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AART and Yongle Culture jointly launched the "Blockchain Digital Art Core Exhibition" which will open on May 29



AART and Yongle Culture jointly launched the "Blockchain Digital Art Core Exhibition" which will officially kick off at Beijing 798 Magic Art Center on May 29. This time, the works of six artists combined surreal artistic creation forms and imaginative creative concepts, focusing on the emotional perception and common connection brought to the audience by encrypted art based on art and blockchain, showing that artists are cast in digital Soul and thought, art and belief above. Curator: Yang Ga, Ph.D., Central Academy of Fine Arts, Encrypted Art Curator, Founder of Unicorn Non-Profit Art Space Exhibition Preface It is generally believed that art stores human memory, and if works are preserved, we can trace history. This is the most reliable physical memory except human genetics. However, the sense of reality of this storage is still lacking, and some memories are still based on hypotheses, because the timeline of memories is occasionally interrupted. In other words, we will be lost in time, which will cause cognitive troubles. Once time is interrupted, memory will be bound. May wish to discriminate and analyze the moment of "overwhelming disturbance", is the reason being oppressed by space? Why did you find that you still couldn't relax after moving away? Flowers bloom and fall, people come and go, is it time to adjust the order of the world, and all things surrender to this most powerful natural limitation. However, human beings are also the most pioneering species, with a strong desire to get rid of the limitations of nature, hoping to make memories eternal by changing time. In the past half a century, we have achieved the connection between people and people, people and things, and things and things in the digital world through the Internet, and we seem to have achieved the transformation of time and space. In the physical world, a whetstone can become a pebble, but the return path of the pebble can only be gravel, which is never reversible. In the digital world, the end and the beginning are a button, and its non-linearity allows it to go back, check and verify constantly. We can meditate on our deceased relatives facing the starry sky, and we can also see them on the Internet. After adding the intelligent algorithm of emotion, we can even talk to each other. At this moment, we have the satisfaction beyond the time limit, and we have found happiness in the virtual world. The Encrypted Art Exhibition jointly produced by MathWallet and Aart landed at the Shanghai Gallery of Art No. 3 on the Bund: According to official news, jointly produced by MathWallet and Aart, and curated by encrypted art curator Yang Ga, "Li Yang's 30-year Encrypted Art Exhibition" was held on June 6 On the 20th, it officially opened at the Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund, Shanghai. This exhibition will exhibit the work "30 Years of Painting Dreams: Dream Online Games·R", which refreshes the NFT auction record of China's encrypted art, and will also exhibit Li Yang's landmark works in the 30 years of painting dreams, including Early physical works and a series of digital dream works created with iPad for more than 10 years. [2021/6/20 23:51:33] Everyone has been able to clearly distinguish between physical time and virtual time, and travel freely, but we still want to get closer. With the help of the epidemic, the physical isolation of the world has accelerated the arrival of the "future". Every week, our mobile phones remind us how much time we spend. But we have not made any dialectical considerations about the relationship between the two times, except for dry eyes. Prognosticators only say that the real world after ultra-high connectivity is being rapidly virtualized, and the virtual world is being rapidly realised. Indeed, we have to remember a lot of digital identities and passwords every day, otherwise we will "crash" in the real world. Worries are still there, but they can't stop the ambition of human beings to obtain eternal memory. We go forward bravely and overcome obstacles. The meaning of breaking through the time limit is to break through the present, the moment. The virtual digital world has changed the physical world's confrontation with time, and virtual time seems to appease human beings, making great contributions to satisfying spiritual needs. But how can a digital work be eternal? We finally understand that the process of storing memory is actually the process of screening art. Intellectually, we are still contemplating the artistry of living, wary of the dramatic shift in control of violence when the world is in turmoil, and getting rid of the horrible practices of some evil corporations that turn us into assets. It can be seen that no matter in the physical world or the virtual world, the creative core that artists have to face has never changed. At the moment, it is quite interesting to discuss change and change. Perhaps the artist is constantly repeating in connecting the past and reality, or it may be connecting the past and reality in constant repetition. If the blockchain disappears, NFT disappears, and encrypted art ceases to exist, artists will still be engaged in creation. This "not necessarily" is full of certainty. Li Yang, a domestic NFT encryption artist, participated in the AART "Not necessarily" NFT encryption art backbone exhibition: May 29 news, the work of Li Yang, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, who broke the record for the first offline NFT encryption art auction in China, will be held in May On the 29th at 15:00, "Not necessarily" NFT encrypted art backbone exhibition exhibited his auction work - "Dream Painting 30 Years: Dream Online Games · R", the exhibition was hosted by the encrypted art platform AART. At that time, many pieces of NFT encrypted art works successfully auctioned at the Paradise NFT encrypted art special auction will also be exhibited at the same time. The exhibition period will be from May 29, 2021 to June 29, 2021. [2021/5/29 22:55:13] In time, the biased language in front of the encryption artist will inevitably disappear after a lot of waves, just like the various assumptions that have appeared before, time will make it lose its limiting meaning. In any form and context, the most important thing is the artist, not the form of the work. For all arts, the meaning is added in the process of communication, rather than instant creation, this kind of "not necessarily" is almost certain. Since encrypted works of art engrave a history that cannot be tampered with, we are storing an eternal memory together. After we are familiar with online life, we will not be unfamiliar, nor will we be surprised by the natural suitability of encrypted art. It has already touched the concept of public appreciation, and there is continuity between works that we are used to. This time, six artists who have been verified in the physical world have integrated the artistic language of the past into a surreal form. With imaginative creations, they have shown their compatibility with encrypted art, and explored the art in a new context. impact and relevance. In the final analysis, encryption art needs a soul and art casted on numbers. Therefore, for the virtual world, for the multi-dimensional space, for the necessary reality, for the shaping of time, and for everything else, we use our works to prove our beliefs. Xin Chou Beijing About Artists Artists: Li Yang Painting Dreams AART Yongle's first offline NFT special auction of encrypted art hits a record high: Beijing time at 17:00 on May 22, the first special NFT in China jointly organized by encrypted art platform AART and Yongle Culture In the offline auction of encrypted artwork, the work "Dream for 30 Years-Dream Online Game R" by Li Yang, an associate professor of CAFA, was hammered at RMB 1.6 million, setting a new record for the transaction of domestic NFT encrypted art works. [2021/5/22 22:32:32] Li Yang was born in 1976 and is currently an associate professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and a Ph.D. at the School of Experimental Art. For more than 30 years since 1990, he has continued to use dreams as an important theme in his paintings and artistic creations, forming a chronological spectacle of individual records of human dream history. Taking this as an opportunity, a series of relevant explorations in psychology, sociology, occultism, science and educational practice were launched. He has held personal art exhibitions in Beijing Long March Space, Shanghai Art Museum, Beijing Unicorn Art Space, and Beijing Space Station Art Center. Participated in a series of important art group exhibitions such as the Chengdu Biennale and the CAFAM Biennale of the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Participated in the production of the main work "Feng Shui of the Venice Biennale" for the China Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennale. His works and interviews have been published in "Art Observation", "New Weekly", "Psychological Monthly", etc. His works are collected by CAFA Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum (now China Art Museum), Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Long March Space and other institutions. "Dream Painting 30 Years-Dream Online Games·R" 59055 pixels X 59055 pixels "Dream Painting 30 Years-Dream Online Games" has 3 works, they are R·Y·B, each is a complete independent work, this exhibition The work "R", 59055 pixels x 59055 pixels, 500cmx500cm, a huge encrypted work, is the earliest completed digital work among the three works. It was created with iPad in the early stage, and later integrated AI and blockchain technology to generate virtual murals and implanted dream algorithms. Let the screen characters and scenes flow and interact. Social media Douban and Weibo have recorded the interaction between artist Li Yang and his dreaming fans over the past ten years. He is the 697th speaker and was also invited to give a speech at Huawei. Artist: Chen Chen Chen NFT encrypted art platform AART offline special auction will start on May 22: According to official news, the NFT offline special auction launched by NFT encrypted art platform AART and Yongle Culture will start on May 22. Including "Dream Painting 30 Years-Dream Online Game" created by Li Yang, an associate professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts. For more than 30 years from 1990 to the present, Mr. Li Yang has taken dreams as an important theme of painting and artistic expression, and formed a chronology of individual records of human dream history; this time the participating works are 5m*5m huge dream records. The starting price of the work is 500,000 RMB. [2021/5/20 22:23:49] Graduated from the Comprehensive Art Department of China Academy of Art in 2010, and was admitted to the General Art Studio of the School of Transmedia in the same year, studying for a master’s degree. In 2013, he graduated from the General Art Studio in 2015. He was admitted to the Philosophy Department of Capital Normal University and studied for a Ph.D. Chen Chenchen's creations are mainly based on conceptual frameworks, covering video, theater, painting, installation, performance and music. The content-zce and presentation methods of each individual project are different, and different parallel worlds are constructed, but they are all in his Under the management of "Poverty Science Fiction", which is the main line of creation, it is a life experiment that originates from primitive fear but faces the future of mankind. In addition, "success" is a thread of his long-term research. "Disc Creatures Series - UFO Hairy Crabs Over New York" (screenshot), 85,548,835   Byte Disc Creatures series belongs to Chen Chenchen's theme of "poverty science fiction", inspired by the fascination with marine life and the aesthetics of the boundless universe worship. Discization is a concrete embodiment of cosmic aesthetics, geometric symmetry, mathematical balance, self-replication, and recursive circulation, reflecting a unique visual atmosphere. The disc biology series discizes various creatures to show their cosmic form, creating a sense of mystery that is both familiar and unfamiliar. Treasurer Investigation Agency丨Aaron Choi: Developers need to understand the risks of building financial software and infrastructure: In this issue of Treasurer Investigation Agency, Aaron Choi, Kava's vice president of global business development, addressed Kava's "DeFi protocol standard compatibility on Ethereum" and other issues. Choi pointed out in his speech: I think all DeFi projects and developers must understand the risks of building brand new financial software and infrastructure. This is a new industry and the safety of user funds must always be a priority. With the development of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, there are a large number of services that developers can use and integrate well. But they also need to understand that the stakes are greater if they don't fully understand the software they're integrating with. [2020/6/11] "Maybe Baby's Game Experience", 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels "Maybe Baby" created by Chen Chenchen in 2012 explores family issues, patriarchy, and self-awareness unique to the Chinese context , fictitious love affairs, gifted violence, reconciliation, and the desire for life that can be called "the artist's Catholicism". The artist collects images of female headshots on the Internet. Synthesize more than 200 "possible babies" with different personalities, different values, and different physiques through AI algorithms and their own avatars. These images are sensational, offensive, and have a false autobiographical nature. These images eventually developed into a production in 2017. The blockchain ecological computer game "Find chenchenchen and Kill Him". In the game, the player intelligently completes the interaction with the babies. Survive in the game through competition, use the classic reduced language and simplified logic of virtual reality, and echo the artist's long-term project "The Grace of Not Killing", and continue to explore the theme of virtual death. The artist pushes the narrative of narcissism to the extreme; players identify and target the image of the artist in the game, which means killing the "source of evil" of "male power". To erase this image is to "give liberation". Artist: Lin Ran Lin Ran, contemporary artist, curator, researcher and creator of new media art. A young teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Xiamen Jimei University, graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Rouen, France, and is a doctoral candidate in the direction of new media art at the School of Humanities, Xiamen University. He used to be the art critic columnist of Artron Art Network, held many solo exhibitions, and participated in the Shanghai Biennale of the Shanghai Power Station of Art, the "Inner Combustion" female art exhibition at the Broad Art Museum in Michigan, USA, and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France Invitational Exhibition of Independent Artists, Short Film Unit of Mediterranean International Film Festival and other large-scale exhibitions in China and abroad. "One Cubic Meter of Trust" In 56 seconds, the trust of 288 people was written into a smart contract to make one cubic meter of trust casting and NFT was generated on Ethereum Bo, Douban, Xiamen local magazines, newspapers, Xiamen Satellite TV, Shanghai Biennale of Shanghai Power Station of Art, Shanghai Pearl Lam Galleries exhibition, Broad Art Museum exhibition and other channels and channels to openly solicit trust gifts from the society. She invites friends from all walks of life to give her a gift that tells her understanding and experience of trust. This trust gift can be anything, and it represents different people's cognition and experience of this term in their hearts. And she also hopes that everyone can re-examine the word "trust" while thinking about what items to take out. Write the trust letters, voices, photos, etc. of 288 people into smart contracts to make "One Cubic Meter of Trust" and cast it on Ethereum to generate NFT works. Artist: Xie Kun was born in China, studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 2003 to 2016, and now works and lives in Beijing, China. His works have been exhibited in the Armory of Venice, the Palace of National Culture of Russia, the National Art Museum of China, the Taimiao, and other art institutions. His works are collected by White Rabbit Art Museum, Hubei Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum and many other institutions and individuals. In 2017, he won the Venice Laguna International Art Award. Won the E.LAND Award in 2014. "Sneak in, have to sneak out" 21,536,614  bytes, this is a small stop-motion animation (screenshot), and the story is the one that repeats itself. "I want to dedicate myself to art, but art doesn't necessarily agree with my specialty" 17,585,197  bytes (screenshot), this is a small stop-motion animation, and the story is the one that repeats.


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AART and Yongle Culture jointly launched the "Blockchain Digital Art Core Exhibition" which will open on May 29

AART and Yongle Culture jointly launched the "Blockchain Digital Art Core Exhibition" which will officially kick off at Beijing 798 Magic Art Center on May 29. This time.

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