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Ether Cards NFT sales ended with a total transaction volume of about $16 million



Rhythm BlockBeats news, recently, the NFT card sales of Ether Cards, a one-stop distribution platform for NFT projects, officially ended. In the first 24 hours of the Ether Cards NFT sale, the transaction volume has reached as high as 9 million US dollars, and the total transaction volume has reached 8000ETH, which is about 16 million US dollars. The official Ether Cards post summarizes the NFT launch and previews upcoming features. Rhythm BlockBeats compiled as follows.

The Ether Cards community has achieved 2 amazing successes, the Ether Cards NFT 24-hour transaction volume exceeded 9 million US dollars, and the total transaction volume reached 8,000 ETH, which is about 16 million US dollars. The Ether Cards Discord community has more than 6,000 members, Twitter followers have grown from 3,000 to 9,200, and the community continues to grow.

35 million USDT was transferred from the Tether Treasury wallet: Whale Alert data shows that at 08:19 on May 08, Beijing time, 35 million USDT was transferred from the Tether Treasury wallet to the address starting with TJyf3bM, which is worth about 35.065 million US dollars based on the current price . [2020/5/8]

This is not the "big end" of the Ether Cards project, it's just the beginning. The following will explain the common problems and future development of Ether Cards.

After this sale, there are still some Founder Cards and Alpha Cards that have not been sold, and these cards will also be minted and stored in the Ether Cards vault for future spot sales, collaborations, giveaways, Promotions, events, mystery boxes, upgrades, blacksmithing, and more.

Dynamics | ETH Unable to Gain Economic Value from Its Network Activity: The Ethereum blockchain network saw high levels of activity in 2019 due to the buoyancy of decentralized finance DeFi applications. However, despite the buoyant network activity, it failed to drive the price of ETH to continue to rise, and since the beginning of the year, the price of ETH is still down 8%. The comparison between price and network activity shows that ETH cannot derive economic value from its network activity. The latest report from Vision Hill shows that the inability of Ethereum price to grow may be attributed to its inability to improve its network value to token value ratio (NVTV). ETH’s NVTV has been declining for the past two years, indicating that it cannot capture the value of assets launched on its platform, instead, the value is captured in the application. ETH holders pay application and transaction fees by holding ETH to maintain the ETH inflation rate, and the holders will be slowly diluted; at the same time, although the gas fees of ETH holders and smart contract developers will drive the demand for ETH, the actual demand It can only be reflected in one block, and the transaction fee goes directly to the miners. Vision Hill pointed out that despite the difficulties, Ethereum will move to a PoS system that may benefit ETH in the long run. (AMBCrypto)[2019/12/24]

The total number of Founders cards will always be only 10,000, of which there are 9,000 Founders cards, 900 Alpha cards, 90 OG cards, and 10 Creator cards.

News | A large amount of USD 18.55 million was transferred on the ETH chain: According to Tokenview’s large amount transfer data monitoring, the Ethereum address starting with 0x67 transferred 136,581 ETH to the address of 0x60 at 11:32 today, which is about USD 18,550,400. The address of 0x60 then transferred 110611 ETH to the contract address starting with 0x07. [2019/3/11]

In the future, any cards created by the Ether Cards platform will not be included in this series, they will become a unique collection of collections, which can be cast by the system for events or promotions, or by the creator himself, but neither Will have permanent features and perks like the Founders Series.

The characteristics of the cards will be released to the public shortly after the sale ends. However, the Ether Cards team decided to limit certain features to only appear on cards sold in the pre-sale and public sale (either from OpenSea or the Ether Cards website). The Ether Cards team will create a new smart contract for these features so that they can be fairly distributed via Chainlink’s VRF. While this means some traits won't be as easy to come by, it increases the chances of a user holding a more valuable card.

The net inflow of ETH funds is nearly 5 billion yuan: According to the data, ETH still occupies the top spot in the 24h net inflow of funds today, with an inflow of 4.919 billion yuan, an increase of 119.3%. The top five currencies with net inflows of other funds are: BNB (+741 million yuan); BTC (+697 million yuan); TRX (+285 million yuan); ZIL (+163 million yuan). In addition, ETF had the largest net outflow of funds within 24 hours, with an outflow of 458 million yuan, an outflow increase of 9852356%. The other top five currencies are BCH (-278 million yuan); ETC (-183 million yuan); EOS (-180 million yuan); NEO (-68.7405 million yuan). [2018/6/23]

This trait will be assigned to all cards sold during the presale (Founders, Alpha, OG). The benefits of this feature are continuous and permanent. That is, even if the cards change hands in the secondary market, or are transferred to other wallet addresses, this feature will continue.

The first benefit that this feature brings to holders is the NFT gift. Holders of each card with the Phoenix trait will receive multiple pieces of NFT artwork for free. As the card level increases, the number of NFT gifts and the gift cycle will also increase. In other words, Alpha cards will receive more NFTs over a longer period of time than Founder cards, while OG cards will receive more NFTs.

And as time goes by, the Phoenix feature will bring more benefits to the holder.

Raw state is the special state a card will achieve when purchased on the Ether Cards website and held in the same wallet for at least 30 days. After reaching this state, these cards will have a new characteristic, and this additional characteristic will not be lost regardless of whether they are not in the original state later.

The original state can be broken, and once a card is transferred or used in a forge, it will never return to the original state. And over time, cards in their pristine state will gain more benefits.

The forging function was officially announced not long ago, which is a deeper operation on cards. Currently, this feature allows users to merge two cards to change the card's appearance.

Note: Blacksmithing will remove the card's original state.

Ether Cards expects to announce all features within a week, and within a few weeks cards will start to go into pristine condition, and users will be able to collect those cards that are eligible for BAT rewards or Alpha upgrades.

Currently, the Ether Cards team is revising the roadmap and is expected to launch the Ether Cards platform within 6 to 8 weeks. After the platform is launched, any creator can use the launched templates to create, and Ether Cards NFT holders will get more benefits whether they use the platform or participate in activities.

Dust function

Card level

Interactive layers

New Template

Skill Tree

Physical card

Real World Interaction (Dynamic NFT)

Additional Raw Status Bonus

Additional phoenix attribute bonus

Platform Showcase

In addition, the Ether Cards team is also actively establishing new partnerships with the music, gaming, sports, trendy collectibles, entertainment and retail industries.


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Ether Cards NFT sales ended with a total transaction volume of about $16 million

Rhythm BlockBeats news, recently, the NFT card sales of Ether Cards, a one-stop distribution platform for NFT projects, officially ended. In the first 24 hours of the Ether Cards NFT sale.

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