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In the eyes of overseas leeks, Dogecoin is the real "Bitcoin"



Q: Among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, which one has the biggest increase this year?

Answer: Not XRP, not BNB, but Dogecoin (DOGE).

Ouyi OKEx market shows that DOGE has risen from 0.0046 USDT at the beginning of the year to 0.0297 USDT, the largest increase of more than 60 times; in the past 24 hours, the price of DOGE has doubled directly, and its market value once surpassed that of Southwest Airlines, the world's largest low-cost airline. Market value; DOGE currently ranks eighth in the encryption market value, surpassing the leading DEX project Uniswap and Litecoin.

Dogecoin, which has gone crazy, also caused carnival on overseas social media. In the eyes of many overseas leeks, Dogecoin is the real Bitcoin.

Opinion: Possibility of China expanding payment system and circulation overseas also grows: South Korea needs to prepare for implications of its growing use as development of China's central bank digital currency advances rapidly, experts say Dec. 27 get ready. South Korea’s banking industry must build both digital and legal systems to deal with the use of China’s central bank-backed digital yuan in South Korea. Lee Hwa-jung, a researcher at the Hana Financial Research Institute, said in a report released last week that China has become a frontrunner in the development of digital currencies, and the possibility of expanding payment systems and circulation overseas is also increasing. This has accelerated the development of digital currencies in major economies. Korean banks must prepare for the adoption of DECP in payments and financial transactions related to China trade. (Korea Herald) [2020/12/27 16:39:20]

“Somebody quit their job today, #Dogecoin will be our day job,” said Twitter user @sadiaslayy.

On-site | Wang Haimin, Director of Ocean Shipping Group: The application of blockchain in the shipping industry helps to formulate rules independently: Jinse Finance live report, on the afternoon of September 25th, the Bund Conference Blockchain Industry Summit opened in Shanghai. At the roundtable forum on "How Blockchain Promotes the New Pattern of Combining Industry and Finance", Wang Haimin, director of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, pointed out that as a shipping industry, the supply chain and blockchain are naturally compatible. In the shipping industry, there are various pain points such as information asymmetry. We hope to build a system of multi-party participation and mutual trust, and the application of blockchain technology will make the development of the shipping industry supply chain trade system smoother. In addition, there are many rules in the shipping industry, but these rules are customized by other countries. With the in-depth application of blockchain technology in the shipping industry, there is also a legislative basis for establishing relevant application rules. [2020/9/25]

User @officialnazimm posted a picture, thousands of Dogecoins formed a big fish, swallowed a small fish named "Bitcoin", and wrote: "The ultimate goal of Dogecoin."

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy Confirms Standoff With U.S. Navy In Gulf: The U.S. military said three times on Wednesday that 11 ships of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy had come "dangerously" close to U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Gulf, adding The moves were "dangerous and provocative". The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps issued a statement today confirming the confrontation with the United States in the Gulf region, saying, "We recommend that the United States abide by international rules and maritime agreements in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, and avoid any risky actions and fabrication of false stories." The statement also warned that Iran would respond decisively to any wrongdoing by the United States. (Golden Ten)[2020/4/19]

User @realsmolting said, "The whole market is crashing because all the money is going into #doge#."

Live | "BSN First Developer Contest National Launching Ceremony" held in Hainan: Jinse Finance live report, on December 6, hosted by Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by Hainan Ecological Software Park and Huobi China Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum” was held in Haikou City, Hainan Province. The "BSN First Developer Contest National Launching Ceremony" organized by China Mobile, China UnionPay, Huobi China, and Red Date Technology was held in Hainan. Developers popularize blockchain knowledge, provide development and exchange opportunities, promote developers' innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivate qualified developers for BSN. [2019/12/6]

The enthusiasm for Dogecoin is spreading wildly in overseas communities.

In the eyes of Dogecoin fans, if you don’t like such a good wealth code, you probably won’t have much future in this life. Moreover, if anyone says that Dogecoin is not good, they will immediately gather and besiege.

Take Robinhood as an example. Due to the soaring price of Dogecoin in the past two days, the Robinhood system failed and users failed to trade in time. Angry foreign leeks directly scolded on social media. Many believe that Robinhood is preventing users from trading, just like it blocked GME stock trading earlier this year.

Finally, Robinhood issued a clarification: "No, we did not impose restrictions on $DOGE transactions, this is misinformation... Encrypted transactions are now fully restored, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused."

In fact, if you look at the trend of DOGE this year, the two surges are related to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It happened for the first time in late January this year. Dogecoin once rose 10 times within a week, reaching a peak of more than 0.08 USDT, but then fell to around 0.03 USDT. The background of this rise is that Wall Street staged the largest decisive battle of "retail investors VS institutions" in history, that is, the "GME (GameStop) Defense War".

The second rise began on April 1, when Musk tweeted that SpaceX would bring a Dogecoin to the moon. As a result, DOGE, which has been consolidating for two months at around 0.05 USDT, began to take off. In the past two days, Musk once again tweeted about GOGE, with the text: Tiangou barks at the moon, and there is a ladder next to it leading to the moon (To Da Moon, which is often said in the currency circle).

In addition, a group of overseas celebrities have also begun to tout DOGE. For example, billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban) tweeted: "Currently we have received 122,000 DOGE through merchandise sales, we will never sell DOGE, so please keep buying. "

In addition, Slim Jim, an American meat snacks and bacon stick brand, also posted a lot of content-zce related to Dogecoin on its official Twitter, and interacted with Dogecoin developers. A series of activities have deepened the awareness of DOGE among overseas users.

Listed on Coinbase, in an environment where the encryption market is booming, overseas leeks are already very interested in cryptocurrencies and are eager to try. It’s just that the unit price of Bitcoin is too high and the increase is limited, while other cryptocurrencies are not well-known to leeks outside the circle, so they have been on the sidelines.

Nowadays, Dogecoin, which is "calling for orders" by celebrities, keeps going out of the circle and has a low unit price, has created a huge wealth effect, and it has also attracted many foreign leeks outside the circle. It has become the first stop for them to enter the market to test the water, thus This has pushed the price of DOGE to hit new highs in the near future.

Here, Odaily Planet Daily also issued a friendly reminder that investment needs to be rational and leverage needs to be cautious.

Author | Qin Xiaofeng

Editor | Hao Fangzhou


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In the eyes of overseas leeks, Dogecoin is the real "Bitcoin"

Q: Among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, which one has the biggest increase this year?Answer: Not XRP, not BNB.

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