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Two hundred times a year of Dogecoin and the "mysterious billionaire" behind it



The magic of the bull market is that you look at those wine and vegetables chasing the quilt, and you still feel a little gloating. I didn’t expect that people’s income will be ten times in two months [laughing and crying].

Hello everyone, I'm Pepe, a member of the melon eating group. No matter how busy I feel on Monday, I have to mention a few words about the most beautiful boy in our currency circle-doge coin.

For most of the old wine dishes, it can be said that there are many people who want to lose Bitcoin back then, but there are not many people who don’t have six or seven-figure dogs in their hands, but no one thought that this kind of money was originally just for fun and entertainment. As of April 19, 2021, the market value of the gadget has reached 53.1 billion US dollars. If it is less than 1 times higher, it will surpass the world's largest bnb, and if it is 5 times higher, it will surpass the level of human civilization and innovate Ethereum.

Data: In the past year, Bitcoin investors have realized a total loss of US$213 billion: Jinse Finance reported that according to Glassnode data, in the past 365 days, the total realized loss confirmed by Bitcoin investors was US$213 billion. This compares to $455 billion in profits realized during the 2020-2021 bull market, reflecting a relative capital loss of about 47% for bull market gains, similar in size to the 2018 cycle. [2022/12/8 21:31:02]

The market chart is already very exaggerated, and it perfectly interprets what a flying dog is. The recent rise has been influenced by the fomo sentiment caused by Musk’s suspicion of “calling orders to bring goods”. Including the beginning of the wave in February, there have been various rumors overseas that Musk holds a large number of doge positions. In addition, I don’t know where it came from. It has been reported that April 20th is the anniversary of the dog, and a large number of leeks launched a regular investment activity to buy 4.2 US dollars or 420 dogs every day. You can find the topic by searching #dogecoin420 on overseas social platforms.

BTC fell below the $4,000 mark, hitting a new low in a year: According to data from Huobi Global, BTC continued to fall, falling below the $4,000 mark, and is now at $3,999, a 35% drop within a day. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2020/3/13]

However, many of these external factors may also be appearances. The reason why doge can achieve the highest performance of 100 times this year may also be due to the hoarding of some mysterious bigwigs.

The address at the top of the doge rich list holds 28.43% of the current total, worth 15 billion US dollars according to today's market value.

Dynamics | In the past year, South Korea’s Dunamu and its venture capital companies have invested about 55 billion won in 26 blockchain startups: According to news1, on May 15, Dunamu, the operator of the cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, announced that in the past 1 In the middle of the year, he and Dunamu & Partners (a venture capital subsidiary of Dunamu) invested a total of about 55 billion won (about 318 million yuan) in 26 blockchain financial technology innovation companies. It is reported that in March 2018, Dunamu announced that in order to develop the blockchain industry, it will invest 100 billion won in related companies within 3 years. As of now, the investment scale has reached more than half of its goal. [2019/5/15]

This address does not look like an exchange in terms of trading volume. The earliest transaction occurred in February 2019. Judging from the changes in positions in the past 180 days, it has been growing until February this year. In addition, according to small According to the editor's secret observation, among the top 20 addresses, this kind of address that has been hoarding goods since 19 years is not the only one.

The "prosperity" of digital currency has brought about a surge in ransomware: nearly 40,000 new cases in one year: Today, a report released by the National Internet Emergency Response Center pointed out that the "prosperity" of the digital currency market directly brought about ransomware in 2017 , The growth of mining Trojans, and the growth momentum continued in 2018. The report pointed out that with the skyrocketing value of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, cyber attacks on digital currency trading platforms have become more frequent, and more cyber attacks using ransomware to extort digital currencies from users and the use of " The number of malicious programs for "mining" has increased significantly. Data show that in 2017, the National Internet Emergency Response Center captured nearly 40,000 new ransomware, showing a rapid growth trend. Serious malicious programs such as Petya, NotPetya, and BadRabbit that appeared last year set off the heat of extortion and ransomware. [2018/4/25]

In fact, I have also seen discussions in this overseas community. At present, it is more likely to be a big miner. After all, the dog’s mining pool is relatively concentrated, or it is a mysterious boss who spends tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. We can't rule out the possibility that it's Elon Musk.

In 2019, most of the prices of dogs were still fluctuating at 0.002-0.005U. Now it is 0.4U, and the average price is almost a hundred times higher. Tsk tsk, it may be this kind of stockpiling operation plus Dogecoin that is estimated to be lost over the years There are not a few of them, and it is the myth of today's 50 billion US dollars.

If you pay attention to dogs, you can pay more attention to the dynamics of these front-row addresses in the later stage. In addition, in the short term, there is a great risk in long and short positions. The data on the chain that needs to be paid attention to:

Daily mining rewards soared to a record high of 5.16 million US dollars on the 17th. It should be noted that Dogecoin is infinitely inflationary. Although its inflation rate will gradually decrease with the year, it cannot stand the skyrocketing price. What does this mean? , that is, if the miners are all digging and selling, it takes 5 million U of funds a day to maintain the current price. It dropped on the 18th, and today’s data has not been updated. I think it is very difficult to maintain a production of one million U.S. dollars a day. It's been a long time, unless Miguo tender leeks are real dogs, hahaha.

In addition, the number of new addresses in his family is quite exaggerated. On the 16th, it directly increased by nearly 160,000. I don’t know if there is any problem with this data, but the total number of addresses in his family is more than 3 million, although the address can be repeated. Created, but considering that his wallet is still a traditional computer terminal (I don’t seem to see a mobile wallet, right?), more speculators may only choose to store it in the exchange. It can be said that his family’s mass base is really real. It is incomparable to most currencies, so is it really necessary to empty it?

One last point, I don’t know if it can go up, but for most of us, if the price of Doge continues to be high, you can still mine for free. Yes, his home can be dug by computers. I am interested in searching for doge mining on video sites. There should be many tutorials. I didn’t go to see them specifically. I have a general idea. If the graphics card is in good condition, it may be no problem to dozens of them a day. Ordinary computers will be less cost-effective. , In addition, Wright and Gougou have a double digging, digging LTC to give Gougou, if you have the conditions, you can also learn about it.

1. Some people say that the dog with a market value of 50 billion is a satire on traditional finance, but I feel that it has also slapped many currency circle projects and a large part of analysts including myself. The project that started with Meme, various research and track analysis is not as good as being a silly leek and holding a dog, ha ha ha hiccup.

Of course, this is also a good reminder that as long as the encryption world is still in the incremental stage, you should keep an open mind, and as long as the encryption world is still in the incremental stage, for low-threshold companies that can attract new leeks Regardless of whether the target has logic or not, it cannot be underestimated.

2. Projects like doge and previous hard disk mining may seem a little nonsensical or spicy when viewed rationally, but it is undeniable that many new leeks started to get in touch with the encryption world from projects like them. So their craze can't be said to be bad, I even have a bold idea, there may be many cottages that will go out of the trend of dogs in the future. .


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Two hundred times a year of Dogecoin and the "mysterious billionaire" behind it

The magic of the bull market is that you look at those wine and vegetables chasing the quilt.

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