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Exclusive launch | VISOR: What is the next generation of NFT liquidity mining.



With the imminent upgrade of Uniswap V3, the liquidity mining market around NFT has become active, and some keen developers have begun to focus on research on new liquidity mining methods around LP NFT. VISOR proposes a solution, how to define the liquidity mining of LP NFT, and what kind of problems it will solve, we will learn through this video.

Exclusive | The sharp drop in the number of new contracts this week may be related to the drop in the price of ETH: The latest data from the third-party big data rating agency RatingToken shows that as of August 11, 2018, the average number of new contract addresses this week was 981, a decrease of 512 from last week. The drop reached 34.29%; 230 of them were token smart contracts, a decrease of 78 from last week, a drop of 25.32%. RatingToken experts pointed out that there are two reasons for the recent decrease in new contracts: one is that the popularity of Fomo3D games has weakened, and the issuance of counterfeit contracts has decreased; the other is that the rate of issuance of token contracts has dropped sharply, which is most likely related to the recent drop in ETH prices.

In addition, the contracts that entered the TOP10 new contract risk list yesterday include FOMO Test (Test), CAE4D (CAE4D), NurveRhinoSale, KE (Qianxun Coin), BYL (BYL), ZWC (ZWC), Boss (Boss), Ferm Real Mining Coin (FRMC), Reiki Coin (REI), and DIECI (DCI). If you want to see more smart contract detection results, please check the original link. [2018/8/12]

This issue is jointly launched by Jinse Finance and Bitouq, produced by the columnist Chen Mo, and authorized by Jinse Finance to publish exclusively. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

Exclusive | Suspected major transaction loopholes in the OmiseGOGold contract: According to the latest data from RatingToken, a third-party big data rating agency, on July 30, 2018, a total of 1,362 new contract addresses were added worldwide, of which 371 were token smart contracts. OmiseGOGold with a smart contract score of 3.48 has 9 risks. The official website of OmiseGOGold shows that OmiseGOGold has been opened for purchase on July 30, 2018, and it is also promoting its airdrop activity on medium. The RatingToken security team found a transaction loophole in the contract through offensive and defensive audits: When the contract owner changes the exchange rate to a certain percentage, when the user uses ETH to buy OMGG tokens, if there is a decimal in the purchase amount (such as 0.5 OMGG tokens), the purchase gold ETH will be deducted in full, but users will not get a full amount of OMGG tokens; when users buy normally, it may trigger the hidden danger of token issuance exceeding the total circulation. The RatingToken security team has contacted the project party and notified the vulnerability information, but has not yet received a reply. RatingToken reminds everyone that if you want to purchase such a project with contract loopholes, you should be cautious. If you want to see more smart contract detection results, please check the original link. [2018/8/1]

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Exclusive | It is reported on the Internet that Xinjiang clears out "mining" enterprises that use electricity illegally: According to the Internet, the Economic and Information Technology Commission of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region recently issued the "Notice on the Clearance of "Mining" Enterprises that Use Illegal Electricity." The notice requires that the main body responsible for the removal of illegal electricity "mining" enterprises is the power generation company, and the removal of illegal electricity "mining" enterprises will be completed before August 30, 2018. The scope of clearance is: 1. Illegal use of electricity "mining" enterprises that have not gone through the formalities of business registration, tax registration, social insurance and five insurances in accordance with national laws and regulations; 2. Illegal use of electricity that has not signed an electricity use contract with the local power supply company "Mining" companies. Golden Finance will continue to pay attention. [2018/7/21]

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Exclusive launch | VISOR: What is the next generation of NFT liquidity mining.

With the imminent upgrade of Uniswap V3, the liquidity mining market around NFT has become active.

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