunity to buy and increase positions when the trend is low. Hold it patiently and wait for the arrival of the main rising market.

Analysis | Gold Disk Analyst: EOS’s decline is expanding, focus on the support of $7.0: EOS’s decline is expanding, pay attention to the support of $7.0 below, hold it and treat it as a shock, and if it breaks, there is a high probability that it will fall to $6.5. [2018/8/2]

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis To become the highlight of the investment portfolio, cryptocurrency needs to pay attention to two points: According to the news, the Goldman Sachs report shows that only 3% of the respondents think that cryptocurrency can play a certain role in the investment portfolio. This shows that there is a lot of room for improvement in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. The principle of the investment portfolio is to combine the realization of benefits with the diversification of risks. In cryptocurrencies, a considerable part of the coins are not of high quality, and there is a risk of zero return. In the long run, the profitability is uncertain; as for the diversification of risks, the currency circle follows the trend of ups and downs, and the price is related. The mainstream currency dominates the trend of the cryptocurrency market, and the risk diversification is poor; to become a mainstream investment product, it depends on the further stability of the price, and also depends on the market gradually cleaning up and screening to form more stable currencies. But it is worth noting that the cryptocurrency market is currently almost independent of the real world, and has a weak correlation with traditional financial products. From this perspective, cryptocurrency is a good choice for diversifying risks. [2018/4/26]


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The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

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Golden trend丨The bull market continues, seize the opportunity

The picture above shows the long-term weekly trend of BTC 2010-2020 in the 10-year cycle. At present, BTC has completed three reward halvings. We can find from the figure that during each round of halving cycle.

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