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Dogecoin hits a record high again, Musk is going to be on the show again, and investors are frantically pouring in



At noon on May 8, DOGE rose strongly, touching 0.74 USDT for a short time, setting a new record high, and the current price is 0.7288 USDT.

On Saturday night, May 8 local time, Musk will participate in the recording of NBC's popular late-night comedy show "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) as the host. He even tweeted about the "show guest" on Friday evening local time, and attached a picture of Dogecoin. The Twitter content-zce is about two other SNL star guests and Shiba Inu representing Dogecoin. Shortly thereafter, Dogecoin rose to an all-time high of 72 cents before falling slightly.

Robinhood’s trading revenue from Dogecoin drops to 40% in Q3: Golden Finance reports that cryptocurrency and stock broker Robinhood released financial data showing that trading revenue from DOGE fell from 62% in the second quarter to the latest 40% of the quarter. The company reported its third-quarter earnings in late October, showing a general decline in interest in the crypto market during the period. [2021/11/11 6:45:05]

You must know that the governors of the central banks of various countries have never stopped warning investors about the risk of being bankrupt if they are too volatile, not to mention that the latest warning was issued by the governor of the Bank of England on Thursday. .

Billy Markus, founder of Dogecoin, suggested that AMC, an American cinema chain, accept Dogecoin as payment: On July 3, Billy Markus, one of the founders of Dogecoin, tweeted to suggest that AMC, a chain of cinemas in the United States, accept Dogecoin as payment, and said he would use Dogecoin is used to purchase products such as popcorn. [2021/7/3 0:25:14]

Dogecoin investors all over the world have formed a group in advance, preparing to organize a party on the same day and watch the show together. Beer chips are a must, and the mobile trading app will remain open, so that you can have a drink every time "that man" says the word "dogecoin" and check the market by the way.

American rapper Soulja Boy keeps tweeting milk for Dogecoin: American rapper DeAndre Cortez Way (Soulja Boy) keeps tweeting milk for Dogecoin. [2021/4/20 20:40:40]

Alma Cortez, a 28-year-old California girl, invited 10 friends to watch the live broadcast together. She said: "Musk's words and deeds may affect the market to a large extent, so everyone will hold on to their phones throughout the process. After all, no one wants to lose money."

New Jersey boy Ramy Bekhiet even invited more than 30 friends to watch the live broadcast in the backyard of his home. Between piles of food, he'll be closely monitoring two screens showing Dogecoin and the cryptocurrency in general.

Bekhiet said he “wouldn’t be surprised if Dogecoin hits 80 or even 90 cents by the time the show airs,” because it’s “people power.”

Los Angeles-based Yosef Adelman, who has been trading Dogecoin since 2019, liquidated his position at 62 cents on Tuesday. And now, as Musk is about to walk into the SNL studio, he wants to get back into business again.

But Adelman wants to take advantage of the time between now and the show rather than making deals during the show. "Whatever Musk says on the show is going to be disappointing because people are expecting him more than anything right now," he said.

Since the beginning of this year, Dogecoin, which was originally developed as a joke, has soared by an astonishing 12,000%, and if it is calculated from the low point in July last year, the soaring rate is as high as 30,000%. Dogecoin’s total market capitalization is currently around $88 billion, up from just $35 billion just last week.

For the crazy market of Dogecoin that has doubled in a week, people think that Musk's personal role cannot be ignored. Indeed, as a long-time fan of cryptocurrencies, Musk has been using various hints to drive up the price of cryptocurrencies.

But on the same day that Musk tweeted about the "show guest", he actually sent another tweet, which read "Cryptocurrency is very promising, but please invest carefully." As for whether investors have read this sentence in full, who knows.

Adelman did express his concerns, but he was worried about the Robinhood APP program crashing. The Robinhood app has crashed multiple times in recent weeks as demand for Dogecoin surges.


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Dogecoin hits a record high again, Musk is going to be on the show again, and investors are frantically pouring in

At noon on May 8, DOGE rose strongly, touching 0.74 USDT for a short time, setting a new record high, and the current price is 0.7288 USDT.On Saturday night, May 8 local time.

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