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Talking about the market strategy of the public chain: the ultimate goal should be large-scale adoption by developers



The public chain needs to compromise to adapt to the public, bravely enter new markets and drive more innovation and business models.

With the development of the industry, public chain technology and application models have developed a number of different routes. Based on these routes, a new public chain main network will be launched almost every few weeks, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. At present, the market strategies of most public chains are relatively similar, such as regular organized various official groups, online AMA, offline salons, conference speeches, development of regional ambassadors, cooperative media and KOL publications, Hackathon, Grants and direct targeted solicitation Mature developers of other public chains.

There are two main types of markets for such a combination boxing, the blockchain enthusiast (investor) community and the blockchain developer community. These two communities have an important influence on maintaining and increasing consensus and corresponding secondary market prices. But there is also a problem. These community members have long been familiar with and participated in the blockchain world. Such a market strategy has little ability to penetrate blockchain applications to users outside the circle. Everyone is playing games in a limited and slowly growing stock market. Thus formed.

Intel: High-end discrete graphics cards will be available this summer and will compete with Nvidia and AMD in an all-round way: News on June 15th, Intel launched its first graphics card product Ruixuan A380 for the desktop market on June 15th, with a suggested retail price of 1030 yuan, in the Chinese market starter. According to the naming rules, the A380 belongs to the 3 series of Intel's "Ruixuan" series of graphics cards, targeting the entry-level market, and is manufactured using TSMC's N6 process technology. In the follow-up product release, Intel also mentioned that higher-end discrete graphics cards will be available this summer, when Intel will compete with Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market. (Golden Ten) [2022/6/15 4:28:25]

The core of the value of the public chain serves as the underlying platform to provide basic support for blockchain applications. As a product, the core goal of market entry is to achieve product adoption through a combination of product design, technology, marketing, channels, and support.

Marketing should be one of the tactics to achieve market adoption, but what has been observed so far is that many teams focus on investor marketing, trying to expand the relationship between investors and potential investors through various combinations. Recognition. The fact that only a small fraction of the effort is actually devoted to market adoption is clearly problematic.

US Democrats: Workers and economy must be protected from cryptocurrency abuse: On March 17, US Democrats said workers and the economy must be protected from cryptocurrency abuse. (Golden Ten) [2022/3/17 14:03:15]

To achieve product adoption, the first step is to identify the market audience. The underlying products such as public chains are really aimed at developers. Developer is a very broad concept. Individual developers, entrepreneurial development teams, open source project communities, internal development teams of institutions, and various large, medium and small ISVs (Independent Software Venders) serving third parties are all developers. There is no strict boundary between them, and with different stages of development, identities can often be converted to each other.

Well-known by the public are some excellent individual developers or entrepreneurial teams, who have developed a large number of products for individual users and are well-known to the public. But in the entire field of application development, the market for enterprise-level applications is far larger than that for consumer-oriented applications. These applications are ubiquitous and support the normal operation of this information-based world. For example: when walking into the subway in the morning, the security inspection system, gate system, intelligent security system, subway signal system, etc. are jointly ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation. Get out of the subway and go to a convenience store to buy breakfast. The products are dispatched at night by the big data system and inventory management system behind it according to the demand. The cash register system developed by a third party is used for checkout. Walk into the office building, press the elevator, and the elevator management system behind it is efficiently managing the elevator requests in the morning peak. And behind these countless business systems are the business development teams within the enterprise or various third-party developers, who are the silent majority in the application development community.

On-chain analyst: The total open interest of BTC futures in the past 24 hours is 4.423 billion US dollars: According to news on December 4, Dylan LeClair, co-founder of 21st and on-chain analyst, tweeted that in the past 24 hours, BTC futures Total open interest was $4.423 billion. [2021/12/4 12:50:55]

But in the world of public chains, enterprise-level application developers are missing, which is obviously problematic.

The world of Crypto is full of charm, but it is also full of obscure concepts for ordinary people. What is a private key? What is Wallet.dat? What is a mobile light wallet? Why can't the mnemonic be recovered if it is lost? Why does the BTC address change every time a payment is received? What about the address of the exchange? What is the contract address? Why can the coins be transferred away by the authorized contract in the wallet? Why do you have to pay 100 miners fees to draw a card?

Data: The number of USDT receiving addresses fell to a one-month low: On December 1, according to Glassnode data, the number of USDT receiving addresses (7d MA) reached a one-month low, falling to 3,135.869. The previous November low of 3,136.113 was observed on November 24, 2021. [2021/12/1 12:43:55]

Despite the various thresholds, some people still learn to use wallets, use cryptocurrencies, and then learn more complex operations such as smart contracts. In other words, Crypto used his charm to adapt a small number of people to him and learn to survive in the world of Crypto.

But Coinbase alone already has tens of millions of real registered users. The real number of users behind all exchanges in the world may approach the level of 100 million. There may be only a few tenths of them who will use their own wallets to manage assets. It is also possible that less than one in a thousand can learn complex operations such as smart contracts. Even among those who have already been exposed to cryptocurrencies, there are very few people who have really learned to live on the chain proficiently. This is a question of market size, but also a question of model.

The reason why the Internet industry can grow to today's scale is not because it has finally taught everyone what TCPIP is and how to use telnet to play BBS and mud through long development, but because the industry has reduced the threshold for understanding and operating the Internet to almost zero through development. The lowering of the threshold has in turn attracted a large number of users, making more innovations and business models possible. Similarly, Crypto needs to compromise to adapt to the public, bravely enter new markets and drive more innovation and business models.

As the user's interactive entrance, the wallet has been evolving in the past. From the full-node wallet installed on the PC to the mobile phone SPV light wallet, to the multi-chain wallet and the smart contract wallet of different modes, the wallet is trying to lower the threshold to adapt to the public , but that doesn't seem to be enough. The public chain needs to lower the threshold and cost of use like other infrastructure, and then penetrate into the larger enterprise market, allowing them to integrate the blockchain into business scenarios and be as transparent as possible to users.

This is the story that various alliance chains (permission chains) are telling, but they are not doing well. This story is by no means limited to alliance chains. The alliance chain is not without value, but the public chain is the end. Just like local area networks are also useful in many scenarios, but the open Internet is the sea of stars.

It is undeniable that there are huge difficulties in the adoption of public chains by enterprises. There are countless tasks to be done on product features, price models, compliance, and channels, and there are almost no precedents to refer to. But these difficulties need to be overcome after all. Pushing open the door is a new world.

The market expansion of the public chain should be based on the large-scale adoption of developers as the ultimate goal. Investor consensus should come from the value capture brought about by product adoption, not the false prosperity brought about by market activities or the confidence of the team to continue to draw big pies. Relying on these maintenance prices will gradually become history in the blockchain industry.

With its unique charm, Crypto has conquered some users and made them adapt to this new world with difficulty. Now it’s time for the crypto world to make some changes to suit the masses.

The public chain should be brave enough to explore the enterprise market, it is difficult but worth it.


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Talking about the market strategy of the public chain: the ultimate goal should be large-scale adoption by developers

The public chain needs to compromise to adapt to the public, bravely enter new markets and drive more innovation and business models.With the development of the industry.

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