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Grayscale firmly sits on the top spot in encryption custody, holding 40 billion digital assets



Inspired by the Forbes list, Cointelegraph Consulting lists five regulated digital asset management companies that together hold close to $46 billion in digital assets. The five companies are Grayscale (approximately $40 billion), Pantera Capital (approximately $4 billion), Bitwise Asset Management (over $1 billion), Galaxy Digital (over $800 million), Wave Financial (approximately $500 million) ). These firms are poised to become significant players in the U.S. financial industry as more investors turn to the digital asset market.

The discount rate of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust Fund has reached a record 60%: Jinse Finance reported that the discount rate of the net asset value of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust Fund (ETHE) has reached a record 60%, the lowest since the establishment of the fund Level. The analysis shows that a series of chain events caused by the bankruptcy of FTX may be one of the main reasons for ETHE to hit the lowest premium rate in history. Since Grayscale does not provide any fund with a real-time redemption plan, investors cannot directly withdraw ETHE from Grayscale. Redeem for ETH. On the other hand, the current discount rate of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Fund GBTC is maintained at around 45%, slightly higher than the previous historical record of 48%. (cryptonews) [2023/1/3 9:49:55]

Grayscale is one of the largest and well-known companies in the encryption world. Grayscale is often compared to an "encrypted brave" in the industry. Grayscale currently manages more than $40 billion in total assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC), Stellar (XLM), Horizen (ZEN) and other trusts. The fund offers clients a wide range of products, ranging from single asset products to diversified basket products. As the first cryptocurrency investment vehicle reported to the SEC, the Grayscale Encryption Trust Fund has always been regarded as a signal for traditional institutional funds to enter the encryption field, and the size of its position changes also reflects the inflow (outflow) of institutional funds to a certain extent magnitude. Grayscale currently holds 654,300 bitcoins, 3.172 million ethereums, 294,000 bitcoin cash, 1.5 million litecoins and a variety of other cryptocurrencies.

The premium rate of Grayscale BTC Trust and ETH Trust reached historical lows: data shows that the premium rate of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is -14.34%, and the premium rate of Ethereum Trust is -13.54%, both reaching historical lows. The premium rate of Grayscale GBTC The rate has remained negative for 23 consecutive days. [2021/3/25 19:16:02]

Institutional investors need custody services for two main reasons: risk reduction and compliance requirements. By separating the entities that store assets from those that manage them, financial institutions can focus on what they do best. This separation also reduces the risk of employees running away with all their funds. In terms of regulation, the world's dominant regulators - the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Conduct Authority), the Monetary Authority of Singapore, etc. - require institutions to Investors place client funds in safe custody with a regulated custodian. As an individual investor, you can invest in encrypted assets in a simpler way through the financial tools provided by these encrypted asset service providers.

MXC Matcha launched the Grayscale holding area: According to official news, MXC Matcha launched the Grayscale holding area. Users can click Grayscale Holdings in the middle of the APP to buy Grayscale Holdings ETFs, spot or index assets with one click. At present, MXC Matcha has supported leveraged ETF transactions of BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, XRP, ZEC, and XLM eight "grayscale holdings" assets and grayscale portfolio concept index transactions. [2020/11/27 22:19:29]

Pantera Capital was founded in 2003 by Dan Morehead and is headquartered in California. Pantera focuses on various assets related to the digital economy, such as private equity, tokens, etc. Pantera’s $4 billion in AUM is primarily spread across four funds: Liquidity Token Fund, Early Token Fund, Bitcoin Fund, and Venture Fund.

Voice | Grayscale General Manager: Bitcoin ETF is not that important: According to Coingape, Michael Sonnenshein, general manager of Grayscale Investment (Grayscale Investment), said at a CNBC panel discussion that institutional investors have entered the digital currency market , Bitcoin ETF is not that important, it's just the noise around that is making it. In previous news, the first encryption investment report released by Grayscale showed that 56% of the funds came from institutional investors. [2018/8/3]

Bitwise was founded in San Francisco in 2017 by a team of software experts combined with experienced asset managers. The firm has over $1 billion in AUM concentrated in a few funds. 10 Crypto Index Funds, Decentralized Finance Crypto Index Funds, Bitcoin Funds, Ethereum Funds, etc.

Galaxy Digital has offices around the world, including London, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, with headquarters in New York. Galaxy Digital is primarily focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum, though it also has a diversified crypto index fund. Galaxy Digital's AUM exceeds $800 million. Its chief executive, Mike Novogratz, is a regular commentator for traditional TV news networks like Bloomberg. He recently declared that he believes non-fungible tokens NFT will always be with our generation.

Wave Financial is located in California and offers a variety of investment solutions including funds. Select 5 Index Fund, Bitcoin Income and Growth Digital Fund, Tokenized Real Asset Fund (tokenized Kentucky Whiskey Barrels), Active Hybrid VC Fund. In addition, while providing asset custody, the fund also provides other related asset management solutions.


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Grayscale firmly sits on the top spot in encryption custody, holding 40 billion digital assets

Inspired by the Forbes list, Cointelegraph Consulting lists five regulated digital asset management companies that together hold close to $46 billion in digital assets. The five companies are Grayscale (approximately.

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