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The Layer2 track is worth looking forward to: Metis



With the start of the DeFi boom in the second half of last year, the Ethereum Gas fee remained high. The gas fee of tens of U, or even hundreds of U for a transaction makes many people feel overwhelmed. The high gas fee has become a barrier for ordinary people, and DeFi has gradually become a game for big players.

Metis provides a new layer-2 protocol with high scalability, high performance and low cost. Metis usage scenarios: decentralized chat tools, decentralized Weibo, and some Internet applications can build decentralized versions here. Although Metis was born for cross-domain collaboration, its core is sufficient to support most scenarios that require decentralization—and this is exactly the vision of Web 3.

The Layer 2 interoperability protocol Connext and the cross-chain protocol Nomad will deploy a cross-chain bridge in the Cosmos ecological chain Evmos: On February 15th, the Cosmos ecological chain Evmos announced that the Layer 2 interoperability protocol Connext and the cross-chain protocol Nomad will integrate the two Cross-chain deployment to Evmos. With Nomad and Connext, institutions and users will be able to transact and call data between the Ethereum and Evmos ecosystems, and this deployment will allow ERC-20 tokens for Ethereum and other EVM chains to be available on Evmo, which can then be accessed through IBC is available throughout the Cosmos ecosystem. [2022/2/15 9:52:47]

Since these DApps are built on the DAC organizational framework, community members can exert their strengths, participate in the value generation activities of the project under a unified set of management rules, contribute and receive token incentives.

Layer 2 Interoperability Protocol Connext Launches Ecosystem Grant Program: On November 10th, the Ethereum Layer 2 interoperability protocol Connext announced the launch of the Connext Ecosystem Grant Program. It is currently accepting the first batch of project applications, and the funding object is the core network Projects or ideas for development and tools, existing or new applications, community and education integrating Connext's SDK or other infrastructure into the ecosystem. Separately, Connext said that over the past few weeks the team has begun to decentralize Connext's operations, tools, and ecosystem. [2021/11/10 6:44:08]

DAC is a subset of DAO. It focuses more on cross-domain collaboration than DAO. It allows organizations to achieve operation and governance through blockchain tools without third-party intervention, and maximize the value of organizational functions and utility. change. the

After the development of Bancor v3 is completed, it will be deployed to Layer 2: Bancor officially released a summary of the community meeting, which mentioned the progress of Bancor v3. Currently, the Bancor development team is developing Bancor v3 on the Ethereum Layer1 network, and once the development is completed, it will be quickly deployed to Layer2. [2021/5/31 22:57:56]

Investment Institution

At present, several rounds of financing have been carried out, and many of them are well-known institutional investors.

Alpha test is in full swing, test address:;

Judging from the official community, the number of people currently participating is relatively large. Although the project party has not clearly stated that there will be airdrop rewards. However, in view of previous experience, the more such unspecified airdrop projects are often more valuable. Especially this kind of unlisted projects.

The market size of AaveLayer2 version (Polygon) has exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars: On April 26, according to the data of the decentralized lending platform Aave, the market size of Aave's Layer2 version on the Polygon (formerly Matic) network has exceeded 1.2 billion, and the current total size 1,230,312,335.09 US dollars, more than 72,000 people have participated in this version of lending.

As previously reported, Aave launched the Layer 2 version on the Polygon network in early April. [2021/4/26 21:00:21]

A few airdrop examples:

1) Uniswap has not indicated that there will be an airdrop at the beginning, it is entirely based on the experience and use of old users. Surprises often come from accidents, and this is how the airdrop worth 100,000 was blown by the strong wind;

2) The EPNS project, which claims to be worth 3000U in the past few days, has an airdrop worth 3900U for addresses that have been followed and tested within the time specified by the project party. Sure enough, money is not made by making money, but by strong winds.

3) Including the 1inch project, active-zce users who have participated in previous transactions have an airdrop worth 1000U.

There are many cases of airdrops of such high-profile and popular projects. There is no sign before the airdrop, the more this type of project is worth participating in and looking forward to.

The previous article also provided a metis operation tutorial, and you can do a lot of operations according to the operation tutorial. Try a lot of various operations, and the operation process may be recorded as the airdrop standard. If you don't understand, you can join the official community to communicate.

Let’s guess here: the establishment of a DAC is very important, and it may be used as a criterion for judging airdrops. In addition, such as posting tasks, publishing knowledge items, joining other people’s DACs, receiving tasks, completing the entry of knowledge items, etc. In-depth interaction behaviors should be more points. , Another key is to submit the encountered bugs to the project side through the page during the testing process. Of course, it is safer to operate every place in place.

The author himself tested this application on Metis Layer 2. The transaction speed is still very fast, and it feels like an Internet application experience. If all blockchain applications in the future can achieve this level of experience, the blockchain will be accepted by the mainstream society. Acceptance will not be a problem at all.

Happy testing everyone here.

To learn more, you can join the official website channel below:

Official Assistant WX: D824164539

Official website:



Demonstration application of Alpha testnet:


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There is a strong community attribute in the encryption field. This is related to the fact that the encryption field is a complex field, which is related to many factors such as cryptography, computers, token economy.

Algorand's latest governance mechanism and follow-up trend analysis are quick to understand and streamlined.

We call all rewarded 3.2 billion Algo Algorand Ecological Resource Pool (AERP).The new governance system will be deployed in two phases.Initial Phase: Starting in Q4 2021.

The Layer2 track is worth looking forward to: Metis

With the start of the DeFi boom in the second half of last year, the Ethereum Gas fee remained high. The gas fee of tens of U.

Seriously who will be the next Coinbase/Binance?

A few hours later, Coinbase is about to land on Nasdaq. As the first cryptocurrency stock in the true sense, the listing of Coinbase is highly anticipated inside and outside the industry.

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The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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