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BONDLY has reached a cooperation with Serouno Group to launch Liga MX official NFT in 2021



As one of the world's major football leagues with over 100 million fans, Liga MX aims to be an innovative leader in fan engagement and digital merchandising strategies. To this end, they have partnered with Serouno Group to create a new official fan engagement app (launching in July 2021) and digital products. Now, Bondly has also announced an exclusive partnership with Serouno Group to launch the first-ever set of Liga MX non-fungible tokens (NFT), and also enter the digital collectibles market in 2021.

Serouno Group's upcoming official Liga MX fan interaction application, Fan Zone, will bring users a complete, fan-oriented experience. The new Official Liga MX Fan Zone is an easily accessible interactive distribution platform for fans to promote and distribute match commentary, highlight videos, podcasts and other upcoming content-zce formats. In essence, it is also a dedicated ecosystem led by fans and built for fans.

Blockchain startup Flowcarbon launches carbon offset NFT project Flow3rs: Jinse Finance reports that Flowcarbon, a blockchain startup founded by WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, will launch a non-profit project that will use most of its proceeds to purchase carbon compensate. Dubbed Flow3rs, the project will feature the work of well-known NFT artists, including Creature Worlds' Danny Cole, Olive Allen, and Andre Oshea, among others. A total of 200 NFTs will be sold, with 75% of the proceeds going to purchase carbon offset credits, with the remaining funds going to artists and service providers.

Flowcarbon previously raised $70 million, led by cryptocurrency-focused venture firm a16z. The company tokenizes carbon credits using a blockchain-based tool. (the block)[2022/11/9 12:34:27]

BONDLY, a leading digital e-commerce and NFT trading market platform, will use its proprietary technology ecosystem to support Liga MX's Fan Zone  Great utility and value.

Ribbon Finance completed $8.75 million in Series B financing, led by Paradigm: Golden Finance News, Ribbon Finance completed $8.75 million in Series B financing, led by Paradigm. Ribbon launched the ApeCoin ($APE) call option vault earlier today. Previously, RibbonFinance completed a US$6 million Series A financing in August last year, led by Dragonfly Capital. [2022/3/22 14:11:30]

New York (USA) and Mexico City (Mexico), April 7, 2021 Liga MX's official digital fan engagement platform has joined the exciting world of NFTs with licensee Serouno Group, and has partnered with the world's leading NFT solution to provide BONDLY has teamed up to push the boundaries of fan engagement and collectibles in sports. Liga MX has more than 100 million enthusiastic fans around the world, and is eager to establish a closer and deeper connection with their favorite teams and players. BONDLY can provide reliable technical and marketing solutions, and through NFT design and fan participation Innovative approaches make it a reality.

Bondly and Cardano reached a cooperation to build an official NFT bridge: On October 21st, NFT solution provider Bondly and Cardano blockchain developer IO Global reached a cooperation to create an official cross-chain "bridge" to connect Cardano and Ethereum The Fang network, expected to launch in early 2022, enables NFT creators to easily transfer their NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain to Cardano. [2021/10/21 20:46:40]

As the highest level football league system in Mexico, Liga MX managed by the Mexican Football Federation was established in 1943. It includes 18 clubs and is currently planning to add 2 more teams. In addition, Liga MX is also considered to be the strongest football league in North America, and one of the strongest football leagues in Latin America. Liga MX has a large and passionate fan base, second only to the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League and The Spanish La Liga is the fourth largest football league in the world.

News | Luxury online trading platform Reebonz cooperates with VeChain to digitally authenticate products: Reebonz, an online luxury trading platform in Southeast Asia, announced that it will use VeChain’s traceability solution to digitally authenticate its products. Samuel Lim, CEO and co-founder of Reebonz, said: "We want to use the most advanced technology and innovative measures to provide luxury goods in Asia with first-of-its-kind tracking and authentication tools." (News Logical) [2/3/2020]

Serouno Group is responsible for the development of Liga MX's upcoming digital fan interaction platform, aiming to provide NFT with the most cutting-edge fan interaction experience. The Liga MX NFT will be used in the digital world to provide fans with additional privileges and interactive experiences. Liga MX NFT will be released through the online trading platform supported by BONDLY, and the launch event will be actively participated by a large number of Liga MX fans. An official release date is expected to be revealed in the near future, at which time more details will be provided.

BONDLY is currently at the forefront of the NFT technology field. They not only created NFT, but also have their own NFT online trading platform. At the same time, they also launched the exclusive trustless NFT exchange protocol BOND SWAP. As a leader in the NFT industry, BONDLY continues to promote the development of NFT in industries such as sports, music and games. Recently, Bondly helped artists release an NFT music album, which sold out during the pre-sale period; Bondly also launched an unreleased music platinum album NFT for music artists, and released the most successful game integration NFT combining physical goods and digital goods.

Xavier Canton, CEO of Serouno Group, said: "I am particularly excited about the future of fan engagement and particularly eager to leverage the emerging digital world to drive fan appreciation and engagement. Serouno Grou aims to build long-term digital fans for Liga MX Interactive solutions. We know BONDLY is an industry-leading provider of NFT solutions to help us realize our vision.”

Jack Flaherty, CEO of BONDLY's sports business, said: "We are very happy and proud to partner with Serouno Group to introduce NFTs to Liga MX and its fans. They have a pivotal position in the field of sports. I believe we are changing the world of sports fans Participation methods, thereby arousing greater market interest and market attention."

The release of Liga MX NFT will coincide with the start of the "21/22" season, so please pay close attention to the release time of NFT on the BONDLY online platform.

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BONDLY has reached a cooperation with Serouno Group to launch Liga MX official NFT in 2021

As one of the world's major football leagues with over 100 million fans, Liga MX aims to be an innovative leader in fan engagement and digital merchandising strategies. To this end.

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