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Golden DeFi Daily | Citibank article explains the benefits of DeFi



DeFi data

1. The total market value of DeFi: 122.849 billion US dollars

The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFibox

DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $4.33 billion

Source of trading volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX rankings by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 18.67 billion US dollars

Jinse Finance’s organizational structure adjustment, Wang Yukun appointed as Jinse Finance’s COO: According to official news, on September 2, Jinse Finance’s internal email issued an organizational structure and personnel adjustment notice, appointing Wang Yukun as the COO of Jinse Finance, responsible for the company’s overall business operations. Wang Yukun joined Jinse Finance in 2018 and will serve as Content Director of Jinse Finance in 2020. Golden Finance is the world's leading one-stop Chinese information service platform in the blockchain industry, providing 7x24 hours of uninterrupted information services for global users. [2021/9/3 22:57:34]

DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank

Top 10 lending platforms by lockup volume Ranking source: DeFibox

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $67.39 billion

BBKX will open the ninth golden computing power cloud IPFS cloud computing subscription at 18:00 today: According to the official announcement of the BBKX platform, the BBKX platform will open the golden computing power cloud IPFS cloud computing at 18:00 (UTC+8) this Tuesday This is the ninth round of snap-up, limited to 100 IPFS. Participants are requested to make preparations in advance, and the snap-up will open on time at 18:00 on Tuesday.

The BBKX platform IPFS cloud computing power is jointly launched with the golden computing power cloud. The minimum purchase threshold is 21.5 USDT, which can meet the investment needs of different users. Founded in June 2019, BBKX has received joint investment from Node Capital and On-Chain Fund, and the spot transaction fee is as low as 0.05%. [2020/7/14]

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. Data: Deri Protocol (DERI) breaks through $0.47, up nearly 81% in 24 hours

According to CoinGecko data, Deri Protocol (DERI) is currently trading at $0.475944, an increase of 80.8% in 24 hours. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control.

Golden Evening News | Huobi Blockchain Industry Alliance landed in Hainan The Wolf of Wall Street Global Digital Currency Trading Competition attracted hundreds of participating teams from around the world: Bank of Communications issued securities products through the blockchain, with a total scale of 9.3 billion; Japan invested in encryption The proportion of retail investors in the currency is the highest in history; Samsung will develop 10 nanometer mining chips. For more evening news content, please view the pictures. [2018/9/28]

2.1inch DMM integrated with Kyber Network

Official news, 1inch announced the integration of Kyber Network's DMM, which will provide 1inch with huge liquidity through this integration.

3. Hxro Network, a derivatives liquidity protocol based on Solana, released the v1 version of Litepaper

Hxro Network, a derivatives liquidity protocol based on Solana, released the v1 version of Litepaper. The main contents are as follows: 1. Hxro Network is mainly composed of HXRO Token (native token, which can participate in pledge and governance), SAMM Protocol and THEO Protocol. The SAMM protocol is a "smart" AMM designed to provide on-chain liquidity to the binary options market; THEO is a self-sustaining risk management AMM that provides on-chain liquidity for common and exotic options; 2. Hxro Network will Merged with Serum to integrate its order book, spot and perpetual markets (for liquidity agreement hedging), etc.; 3. Will focus on three types of options markets: common options, exotic options, and binary options markets; 4. Committed to building a permissionless, full-featured decentralized options trading protocol that will support both standardized and exotic on-chain options. Liquidity will be created by introducing traditional market makers and THEO agreement; 5. A liquidity incentive pool of 75 million HXRO (7.5% of the supply) is proposed to be established. The reward depends on the nominal trading volume on any day on the Hxro Network. If The total transaction volume exceeds 1 billion US dollars, and the maximum reward is 102.74 million HXRO per day.

Jinse Finance live report, XinShu Dong: The best nutritional field of blockchain has not yet appeared: At the 2018 World Digital Asset Summit (WDAS) and FBG Annual Conference, XinShu Dong from Zilliqa believes that the best application field of blockchain It has not yet appeared. He said that the blockchain can create new fields. For example, in the field of games, blockchain technology has high application potential. If the blockchain is applied in the field of games, it will bring great changes to the game. The rights to items in the game belong to the player. [2018/5/2]

4. The Flux lending protocol has officially started the Huobi ecological chain (Heco) test

According to the official announcement, the Flux lending protocol has officially started testing on the Huobi ecological chain (Heco). Flux supports the following mining methods in the Huobi ecological chain: 1. Asset deposit and loan mining on the Heco chain; 2. Support for ftoken pledge mining of the Filda protocol deposit certificate; 3. Support for the LendHub protocol deposit certificate ltoke pledge mining. Participating in testing and submitting bug feedback can obtain platform currency FLUX rewards. It is reported that the Flux protocol is a decentralized, secure, and non-custodial digital encrypted asset mortgage lending protocol created by the Zero one team. The Flux protocol contract code has passed the Certik security audit, and has been deployed and started mining in Conflux and BSC. See the official website for details.

Jinse Finance Exclusive News Zhonglun Wende Chen Yunfeng talks about "People's Daily · Three Questions about Blockchain (Economic Hotspots)": In the future, laws and regulations on blockchain technology standards and application levels will be issued: Jinse Finance Exclusive News, Zhonglun Wen Lawyer De Chen Yunfeng responded to the content-zce of "People's Daily · Three Questions on Blockchain (Economic Hotspots)". Chen Yunfeng said: "The value of blockchain technology has been more and more widely recognized. Since 2016, the Chinese government has repeatedly Encourage the development of blockchain technology from the perspective of national strategy, and support applications in fields such as finance, medical care, government supervision, and food traceability. Due to the technical characteristics of blockchain itself, such as smart contracts and consensus mechanisms, existing legal relationships will be affected. It has a certain impact, so there will be laws and regulations on blockchain technology standards and application levels in the future, so that the scenarios based on blockchain technology will be legally regulated.” [2018/2/26]

5. Citibank article explains the benefits of DeFi

The benefits of DeFi are explained in Citibank’s April 8 article, “The Future of Money.” This part mentions: The benefits of DeFi lie in the stronger innovation and competition of the open financial platform, and users can seamlessly transfer capital between various DeFi applications. In addition, DeFi also has the advantages of programmability, transparency, permissionless, non-custodial and lack of middlemen.

1. The total amount of deposits and loans of FilDA exceeded 2 billion US dollars

On April 16, the total amount of deposits and loans of FilDA exceeded 2 billion US dollars. HECO had the lowest borrowing rate across the board, and the liquidity of mainstream currencies was the best. The yield of LP trading pairs remained at around 200%. FILDA-HUSD became the LP with the highest yield on MDEX , Not only that, the rate of return of the DAO pool participating in FilDA single-currency mining also maintains around 180%. Currently, FilDA ranks first among HECO lending products. It is understood that FilDA is a HECO-based cross-chain lending DeFi project. The FilDA project has no fundraising and no pre-mining, and is committed to HECO's preferred user-friendly DeFi lending platform.

2. TVL exceeded 2 billion US dollars within 5 hours after Booster was listed on Huobi Heco

According to official news, the DeFi ecological aggregator Booster TVL on the Huobi ecological chain Heco exceeded 2 billion US dollars. Booster has been audited by the well-known audit institutions Lingzong Security and SlowMist. Users can participate in LP liquidity mining and non-destructive single-currency mining. Currently, it supports single-currency non-destructive for mainstream currencies such as HBTC, ETH, HUSD, USDT, and WHT. mining. Booster will be committed to becoming a one-stop service platform. Users can complete a series of DeFi activities such as deposits, loans, leveraged mining, reinvestment, and cross-chain mining on Booster. It is committed to developing a multi-functional aggregator to meet all user needs. A cross-generational product.

1., the Waves ecological project, sold the first NFT for millions of dollars

On April 16th,, the next-generation technology ecosystem based on Waves, announced that it sold the first Waves called "Perfection" at a price of 1 million USDN (worth 1 million US dollars) on the digital art network gallery SIGN Art Duck, claiming this to be the highest NFT sale on a blockchain other than Ethereum. In addition, the team released a roadmap for a series of NFT gamification plans and added a DeFi revenue farming mechanism to the Waves ecosystem.

2. NFT game project Illuvium: NFT application website will be closed on April 17

The NFT game project Illuvium tweeted that the NFT application website will be closed at 23:00 UTC on April 16 (7:00 Beijing time on April 17). According to previous reports, Illuvium tweeted that ILV holders can apply for NFT at According to previous regulations, only users who have purchased from the official Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool and have not made any transfers or sales within the 3-day sales window are eligible to claim. Eligible individuals must claim one item at a time.

3. BIE will auction the video NFT "Hip hop is my dad" on OpenSea

According to official news, BIE, a youth culture media company, will auction a 6-second video NFT on OpenSea. The video material comes from the Edison Chen documentary "Within Touch" produced and released in 2015. It is reported that at the beginning of the second episode of "Within Reach", Edison Chen mentioned "Hip hop is my dad (Hip hop is my dad), it's as simple as that."


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Golden DeFi Daily | Citibank article explains the benefits of DeFi

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 122.849 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

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