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Xcademy: Encryption economy and the cultivation of video bloggers



Video bloggers are currently a popular freelance video. Needless to say, in terms of the popularity of social media today, it is already one of the most popular consumer media, and it has also given birth to a content-zce creation industry such as social video creation. Many people want to become video bloggers, become the next Li Ziran, and become the big V of various social media. According to survey data, becoming a YouTube blogger is currently one of the most attractive career paths in the US and UK. Therefore, many people try to enter this industry, and a lot of video bloggers and video content-zce have emerged. It is not easy to become a professional video blogger. It is not easy to stand out from the crowd among video bloggers. There are many novices who hope to become a big V and have influence, but there is no clear guidance and systematic training on how to get started. In addition, even if someone is very talented in content-zce creation, today's video content-zce is extremely rich. Putting it on a social media platform is like putting a fish into the sea, and it will soon disappear among the fish. How to stand out is a difficult problem. It is not easy for video bloggers to monetize their traffic. After hard work, they have tens of thousands of fans, but how can these traffic be realized, and how can they support long-term content-zce creation through traffic revenue? This is another problem. Xcademy's countermeasures Xcademy is a support platform for content-zce creators. Xcademy is built by some successful content-zce creators. According to Xcademy's information, the number of fans of YouTube bloggers related to its community exceeds 50 million, and the community currently has paid users. Reached 6,000, and there are about 60,000 ordinary users. Xcademy provides YouTube video bloggers with a series of support tools, including marketing tools, educational content-zce from successful YouTubers, incentive reward programs, etc. If that's all, then it is not much different from ordinary YouTube blogger education and training platforms. Its difference lies in the following two aspects: XCarnival announced that it will invest 5,000 ETH in the next two years to build the "Security Star" plan: On July 2, in order to protect the interests of XCarnival users and ecological partners, XCarnival announced the launch of the "Security Star" plan , mainly includes smart contract security and insurance fund. It plans to invest 5,000 ETH continuously within two years to ensure the security of the platform and user assets. In terms of smart contract security, XCarnival said that it has once again strengthened the internal cross-audit mechanism, and introduced a new external audit agency Peck Shield on the basis of cooperation with CertiK, and will soon launch a bug bounty program. In terms of insurance funds, XCarnival will establish XFund, which is mainly for XCarnival itself and its ecological partners, and is expected to invest 5,000 ETH in the next two years. The main functions of the fund are: 1. The fund will be independently operated by XCarnival DAO, and its function is to ensure the security of assets and funds on the XCarnival platform. 2. The fund will be responsible for the compensation liability for the platform's losses caused by non-human factors in extreme situations. After the fund is established, it will first compensate for the unrecovered part (1620 ETH) in the event. 3. When there is a liquidation of loan assets, the fund will handle the assets as the liquidation sponsor according to the actual situation of the assets to ensure the safety of the loan assets. It is reported that the smart contract of XCarenival will also be restarted in about three weeks. On June 26, the attacker exploited the contract vulnerability to attack, causing a direct loss of 3087 ETH on the XCarnival platform. After several rounds of negotiations with the attackers, members of the XCarnival team recovered 1467 ETH in the first installment. [2022/7/2 1:46:07] First, Xcademy not only provides educational training content-zce and resources, but also connects these content-zce creators, some of whom are successful content-zce creators. The average number of fans of this part of users More than 1 million. NFT issuance and trading platform XCAD Network announced the official launch of XCAD DEX v1: On January 1st, NFT issuance and trading platform XCAD Network announced that XCAD DEX v1 was officially launched, supporting other ZRC2 assets, not just fan tokens. [2022/1/1 8:18:43] Second, combined with the encrypted token economy, trying to help YouTube bloggers complete the cold start. For example, viewers and content-zce creators of motivational videos benefit both parties at the same time. If it can be successful, this will make it a more dynamic video blogger development platform. Specifically, how does Xcademy help content-zce creators realize their big V dreams? Provide a platform for content-zce creators to learn and grow On the Xcademy platform, content-zce creators can learn from successful YouTube bloggers. Big Vs provide some video content-zce or text summarizing their own experience. The materials they provide include: video layout templates, how to build scripts, demonstration content, reading materials, general payment plans and quotations, etc. Through such a learning opportunity, compared with other peers, students on Xcademy have the opportunity to evolve faster, because they have the opportunity to directly communicate, interact and learn with these successful well-known bloggers, and even have the opportunity to realize a pair by paying XCAD tokens 1 tutoring and teaching, answering various questions. In addition, Xcademy has an internal community of content-zce creators. It has a private, invite-only community where only Xcademy content-zce creators can join, encouraging collaboration, dialogue, partnerships, separate chat rooms, member forums, and more. In order to promote the evolution of content-zce creators, Xcademy also plans to launch a gamified competition system. Content creators can join various competitions, become winners and receive corresponding rewards according to the popularity of their content. XCarnival, an asset-backed lending platform for content-zce creators, has passed four rounds of audits by CertiK: On October 10, according to the official website of CertiK, XCarnival, an asset-backed lending platform for Metaverse, has passed four rounds of audits by CertiK. After evaluating the underlying code of XCarnival, CertiK proved that XCarnival is safe and can be implemented. This is a nod to the metaverse asset liquidation aggregator open to all users. According to the audit report, all critical errors have been resolved. Specifically, the auditors will focus on testing the ability of XCarnival's smart contracts to remain resilient to attacks, whether the logic of the code is functioning properly according to the requirements of the creator of XCarnival, the uniqueness of the code, and whether it complies with industry best practices. As XCarnival plans to launch the mainnet, release XBroker and Megabox. The core smart contract of XCarnival is proven safe and can be enforced. Certik confirms that XBroker and Megabox codes are safe, and participants will be rewarded for providing liquidity through farming. Meanwhile, NFTs, altcoins, and LP tokens can now be unlocked as collateral for funds. (BTC Peers) [2021/10/10 20:18:33] In addition to learning from various big Vs and communicating with internal peers, Xcademy will also provide various practical tools. These tools point to one goal: How do you make your content-zce stand out from the crowd? This was one of the biggest concerns of early vloggers. Xcademy has automated marketing and promotion software that can create campaigns on social media. Xcademy content-zce creators can use XCAD tokens (Xcademy network tokens) to pay to use these tools and software. The method of use is simple. Content creators only need to enter the URL of their target video or content-zce to promote. These Xcademy market automation software can conduct research on SEO trends, Google AdWords, keywords, tags, etc., and then optimize based on these, such as generating corresponding keywords, tags, etc., so that the content-zce has a greater probability of being discovered and read. recommend. KuCoin (KuCoin) has launched XCAD, and deposits are now open: According to KuCoin (KuCoin) official announcement, KuCoin announced the launch of the XCAD NETWORK (XCAD) project and supports the trading pair XCAD/USDT. At present, the recharge service of XCAD has been opened, and the transaction will be officially opened at 18:00 on the 27th. XCAD Network plans to change the way creators monetize by creating a tokenized economy and marketplace. KuCoin (KuCoin) aims to discover global high-quality blockchain projects, and provides one-stop services such as spot, leverage, contracts, mining pools, and loans for 8 million users from 207 countries. [2021/5/26 22:46:41] In addition, after content-zce creators publish content-zce on Xcademy, their Youtube accounts will be automatically linked and integrated into Xcademy. This kind of video syndication and sharing is also conducive to content-zce discovery . Improve the effective browsing time of content-zce YouTube's algorithm has various variables, including browsing time, click-through rate, number of comments, number of likes, etc. Among them, browsing time has the highest weight. If a video is browsed for a longer time, it has more chances to be recommended and presented to more audiences. Through these variables, its algorithm filters, ranks and decides the probability of recommending content-zce creators to the audience. Such an algorithm will lead to the Matthew effect. At the same time, it is difficult for many new content-zce creators to have the opportunity to be discovered. So, the question now is how to make bloggers' content-zce obtain effective browsing time. This involves one of the most important aspects of the Xcademy ecosystem: the XCAD token mechanism. XCAD is also the token of the Xcademy network, which is the glue in the entire Xcademy ecological operation. This is mentioned below. Provide monetization opportunities for content-zce creators Some content-zce creators have many subscribers, but how to monetize their traffic is also a difficult problem. At present, there are two main methods: one is video advertising, but with the increase of content, the growth rate of the total amount of advertising slows down, and the advertising revenue that can be shared decreases accordingly, or even declines; the other is video content. Brand push, but if it is too frequent, it will arouse the disgust of users. will open the XCAD Network (XCAD) subscription Startup project: According to the official announcement, will open the Startup project XCAD Network (XCAD) subscription channel from 18:00 on May 17th to 10:00 on May 18th. When participating in the subscription, you need to agree that the DAO will be locked for 15 days, and valid orders within 16 hours will be treated equally. After the user locks the position and before 12:00 on May 18th, please make sure that there is no less than the locked amount of DAO in the spot trading account and enough USDG payment amount, and the insufficient amount of DAO locked will be automatically excluded from the valid order , The lack of USDG needs to be made up afterwards. Please note that each real-name user can only participate in the lockup once. [2021/5/12 21:53:16] (Income for content-zce creators, source: Xcademy data) From the statistics in the above figure, it is not easy for YouTube bloggers with tens of thousands of fans to achieve higher income. There is also a contradiction here. If you want to make higher-quality videos, it means more time, even full-time time. And full-time means that the income must be sufficient to support basic expenses. If you do it as an amateur, it often means that you can't stand out. Xcademy has launched a third monetization method, which is to tokenize video bloggers, so that video bloggers have the opportunity to realize monetization. This will be mentioned below. XCAD is the glue of the Xcademy ecology. In the Xcademy ecology, there are educational content, promotion tools, and big V tutoring. However, if its ecology is to continue, the most important point of leverage is its XCAD token mechanism. It can be said that XCAD is the glue of Xcademy ecology and plays an important role in the development of its video bloggers. (Xcademy's video blogger development and XCAD, source: Xcademy) In the Xcademy ecosystem, XCAD is a network token. It acts as a basic incentive in the Xcademy platform. In addition, it also has a governance token function that allows holders to participate in the governance of the Xcademy network. What is the use of XCAD tokens? XCAD tokens can be used to pay membership fees on the Xcademy platform, to pay for various tools or services using the Xcademy platform, to purchase tutoring services from big V on the Xcademy platform, to pay for marketing activities, etc. In addition, XCAD is also the only medium used to purchase video blogger tokens in the early days. In other words, if the Xcademy platform develops faster, the more paid members it has, and the more its tools and services are used, the greater the demand for XCAD will be. This is also the source of support for the long-term value of XCAD. Of course, if the ecology is not developed, its value source support will also be weak. So, how did XCAD get it? The acquisition of XCAD itself is closely related to the above-mentioned community behaviors such as improving the effective viewing time of videos, promoting the interaction between big Vs and students, and promoting tool and service upgrades. Through the tokenization and gamification of the Xcademy platform, content-zce creators can be incentivized to support each other. And these behaviors can be measured by XCAD tokens. In the Xcademy ecosystem, content-zce creators and Xcademy students do not need to use cash to obtain market tools or services on the platform. This can reduce costs for content-zce creators. They can be paid with XCAD tokens, which can be obtained through various internal incentive programs. One of them is to support the videos of other content-zce creators, you can watch the videos of other bloggers, and browse for a long enough time (80% and above, which is also obtained according to YouTube's algorithm). The videos in the Xcademy video sharing area are all videos played on Youtube. Content creators who browse or comment on YouTube videos of other creators on the Xcademy platform have the opportunity to get rewards of XCAD tokens. And these browsing and other interactive behaviors are conducive to being recommended by the algorithm behind YouTube, thus forming a positive cycle. Therefore, in a sense, Xcademy also has the function of cold start of Youtube video. After completing the initial cold start, some high-quality content-zce can easily get more attention. If users interact directly with content-zce creators’ content-zce on social media platforms, rather than through the Xcademy platform, users will receive token incentives related to content-zce creators (this will be mentioned below), instead of XCAD tokens..


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