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Golden Sentinel|Coinbase listing is imminent, Bitcoin breaks through $62,500



The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a milestone moment.

On April 13, Bitcoin got rid of the sideways fluctuation around $60,000 in the past month, broke through $62,500 per coin, and hit a new record high.

Ethereum also broke through $2,200 per coin, also setting a new record high. the

Jinse Finance Live Report Huoxun Finance CEO Long Dian: Blockchain is an industry that makes people anxious and busy: Jinse Finance Live Report, at the 2018 Global Blockchain Elite Summit, carried out the "From the perspective of the media to see the development of the blockchain industry" In a roundtable discussion titled "Trends", Huoxun Finance CEO Long Dian pointed out: It is normal to have industry chaos. Any early industry has various people entering it, and blockchain technology is the general trend of development, so everyone are paying attention. After understanding blockchain technology, the word I heard the most is ALL IN blockchain. After this phenomenon lasted for a long time, we translated it as "staying up late blockchain", which is a very anxious and running In the industry, many people are really running. [2018/4/28]

Analysts believe that one of the market sentiments behind the surge in Bitcoin and Ethereum may be related to the upcoming listing of Coinbase.

On-site report of Jinse Finance, Tan Ying, Dean of Whale Research Institute: The current bubble of the blockchain is dissipating: Live report of Jine Finance, Tan Ying, director of Whale Research Institute, said at the GoldenBlock Consensus·Chain Future Forum that the blockchain The current situation is that the bubble is receding, investors are returning to a rational state, blockchain investment concepts and traditional investment concepts are beginning to merge; the phenomenon that good money is gradually driving out bad money is happening. [2018/4/10]

Golden Finance News: Australia's central bank says regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is "unnecessary". However, the bank then argued that since Bitcoin and other digital currencies could disrupt the global remittance industry, corresponding cross-border regulation needs to be introduced. [2017/11/3]

At 9 am EST on April 14th, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, will be listed on Nasdaq through a direct listing. The company's valuation ranges from $20 billion to $230 billion.

The cryptocurrency industry will witness a new milestone as the first cryptocurrency exchange will be successfully listed on the mainstream financial market.

Stimulated by the positive news of Coinbase’s listing, the platform currencies of major exchanges such as BNB, HT, OKB, etc. have all risen sharply recently.

Another factor for the rise of Bitcoin is that the data shows that Grayscale had about 6,440 BTC's GBTC shares unlocked on April 13, which can enter the secondary market for free trading. And these arbitrage institutional investors need to buy BTC to repay the previously borrowed BTC.

In addition to the good news of Coinbase’s listing, cryptocurrencies have also continued to penetrate into traditional industries recently.

"Time" magazine is one of the most well-known publications in the world, and Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein said that "Time" magazine will now accept part of the bitcoin payment and include bitcoin on the company's balance sheet. Sonnenshein tweeted today: Excited that Grayscale will be partnering with TIME magazine this summer on a new video series explaining the cryptocurrency space. Just as importantly, Keith Grossman and Time Magazine have agreed to pay in Bitcoin and put Bitcoin on Time Magazine’s balance sheet. This is our first time working with the media!

MicroStrategy recently stated in a document that the remuneration of the company's four independent directors will be based on US dollars and will be converted into equivalent bitcoins during the payment period. One of the micro-strategy companies holds more than 90,000 bitcoins.


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Editor's Note: The Metaverse is exploding in the tech and gaming worlds. On March 10 this year, Roblox, a metaverse concept stock, had a market value of more than 40 billion US dollars on the first day of listing.

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Golden Sentinel|Coinbase listing is imminent, Bitcoin breaks through $62,500

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a milestone moment.On April 13, Bitcoin got rid of the sideways fluctuation around $60,000 in the past month, broke through $62,500 per coin.

Gavin released the Kusama parachain launch list.

Gavin just posted on Github the three phases of launching the Kusama parachain functionality and a list of things to do.

Guess what Coinbase will look like in three years?

Author | Jimmy Chang Happy Coinbase Day! As of this writing.

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