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Encountered "V God Tribulation" V God holding a sword and beheading a dog



(picture from the Internet)

V God (Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum) sent a proposal on the Uniswap Governance Forum on the 12th. The proposal is novel in conception and wide-ranging in mind, which has amazed the community. As soon as the news came out, UNI (Uniswap governance token) rose sharply. To put it simply, this proposal includes two points. The first is to suggest that UNI should become an off-chain oracle token, and the second is to suggest that UNI can be used as a governance token for some second-layer infrastructure (such as Optimism?). What does that mean?

Let me talk about the first one first. Oracle, English Oracle, is a proper term in the blockchain field, referring to a system that provides input information for smart contracts on the chain. For example, the smart contract on Ethereum wants to know the stock price of Tesla, which requires an oracle machine to obtain data from the stock trading system and provide it to the smart contract. The most used scenario now is not stocks, but to obtain real-time quotations of cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges. This kind of oracle system whose data source is under the chain is called an oracle under the chain or an oracle outside the chain. A project called ChainLink (LINK) is currently leading the way in this regard. Correspondingly, if the data source of an oracle system is the blockchain itself, the price in Uniswap can be used as a quotation for other applications to use. What many people don't know is that in fact Uniswap does have an oracle module called TWAP, and it is the second most used oracle system after ChainLink. This type of oracle is called an on-chain oracle.

Chengdu Lianan: WienerDogeToken encountered flash loan attack event analysis: According to the security public opinion monitoring data of Chengdu Lianan's "Chain Bing-Blockchain Security Situational Awareness Platform", WienerDogeToken suffered a flash loan attack. The security team of Chengdu Lianan made a brief analysis of this incident, and the analysis results are as follows: The attacker borrowed 2,900 BNB through flash loan, exchanged 5,974,259,851,654 WDOGE tokens from the transaction pair of WDOGE and BNB, and then resold 4,979,446,261,701 tokens The trading pair is transferred. At this time, the attacker calls the skim function again to extract the excess WDOGE tokens in the transaction pair. Due to the deflationary nature of the tokens, 199,177,850,468 tokens were burned while the transaction pair was transferring to the attack address. At this time, the k value of the transaction pair has been destroyed, and the attacker used the remaining WDOGE tokens to successfully swap out 2,978 BNB in the transaction pair, and transferred the 78 BNB that made a profit to the profit address.

In this attack, the attacker took advantage of the deflationary nature of tokens, causing the trading pair to burn a part of the trading pair’s tokens during the skim process, destroying the calculation of the k value. The security team of Chengdu Lianan recommends that it is best to conduct a security audit before the project goes online. When deflationary tokens interact with transaction pairs, try to add transaction pairs to exceptions for handling fees. [2022/4/26 5:11:33]

The first item of Vitalik's proposal is to suggest that Uniswap develop or incubate its own exclusive off-chain oracle, and use UNI as the governance token, equity token or incentive token of this oracle system. On the one hand, after the launch of Uniswap V3, the efficiency of funds has improved, and there is a demand for better off-chain oracle systems (such as programmatic market-making strategies for market makers, etc.); on the other hand, Vitalik believes that ChainLink has some flaws and is not good enough . When the domestic media reported this news, most of them only reported the first article. In fact, the second one is more interesting and has more room for imagination. What does the second clause say? Vitalik said that the first-tier main chain of Ethereum should maintain "minimum governance" (required by decentralization and neutrality), but isn't it actively launching a second-tier expansion plan now, and the second-tier can be more radical in terms of governance . We have said many times before that Uniswap V3 will also be launched on Optimism, the second-layer system of Ethereum, which will greatly improve transaction efficiency and reduce handling fee expenses. This Optimism has not issued coins yet. Do you think it will issue a coin? Vitalik said that perhaps UNI could be considered as a governance token for Layer 2 facilities. Although he mentioned Optimism, he did not directly "require" Optimism to adopt UNI as the governance token, but V God's thinking and meaning are still very clear.

Saudi Aramco in Riyadh hit by drone attack: Saudi Arabia said oil supplies were not affected after a drone attack hit Saudi Aramco in Riyadh. [2021/3/19 19:01:49]

Vitalik mentioned the concept of cryptostate (encrypted country). According to his vision, UNI will go beyond the scope of pure swap protocol governance tokens, and evolve into a comprehensive governance token that comprehensively manages various encryption infrastructures including oracle machines, layer 2, etc. The vision he proposed for UNI goes far beyond the narrow category of "exchange". UNI will leap from the DEX platform currency of the exchange platform currency to another brand-new species, a pass and ownership certificate for a new encrypted world. I have to sincerely admire Vitalik's thought leadership. Grass snake gray line, lying on the ground for thousands of miles. Let's open Liu Jiaolian's March 13th article "Coin Scattered People Gather, Technology for Good" [link] and look at the photo in the title. The photo taken in 2018 shows Karl, the founder of Optimism, Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum, and Hayden, the founder of Uniswap. In 2017, when Hayden was unemployed and at home, Karl, who was working at the Ethereum Foundation at the time, recommended him to learn smart contract programming, and then there was Uniswap today. In the dark, everything is God's will.

News | Electrum wallet has suffered a large-scale DoS attack, which has caused millions of dollars in losses: According to the report of dimension reduction security laboratory (, hackers launched a denial of service (DoS) attack on the well-known wallet Electrum server. Hackers used a botnet of more than 140,000 computers to attack Electrum's nodes and deployed malicious nodes at the same time. When a user connects to these malicious nodes and uses an old version of Electrum to send a transaction, the user will be prompted to update the "backdoor-carrying client". If the user installs this client according to the prompts, the private key will be stolen and all digital assets will be lost. According to Electrum official news, millions of dollars in digital currency have been stolen. Dimensionality Reduction Security Lab hereby recommends users who use the Electrum wallet, please update to the latest version of the client through the official website, and do not use the link in the prompt message to update. [2019/4/9]

God's will. SHIB, which has recently become popular by giving 100% of the token liquidity to Vitalik, encountered a "V god robbery". Just when all kinds of hot money were carnival, the madness became the end. Reality is better than script. To everyone's surprise, God V really did something about SHIB without the "God V will not pull a rug" as claimed by the coin issuer ! This is completely out of script. Blockchain records show:

News | Noble Bank of Puerto Rico may encounter a crisis that may affect the encryption market: According to news from Wall Street, Noble Bank of Puerto Rico is said to be unsustainable, which may affect the encryption market. The bank holds a huge amount of U.S. dollars from Tether, and sources said the bank has approached at least one large USDT holder for cash flow. But the request was denied. In addition, Tether may not be able to protect itself. An executive of a mainstream cryptocurrency trading platform revealed that a counterparty has been trying to sell millions of dollars of USDT recently, but has been unable to find anyone to take the order. [2018/10/1]

From 17:49 (UTC time) to 18:36 (UTC time) on the 12th, God V first withdrew all the SHIB liquidity of Uniswap V2 that was forcibly given to him by the project party, leaving Ethereum and taking SHIB Uniswap V3 to smash the market (because the liquidity pool of V3 was established by the community, V God can't withdraw). After smashing the disk, God V also donated the other 50% SHIB given to him by the project party to a charity fund called "India Coivid-Crypto Relief". Affected by this, SHIB was almost cut in half during the session.

Bitcoin futures returned above the $8,000 mark, ending a two-day losing streak: CME Bitcoin futures BTC May contract closed up $240, an increase of more than 3.04%, at $8,125. Statistics show that on April 6, it traded at $6,630 The U.S. dollar hit the lowest closing record of the main contract. The CBOE Bitcoin futures XBT May contract closed up $255, or about 3.24%, to $8,130. On April 6, it also recorded a record low for the main contract at $6,605. [2018/4/19]

Since the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has achieved extreme decentralization. There are no opinion leaders, only consensus. Ethereum is different. V God is the opinion leader and thought leader of Ethereum, as well as the defender of values. Currency has no value, but the platform has value. This is the very important difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum at the kernel level. Ethereum needs to have values, because an encrypted country is bound to promote good and eliminate evil, advocate civilization, and crack down on thieves. The value of Ethereum, which is inherited and extended, is, in a sense, the value of V God. God V also needs to defend this value through his actions. One chain one world. The value of a chain is "good", and the defenders are "good", and it will eventually build an encrypted world where everyone is equal, free and fair. The value of a chain is not good, it is a hegemonic ideology with impure original intentions and original sin, it is eager for quick success, short-sighted code plagiarism and publicity hype that ignores the hard work of the original creator, although it may succeed for a while, or even very proud, It seems to be singing and dancing, all kinds of prosperity, but such an over-encrypted world will eventually degenerate into a dark world where rituals are broken and music is broken, and robbers are rampant.

Everything is God's best arrangement. The world is not benevolent, and treats everything as a straw dog. Consensus is a true consensus or a pseudo-consensus, which is to be tested and experienced through continuous stress testing. Real gold is not afraid of fire, as for the fake one, it will collapse at the first try. However, history tells us that the uprising and rebellion of the mob without the leadership of the vanguard organization, starting from Chen Sheng and Wu Guang thousands of years ago, has not been able to succeed, and even if it succeeds for a while, it cannot escape the law of historical cycles. The dragon slayer and the evil dragon are, after all, one body with two sides. To break out of the causal loop, it is simply impossible to rely solely on leek riots. In the end, only by having real leaders to organize these grassroots forces and lead them on the right path can we build a beautiful new world that truly creates value.


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Encountered "V God Tribulation" V God holding a sword and beheading a dog

(picture from the Internet) V God (Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum) sent a proposal on the Uniswap Governance Forum on the 12th. The proposal is novel in conception and wide-ranging in mind.

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