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"Friends of Shopkeeper Tong" high-quality overseas project Hangzhou station: track opportunities under the DeFi boom



What new tracks have been spawned under the DeFi boom? On the afternoon of April 12, 2021, the high-quality overseas project sharing event "My Friends of Shopkeeper Tong", hosted by Node Consulting and co-hosted by FLLSWAP and Saffron, was held in Hangzhou Wework. "Friends of Shopkeeper Tong" is committed to inviting global top projects to share on-site, feel the pulse of market opportunities, and share wealth opportunities. Guests at the event included Mia, representative of the SFI Finance community, Er Er, head of TrustBase China, FilDA technical director, Chen Donglin, Waves marketing VP Marina, AOFEX business vice president Vivian, and Lingzong Security CEO Tan Yuefei. Many guests at the event shared their views on the industry based on current hot topics and trends.

Mia, the community representative of Saffron Finance, shared the risk adjustment pool of the project for the guests on site. Saffron's risk adjustment pool is divided into three, which are called high-risk and low-risk selection platforms. Saffron's token is SFI, which has multi-application functions and can earn some high-yield returns. Taking stable coins and SFI at the same time can obtain risk-free returns. The cycle is 14 days, and users can automatically withdraw after 14 days. Out of the liquidity pool, earn interest according to the proportion of investment and share SFI's platform currency according to the proportion of investment. Currency holders can determine the future trend of the platform currency.

Naoris Protocol completed $11.5 million in financing, led by Tim Draper: July 27, Naoris Protocol completed $11.5 million in financing, led by Tim Draper, Holt Xchange, Holdun Family Officer, SDC Management, Expert Dojo, Uniera, Level One Robotics Wait to vote. It is reported that Naoris Protocol aims to transform blockchain network security. (Silicon Angle) [2022/7/27 2:41:49]

Tan Yuefei from Lingzong Security delivered a keynote speech on "How Novice Users Read the Audit Report of DeFi Contracts". He mentioned that there is a major difference in the writing of the audit report of Lingzuo Security and the reports of other companies. Lingzong Security highlights the key points and difficulties of the whole report in the first chapter. Only a small part of this chapter involves technical terms, that is to say, every investor does not need to wait for technology, and can understand it after reading the first chapter. Firstly, what is the project being invested in; secondly, which functions in the application are specifically involved in these reports of Lingzong security audit; After reading carefully, investors can conclude that this is a strict security check for investors.

Data: ETH has rebounded by more than 30% in the past 8 days: Jinse Finance reported that despite the impact of liquidation by large institutional investors such as 3AC and Celsius, ETH still shows a strong rebound potential. If it hits from the absolute bottom on June 18 As a measure of the current rally, ETH prices have risen more than 30% in the past 8 days. Although still below the level of June 1, investors have pushed the price back to the $1,200 range. According to Coingecko data at the time of writing, ETH prices reached $1217.60, up 1.6% in 24 hours. ([2022/6/27 1:32:52]


Vivian from AOFEX Exchange introduced the layout and planning of AOFEX in video form. AOFEX's innovative options are the most popular financial derivatives of American Pintai. After the options are benchmarked against 5 platforms, users can easily see the rise and fall of 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 15 minutes according to the K-line, including the rise and fall of Ethereum, which effectively helps investors to hedge against the violent fluctuations in currency prices. Risks, so that users can obtain the maximum benefits under the condition of risk exposure in a controllable manner. She believes that the trend of NFT will get better and better in the future, because the concept of NFT can go out of the circle. In the near future, NFT technology will be implemented. Many games will use the concept of NFT, and the data of game participants is very large. Therefore, she believes that the value of NFT will develop very rapidly in the future.

CZ: Bitcoin may remain below the peak of $69,000 in two years: Golden Finance News, Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said that four years ago, people would be satisfied with the current value of Bitcoin at $20,000, and Bitcoin may It will remain below the all-time high of $69,000 for the next two years. [2022/6/23 1:27:00]

The roundtable discussion focused on how investors can take advantage of the trend to enter the new track under the DeFi heat wave. Marina of Waves believes that blockchain technology will be greatly advocated in 2019, and blockchain technology will be put on the agenda during the "14th Five-Year Plan" this year. Blockchain itself is not like previous years, and now hot spots include trends and directions. Much clearer, such as DeFi, Polkadot, NFT. She believes that this wave of market prices will be in a state of continuous flow, and continue to move forward amidst the shocks.

Regarding the issue of bull and bear markets, Chen Donglin from FilDa combined with various information he collected in the industry, and believes that the market must be in a continuous state until June. But after June, everyone's opinions have diverged. It is not clear whether June will continue until next year. But he believes that in addition to chasing hot spots in the bull market, investment should also look for projects and tracks that cross the bull market. "Many people in the industry have already begun to plan what to do in the next bull market after the end of the bull market."

ChinaJoy launched a digital collection: According to the official account of ChinaJoy, ChinaJoy will carry out reforms around the ChinaJoy Cosplay cover contest and change its name to ChinaJoy cover contest. According to different themes, such as Hanfu, two-dimensional, JK, Lolita, etc., the cover contest will win awards at the same time The works will be cast into CJ digital collections for limited sale. [2022/3/1 13:30:52]

From a macro perspective, the bull market cycle will continue for a long time, but there is no distinction between bulls and bears for long-term projects. It will always be a bull market for it to really make products well, serve customers well, and do a good job in ecology.

Mia believes that it is not about when the bull market will end, but how to maintain the remaining amount, because everyone will never be the one to eat the last wave.

When talking about which one is more important, the community or the ecology, the four guests all believed that technology and ecology are the directions that the public chain needs to grasp with both hands when energy permits.

Regarding the issue of popular tracks, Marina believes that the NFT market is very hot now, but no matter how hot the market is, there will be a day when it becomes rational. The future of NFT depends more on whether it can meet the needs of the public to purchase NFT works more conveniently and quickly, rather than satisfying users who speculate in coins. Earl believes that finance itself is the core of the blockchain, and she is optimistic about NFT and DiFi. Chen Donglin believes that first of all, there are two types of investment targets in the blockchain, one is assets, and the other is tools. Is it investment assets or tools? "If you want to invest, you need to make it clear and choose a track that can cross bulls and bears." Mia prefers the DeFi field, because the innovative type is closer to traditional financial tools. If the risk preference is relatively low, you can choose lossless mining. If the risk preference is relatively high, you can choose large platforms with relatively high returns but relatively stable projects, such as the Saffron platform. . "In other ecological fields of DeFi, such as lending and trading, if you have the opportunity to invest in exchanges in the early stage, it is a good choice. If the premium in the later stage is too high, it is not suitable."

The event was hosted by Node Consulting, co-hosted by Jinse Finance and Blocklike Media, co-hosted by FLLSWAP and Saffron, and participating companies included TrustBase, AOFEX, FilDA, Waves, etc.

FllSwap is a new generation of decentralized trading platform developed based on OKExChain. It adopts the constant mean function CFMM algorithm, and defines a surface by constraining the value function pool weight and balance function to a constant value. Each point on this surface represents the spot price, and each token's share of value in the pool remains the same no matter what trade is made. In this way, no matter how the assets in the liquidity pool change, the predicted price can be maintained in a relatively constant state, which greatly reduces impermanent losses caused by changes in the assets in the liquidity pool.


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"Friends of Shopkeeper Tong" high-quality overseas project Hangzhou station: track opportunities under the DeFi boom

What new tracks have been spawned under the DeFi boom? On the afternoon of April 12, 2021, the high-quality overseas project sharing event "My Friends of Shopkeeper Tong".

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