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The explosive market of SumSwap brings a thousand times the opportunity of SUM



SumSwap was born in the era of the rise of DeFi. After integrating other excellent DeFi algorithms and innovations in mathematical models, the founding team of the project put forward the concept of DeFi ecological integration. The new protocol of decentralized finance, its advantages make it represent the ceiling of future DEX development since its inception. In the era of the DeFi "Cambrian" explosion, our SumSwap will usher in a golden opportunity for development!

1. Three explosive factors for the rise of SumSwap

(1) The "Cambrian" explosion of DeFi

According to data from DeFi Pulse, a ranking website for DeFi protocols, on April 14, the total locked value of DeFi’s current TVL (Total value locked) was US$19.95 billion, which was only US$52.2 million a year ago. The TVL data has increased nearly 400 times in the past year. At present, there are thousands of DeFi projects, ranging from stablecoins to decentralized exchanges, wallets, payment network ecology, lending and insurance platforms, and key infrastructure , market and investment engine, and the entire ecosystem is booming. As DeFi has experienced the Cambrian explosion in 2020, Sumswap, the upstream part of DeFi, is bound to usher in a strong explosion this year!

Blockchain security company Halborn completes $90 million in Series A financing, led by Summit Partner: July 19 news, blockchain security company Halborn completed $90 million in Series A financing, led by Summit Partner, Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Brevan Howard and others participated in the investment. Halborn declined to disclose its valuation. (Bloomberg) [2022/7/19 2:23:56]

As a very important part of the DeFi ecosystem, DEX has always been at the top of the upstream industry. Taking UinSwap and SuShiswap as examples, the current market value of UniSwap accounts for about 1/5 of the overall market value of DeFi, reaching 19 billion US dollars. SuShiswap’s The market value has occasionally declined, but it has reached 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, confirming the position of the second-in-command of DEX.

In CEX, the previous listing of Coinbase brought it a market valuation of 100 billion US dollars. The thunder is still lingering in my ears. Here, Binance has grown into the third largest exchange in the world, and the latest market value of its BNB has come to 910. One hundred million U.S. dollars

The SumSwap V3 code has been developed and delivered to the security company Certik for audit: According to official news, the innovative decentralized protocol SumSwap V3 code has been developed, and the new version of the contract has a variety of functions. In addition to the optimization of the previous functions, it also includes There are many new functions such as transaction mining, recommendation fee return, etc. The new version has been developed and has undergone a complete functional test. At present, SumSwap V3 has been delivered to the contract security company Certik for audit, and it will be officially launched after the audit is completed. [2021/9/2 22:55:26]

Judging from the performance of the exchanges, both CEX and DEX have become the mainstay of their respective fields, because of their own wealth effect, they have left other categories in the same track far behind. On the DeFi track, SumSwap has already outperformed other emerging DeFi protocols. With the further explosion of DEX, the DeFi ecosystem will achieve greater development, so we can be sure that the rise of SumSwap is the general trend.

(2) Strong team plus special Staking mechanism design

The success of a product is inseparable from the technical team, development model and market support. Without one of them, it is difficult to survive in the market. SumSwap has a top development and founding team, and the team members are all well-known companies from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and other places. With an average of 8 years of research and development experience on the Internet, it has rich research and development experience in the fields of cloud computing, SAAS, blockchain technology and network security protection. A strong team guarantees the development efficiency of SumSwap, so this is an absolute factor for SumSwap to rise.

SumSwap randomly purchased two member-customized NFT works in opensea again: According to official news, on July 3, SumSwap once again randomly purchased two member-customized NFT works in opensea at 4,000 USDC each. So far SumSwap has spent 16,000 USDC to acquire 4 Members customize NFT. SumSwap has customized a total of 3,000 NFT works, and successfully subscribed members will be given a free NFT work. SumSwap will also buy back NFT with handling fees from time to time. At present, there are more than 4,000 blocks left in the SumSwap member pre-sale, and the member pre-sale is expected to end in about 18 hours.

[2021/7/4 0:25:32]

Secondly; SumSwap is a digitally innovative DEX. It differs from other DeFi protocols in the AMM market maker mechanism and staking mechanism. SumSwap does not issue tokens in equal amounts like most projects, but adopts the base index issuance model. The total amount of SUM is 320 million, 32 million mother coins were pre-mined, and the remaining 288 million were divided into five stages, and the issuance was completed in more than ten years.

The distribution ratio of Sum’s daily release output is used for: 40% token holding pledge, 40% ecological pledge, and 20% liquidity mining, among which token holding pledge is the most distinctive, and SumSwap adopts unique jump ranking weighting algorithm. The design of the jump ranking weighted algorithm can effectively break the barriers of capital monopoly, and at the same time, its currency staking mechanism has a "best profit range" to make each user's holding SUM more even, and to ensure that the principle of decentralized distribution is reflected .

The highest price of SumSwap member-customized NFT is 11ETH, about 25,000 USDT: According to official news, SumSwap has gradually distributed NFT works customized for each member, and the released NFT works have been traded on The current highest NFT The price is as high as 11ETH, about 25,000 USDT.

SumSwap is a decentralized agreement launched by a British technology company in April this year. The NFT represents the earliest batch of SumSwap fan collections and is only distributed to members. At present, there are only about 20,000 Ethereum blocks left for the SumSwap member pre-sale, which will end in about 2 days. [2021/6/30 0:17:28]

(3) The unique ecological governance model brings market enthusiasm

The community governance of the SumSwap platform is designed based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The significant advantages of this model lie in the uniform rules of automatic execution, transparency, and any stakeholder who holds SUM can express their own interests. The community governance of SumSwap's DAO can not only improve liquidity, but also significantly increase user activity.

SumSwap innovatively proposed a "rule of man + autonomy" governance solution. Rule of man mainly deals with unquantifiable and high-frequency decisions of the community, while autonomy mainly deals with quantifiable and low-frequency decisions. Autonomy mainly deals with problems that can be standardized and designed in advance. Due to the current surge in the number of SumSwap's global communities, community consensus and community governance need to rely on the DAO model of rule of man + autonomy. At present, the status of SumSwap community governance Good, under the stable operation of its mechanism, most of the governance work of SumSwap can be solved through its self-governing contract.

SumSwap opens a new LP mining pool: According to official news, SumSwap, a mathematically innovative decentralized protocol, has opened a new LP mining pool, which can be mined by mortgaging the SumSwap transaction pair SUM/USDT equity token SLP. Member users can mine SUM by mortgaging their airdropped SUM/USDT equity token SLP. The mining pool produces 500 SUM per day. Mining is carried out through smart contracts, and can be withdrawn at any time. The mined SUM can be directly in SumSwap, Uniswap and sushi trade.

SumSwap is a mathematically innovative decentralized protocol developed in the UK. After studying many excellent DeFi at present, the protocol uses mathematical methods to integrate many algorithms and develops a new generation of decentralized protocol. SumSwap is only deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. [2021/6/5 23:14:45]

The success of the governance model has allowed more and more users to see the ecological potential of SumSwap, so more and more people have joined the SumSwap ecosystem. The popularity of SumSwap since it was launched for half a month has attracted many of us. Aware of the possibility of SumSwap benchmarking against UniSwap in the future, for the decentralized management of UniSwap, the innovative version of SumSwap's DAO model has more prominent advantages!

2. Is SUM the next thousand times coin?

SUM, as the protocol token issued by SumSwap in ERC-20, contains strong ecological energy. Unlike platform coins, SumSwap has a broad DeFi ecosystem as a backing, and the outbreak of DeFi takes DEX as a bronze mirror. On April 13th, UNI welcomes A new climax has come. According to data from, the highest price of UNI broke through the $38 mark and reached a new historical high of $38.15. After passing the $110 billion mark, the rapid ecological development of DEX represented by UniSwap will have a butterfly effect on the entire DeFi industry, which will intensify the arrival of block-connected Web3.0.

We can see that the price of UNI has skyrocketed by more than 30 times compared to the price of 1U before its launch, and SuShi has also increased by more than 20 times on the basis of the original price. It can be seen that under the big tree of DeFi, the ecological value of DEX is considerable. Get maximum release.

SUM has all the elements to become the next thousand times currency;

First of all, SUM has a professional market operation. Professional market operation is the source of power for a currency to appreciate. Market operation brings capital liquidity, and capital liquidity can promote the growth of currency value. The source of market operation lies in the technological advantages of SumSwap. SumSwap achieves the ultimate and seamless connection in all aspects of research and development, issuance, trading, and circulation.

Secondly, SumSwap has passed the code audit, which is a sign of product security. The transaction system of SumSwap is stable, the system will not be broken by hackers, the transaction is smooth, and the TPS speed is world-leading. Compared with the order book model, the AMM automatic market maker model can effectively improve the utilization rate of users' funds and reduce impermanent losses, and win the user market for SumSwap. The SumSwap market is booming, and investors have a loyal belief in SUM. These factors are superimposed, and it is hard for us not to be optimistic about the future of SUM! To know how to participate in SUM, please add WeChat: whh392

SUM is in the environment of DeFi explosion + SumSwap's technology and model advantages + hot domestic and foreign markets, so SUM will become the most dazzling pearl in the cryptocurrency in the future.

3. SUM must be bought at the lowest price

Currently, the node subscription of SUM is still in progress. If you start with the lowest price of SUM now, you will get unpredictable returns in the future. If you started at UNI1U, your assets have now doubled by 38 times, and this is only It’s only half a year, so the rise of DEX has given many of us a chance to get rich overnight, and SUM will be a wealth opportunity, so what are you waiting for in this market situation?

The node subscription of SumSwap is currently in the early and mid-term. Participate in the liquidity investment of the project as soon as possible, and you can get more stable income than other projects. Participate in the node pre-sale of Sumswap and become an early node, you will be able to get;

1. Participation rights; the participation weight of a node must be higher than that of ordinary users, and the node has its own halo, which makes it have a heavier weight in the community.

2. Decision-making power; in determining the future direction of community development, it will also have a higher voice, and can participate in the early stage development of the project more deeply.

3. Income rights; early nodes can obtain more bonus opportunities brought by project development and enjoy the benefits brought by project development.

4. Share platform transaction fees. Uniswap’s current daily exchange fee is about 3 million US dollars. SumSwap’s user stickiness is higher and scalability is stronger, so the future transaction fee is more optimistic.

The current node pre-sale has come to the tenth round. The number of SumSwap official nodes has exceeded 140, the number of node activations has exceeded 2,200, and the remaining number of nodes is less than 260. Effective seats are at risk!

The overall node pre-sale of SumSwap is expected to be completed ahead of schedule in mid-May, so the remaining subscription time is only more than a month away. If you think that SUM is the next thousand-fold currency, then please believe that your choice is correct, miss it If you miss UNI, miss SuShi, please don't miss SUM! Now SUM's node pre-sale price is the lowest, with the least investment, the maximum return! For details on how to participate in the node, please add WeChat: whh392


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The explosive market of SumSwap brings a thousand times the opportunity of SUM

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