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Three minutes quick overview of Sushi loan product Kashi



What is BentoBox?

BentoBox is a liquidity token treasury that earns interest on assets. Anyone can provide liquidity to it, and anyone can build on top of it. Sushi's first product based on BentoBox is Kashi, a lending protocol.

What is the risk isolation market?

A risk-isolated market is one in which risks are not collectively shared. Platforms like Compound and Aave must limit the collateral they accept to a select set of tokens because risk is shared collectively on their platforms, while BentoBox uses a risk-isolated marketplace that lets users Coins provide liquidity. If a pair of trading pairs on BentoBox fluctuates violently, it will only affect the market of this trading pair and will not affect the entire platform.

How can I lend money on the market and earn interest?

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If you provide token liquidity to BentoBox, other users will borrow the token liquidity you provide, and you will earn interest from the moment they start borrowing. Tokens that are lent the most earn the most interest.

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How do I get a loan from the marketplace?

To take out a loan on Kashi, first you need to provide another token in the liquidity token trading pair. If you want to lend LINK, and there is currently only LINK/ETH trading pair in the market, then you must first pledge to provide ETH liquidity to lend LINK.

How do I create a marketplace?

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To create a market, you need to add a new trading pair. Suppose you want to add DEUS/DEA, and ETH/INV trading pairs, you can do this by clicking "Create New Market" and then finding the token you want to pair. It is not necessary to add corresponding liquidity to create a trading pair, but other people who need to borrow from this trading pair need to add liquidity. Due to the flexible rate, underutilized trading pairs will be less liquid, and vice versa.

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What is a flexible rate?

The flexible rate is a means of incentivizing liquidity to fluctuate within a desired range (70 - 80%). The flexible interest rate is optimized according to the utilization rate (borrowed assets/total assets). If the utilization rate is lower than the minimum target utilization rate, the interest rate is halved every 8 hours, and its upper limit is the minimum utilization rate. If the utilization exceeds the maximum target utilization, the rate doubles every 8 hours.

Why is the borrowing rate higher than the supply rate?

The borrow rate is higher than the supply rate because the collateral is never maxed out, so the borrow rate is always slightly higher.

There is also a fee for borrowing, and this fee will be included in the reserve fund, which is why the borrowing rate is higher.

Can xSUSHI, XYZ and LP tokens be used as collateral?

Currently, BentoBox does not support these collaterals, and support will be opened in the future.

Tokens that support the rebase mechanism?

Currently, BentoBox does not support the tokens of the rebase mechanism.

What is the difference between BentoBox balance and wallet balance?

Your BentoBox balance will earn income from flash loans, smart pools or other strategies adopted by the community, so the balance in BentoBox will continue to increase; your wallet balance represents the amount of tokens you have in BentoBox (this amount will not change ).

What are the benefits of using token pairs?

The benefits of using token pairs are similar to those of using AMMs. Token pairs create a more open market. Specifically, using tokens enables users to calculate and understand the risks they are taking. The ability to calculate and take these risks has opened up a new space for game theory to be explored. For example, users can increase their lending yield if they supply new tokens, since token pairs containing new tokens are typically borrowed more, however, when they do so, they also increase their risk, Because new tokens have a higher default rate. On the other hand, if users provide more battle-tested collateral, they will have lower interest rates and lower risk, but they will also earn less from collateral because there will be more supply, and Fewer demands.

What is the difference between Kashi, Compound and Aave?

The main difference is that Kashi uses a loan-token pair, risk-isolated marketplace. Both Aave and Compound calculate risk on a global scale, and the solvency of any token will affect the solvency of the entire platform. An important consequence of using a risk-isolated marketplace is that Kashi allows any token to be listed. Another important consequence is that flexible interest rates are used to incentivize liquidity within a certain range. Another consequence of lending token pairs and risk isolating markets is that Kashi's oracles need to be customizable to provide price feeds for an infinite number of tokens.

Here are the superficial differences between Kashi and lending protocols like Aave, Compound:

Is there a fee to use BentoBox?

Yes, 10% of interest income and 10% of closed liquidated products need to be paid to SushiBar (xSUSHI).

Why did my interest rate go up or down?

Interest rates fluctuate up and down relative to market utilization. If utilization falls below 70%, interest rates fall, which incentivizes borrowers to utilize; above 80%, rates rise, which incentivizes suppliers to utilize and discourages borrowing. The purpose of this is to incentivize liquidity within a desirable range, as we don't want liquidity to be overused (unmet demand) or underused (oversupply).


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Three minutes quick overview of Sushi loan product Kashi

What is BentoBox?BentoBox is a liquidity token treasury that earns interest on assets. Anyone can provide liquidity to it, and anyone can build on top of it. Sushi's first product based on BentoBox is Kashi.

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