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Find New|O3 Swap: Multi-chain 1inch+Cross-chain Curve



"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview, technological progress, fundraising situation, etc., and strives to present you a collection of popular and trendy projects. .

The rapid development of DeFi has made cross-chain transactions a pain point for users, especially one-stop cross-chain transactions. O3 Swap introduced in this article is a leader in targeting this problem.

O3 Swap is positioned as a one-stop cross-chain aggregation protocol.

O3 Swap aggregates the liquidity of DEX on Ethereum, BSC, Neo, HECO and other blockchains, and uses aggregator + cross-chain pool to realize one-stop cross-chain transactions of native assets on different chains. O3 Swap is built by the O3Labs team, which was founded in Tokyo in 2017 and is one of the earliest developer communities on Neo.

Data: The active-zce supply of ETH from 7 to 10 years hit a record high: On August 7, according to Glassnode data, the active-zce supply of ETH from 7 to 10 years on Ethereum reached a record high, with an amount of 2,435,639.791 ETH. [2022/8/7 12:07:50]

O3 Swap's currently aggregated DEX

To describe it in an easier-to-understand way, O3 Swap = "multi-chain 1inch" + "cross-chain Curve".

The O3 Swap system is designed as follows:

The founder of ConsenSys claims that his ETH holdings are less than 0.5% of the total circulating supply of Ethereum: News on June 13, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, founder and CEO of ConsenSys, held Consensus in Austin, Texas The 2022 conference stated that while he will not disclose his personal ETH holdings, his ETH holdings have never approached 0.5% of Ethereum's total circulating supply. Furthermore, he added: I have not acquired any tokens since genesis.

Lubin stated the above in response to a question from Galaxy Digital researcher Christine Kim, who previously believed that Lubin’s ETH holdings accounted for between 5% and 10% of Ethereum’s total circulating supply. (CoinDesk) [2022/6/13 4:21:34]

The main functions of O3 Swap are completed by the cross-chain aggregation system and the cross-chain capital pool module.

"Yuan Vision" has obtained the "Blockchain Information Service Filing" issued by the Cyberspace Administration of China: Golden Finance News, recently, the State Internet Information Office issued the "National Internet Information Office's Announcement on the Release of the Eighth Batch of Domestic Blockchain Information Service Filing Numbers", The "Yuan Vision" art website under Visual China passed the review of the State Internet Information Office and became one of the eighth batch of companies that obtained the record. [2022/6/7 4:08:48]

The cross-chain aggregation system consists of O3 aggregators on each blockchain to help users find the best quality and effective price and transaction path in the corresponding transaction network.

The cross-chain fund pool O3 Hub is built based on the Poly Network cross-chain protocol, providing users with cross-chain asset transaction services, and supports users to choose asset single currencies on different chains to add liquidity, so as to obtain cross-chain pool fee income and O3 rewards .

Coca-Cola Launches the First Coke Product "Zero Sugar Byte" Based on Elements of the Metaverse: Jinse Finance reported that recently, Coca-Cola launched the first new cola product "Coca-Cola Zero" (Coca-Cola Zero) based on the theme of the Metaverse. Sugar Byte). Coca-Cola said, "'Zero Sugar Byte' is a cola designed to span the digital and physical worlds and integrate popular metaverse elements."

It is reported that the Coke is currently on sale in limited quantities for some Latin American countries, and then it will be sold online in the United States on May 2, and will be available in the Chinese retail market on May 23.

At the same time, in order to promote the new beverage, Coca-Cola cooperated with Epic Games to create a digital island called "Pixel Point" in the popular game "Fortnite". QR code, players can play four immersive interactive challenge mini-games. (Flush) [2022/4/7 14:09:59]

The following figure is an illustration of O3Swap exchanging BNB on BSC for HUSD on MDEX:

To exchange BNB on BSC in Metamask to HUSD on MDEX, the above is a centralized path, which is a relatively common operation process at present, complicated and cumbersome. Traders need to deposit assets to a centralized exchange, perform two transactions through KYC and verification, and finally withdraw them to a decentralized wallet. The following is the O3 Swap route, which provides a one-stop trading experience through aggregators and cross-chain pools, allowing traders to simply exchange multi-chain assets within their wallets.

The person in charge of O3 Swap technology also said that in the next few months, cross-chain and Layer2 will be the rigid needs of the entire industry, so cooperation with some potential L2 projects will be one of O3 Swap's next priorities.

O3 Swap tokens O3, with a total of 1 billion pieces, of which the community, reserves, cooperative institutions, and teams accounted for 45%, 30%, 15%, and 10% respectively.

Distributed in two phases:

35% of O3 is transaction mining rewards to motivate traders and liquidity providers for cross-chain pools.

O3 serves three purposes:

1. Pledge O3 to get the interest distributed by O3 Swap, as well as the transaction discount of Swap.

2. Participate in the community governance of O3 Swap, open governance channels such as community proposals and voting, and jointly maintain the community ecology of O3 Swap with developers.

3. Provide liquidity to major DEXs to generate O3 trading pairs, and use LP for unlocking and mining

On the other hand, O3 Swap will regularly repurchase all transaction fees to O3 and distribute them to O3 pledgers and the development committee in proportion.

In April 2021, O3 Swap announced the completion of US$2 million in financing. Participating institutions include NGC Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, SevenX Ventures, FBG Ventures, Neo Eco Fund, BTC12 Capital, Incuba Alpha Labs, Moonwhale Ventures, Puzzle Ventures, Monetary Fund , AC Capital and many other encryption investment institutions at home and abroad.

The partners and investment institutions listed on the official website are as follows:

On May 7, O3 Swap received another heavyweight institutional investment, announcing the investment from SoftBank Singapore.

In addition, according to Huobi News, Huobi Global's "Global Observation Area" is scheduled to launch O3 (O3Swap) on May 13, 2021.


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Find New|O3 Swap: Multi-chain 1inch+Cross-chain Curve

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

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