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Visor builds for UNI V3 and provides NFT vault service



The UNI V3 version was released on May 5, and the market still has a lot of expectations for the launch of V3.

The core contents of UNI  V3 include: aggregated liquidity with granular control, multi-level rates, range orders, historical oracles and software license protection

In general, the focus of V3 is to improve capital efficiency, all service capital efficiency, turning homogenized LP into non-homogeneous NFT LP, which becomes irreplaceable liquidity.

So the question is, in the DeFi ecosystem, LPs in DEX can participate in various mining. Now that LPs have become NFT LPs, how to mine next?

Today I would like to introduce Visor, a project developed based on UNI V3, which provides a variety of NFT LP mining methods. It may be able to play to a new height, and everything will be tested by the market.

Parvis, a blockchain real estate investment platform, completed a $2.6 million seed round of financing: Jinse Finance reported that Parvis Invest, a Canadian blockchain real estate investment platform, announced the completion of a $2.6 million seed round of financing, led by Gravitas Securities. The blockchain technology platform and market provided by Parvis allow investors to pursue real estate assets and obtain liquidity through the secondary market. Liquidity and diversification to hedge against inflationary pressures. (finledger) [2022/6/3 4:00:06]

Real Vision CEO: Ethereum will eventually surpass Bitcoin: On December 30th, Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal said in an interview that he believes that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin and become the leading cryptocurrency in the market. He further explained that both BTC and ETH benefit from Metcalfe’s Law. Metcalfe's Law states that the value of any network is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network. "In addition, due to the large amount of ETH being burned, ETH pledges also lead to a reduction in supply, thereby significantly increasing demand. These are the reasons why Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by four times." (crypto daily) [2021/12/31 8:15:29]

LP positions in V3 contain more custom inputs, such as pooled liquidity, range orders, and flexible fees, so all variables must be contained in a single non-fungible token (NFT).

Vishal: Alpha5 quickly matches, and the depth of aggregation provides professional products and liquidity for risk hedging: At 20:00 on February 26, Alpha5 CEO Vishal visited the MXC Matcha community to express his views on Alpha5.

Vishal said: "Alpha5 is a one-stop encrypted asset derivatives trading platform, drawing on the Chicago Futures Commodity Exchange [implied order], which can help users find the arbitrage space between different products according to the price difference of the futures price curve. Quick matching, aggregation depth Provide professional products and liquidity for risk hedging, aiming to become a Chicago exchange in the field of cryptocurrency, providing a trading platform for institutions and traders."

Alpha5 (A5T) will log in to MXC Matcha M-Day at 9:00 on March 1, and start the lottery registration. You can get the lottery qualification by trading mainstream currencies and holding positions in USDT. [2021/2/26 17:57:21]

Uniswap explained that they expect the strategy to eventually be tokenized.

Bitcoin Advisory Founder Calls to Stop U.S. Government from Auctioning $1.6 Billion in Confiscated Bitcoin: On December 18, Bitcoin Advisory founder Pierre Rochard called on lawmakers to prevent the auction of confiscated Bitcoin worth more than $1.6 billion , and recommends that these bitcoins be placed in a strategic bitcoin reserve. In a blog post published Dec. 16, Rochard raised alarm over the auction of 69,370 bitcoins confiscated by the IRS in November from a so-called Darknet Silk Road hacker, noting that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has Civil suit for forfeiture of bitcoins. Rochard emphasized the "urgent" need to update the legislation, saying he expects the US Marshals Service to win forfeiture cases and auction bitcoin "within the next six months." "We need to pass this law as soon as possible so we can stop auctions," he said. Past auctions of more than 144,000 bitcoins in 2014 and 2015 yielded only $122 million, while those crypto assets would fetch more than $3.32 billion today, Rochard said. (Cointelegraph) [2020/12/18 15:40:07]

Over time, we expect to tokenize increasingly complex strategies that allow LPs to participate while maintaining a passive user experience. This could include multiple locations, automatic rebalancing to focus on market prices, fee reinvestment, lending, etc.

In order to provide these capabilities to V3 LP, specific NFT peripheral contracts need to be wrapped around the LP NFT.

Anyone can create a peripheral contract that wraps a single liquidity position (including charged fees) in an ERC-721 non-fungible token.

For V3's NFT LP, Visor gave his solution.

Visor.Finance is an NFT smart vault developed for liquidity mining, because the next generation of liquidity mining will be the introduction of NFT Smart Vault into decentralized finance.

Simply put, V3 has produced NFT LP, and Visor's goal is to make NFT LP playable. Of course, there are still many projects based on NFT LP for secondary development and new gameplay, which will be introduced later.

Visor gives three ways to play NFT LP, which are as follows:

LP Incentive

In May 2020, Ampleforth was one of the first projects to utilize these LP tokens in its bounty program. Ampleforth distributes a portion of tokens to participants who provide liquidity on Uniswap and then deposit their respective LP tokens in a rewards contract they call “geyser.”

Since then, the model has been adopted and redesigned hundreds of times and established some kind of standard in DeFi of how liquidity seekers incentivize liquidity providers.

Visor continues this method. Of course, this method is familiar to everyone, but LP has changed from ERC20 to ERC721. <mpcpc js_editor_cpcad=""  src="/cgi-bin/readtemplate?t=tmpl/cpc_tmpl#1618964360595" 11|16|17|22|24|26|27|28|29|3| 31|32|35|36|37|39|41|42|43|45|46|47|48|49|5|50|51|52|53|54|55|6|7|8" >

LP Timelock

Providing a large amount of liquidity on Uniswap, NFT LPs can be time-locked so that participants know that these liquidity cannot be eliminated unless they are specified.

At the same time, you can also set the weight of the NFT duration. Simply put, the longer the time to participate in liquidity mining without exiting, the greater the reward. This has been used in Ampleforth for over a year now.

LP Mortgage Loan

MakerDAO passed a governance proposal that would allow certain LP tokens to be accepted as collateral to mint its stablecoin, Dai. This will allow borrowers to deposit LP tokens as collateral in the protocol to obtain loans.

Here are the simple basic functions. Players can use these basic functions to combine NFT LP mining methods according to their needs.

It is foreseeable that after the release of V3 in the future, more mining methods will be combined to encourage more players who are really optimistic about the project and provide long-term liquidity. As a user, you also need to welcome the next new gameplay.

For the operating logic of Visor, I will share it in the next article.





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Visor builds for UNI V3 and provides NFT vault service

The UNI V3 version was released on May 5, and the market still has a lot of expectations for the launch of V3.The core contents of UNI  V3 include: aggregated liquidity with granular control, multi-level rates.

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