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Taking the express train of blockchain, what has Xiong'an New District done?



"I hope that the blockchain will become the underlying facility of production and life like the Internet." ——Li Jun, director of the Xiongan New Area Blockchain Laboratory

On December 14, 2020, Xiongan blockchain underlying system 1.0 was released. This means that the first domestic city-level blockchain underlying operating system has been developed and put into use. Xiongan blockchain underlying system 1.0 is independently controllable, adopts independent intellectual property rights technology, and builds a new type of blockchain underlying architecture with "core chain + application chain" multi-layer chain network integration. Innovative breakthroughs have been achieved in pain points such as trusted exchange and security.

Li Jun pointed out that Xiongan is the first in China to study blockchain as a city-level digital infrastructure.

In the information age, in any industry, data security, efficient processing and interaction are one of the core links. In the process of building a smart city, there are two major difficulties in data interaction: how to achieve a truly efficient flow of data? In the circulation process, how to protect citizens' data privacy?

DEX aggregator ODOS has supported Avalanche: Jinse Finance reported that DEX aggregator ODOS has supported Avalanche, aggregating 41 liquidity sources on Avalanche, including Trader Joe, Platypus, and Pangolin.

Note: ODOS is developed by Semiotic Labs, the core development team of The Graph protocol. [2022/12/4 21:21:16]

The blockchain itself has the characteristics of multi-center, tamper-proof, traceability, etc., and integrates cutting-edge technologies such as privacy computing, providing an excellent solution to the above problems.

Taking the express train of blockchain, Xiongan New District is already on the road to the future.

In August 2018, Xiongan launched the first construction project fund management platform based on blockchain technology in China - the engineering construction blockchain information management system. All funding applications, approvals, and allocations related to project construction in Xiong'an New Area are completed through the blockchain platform. The platform has served thousands of companies, 196 engineering projects, and 140,000 migrant workers, with a cumulative allocation of about 20 billion yuan.

Fidelity executive: Bitcoin price did not meet expectations: Jinse Finance reported that Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity’s global head of macro, claimed in a recent tweet that Bitcoin’s price performance is at its lowest level since 2013. Meanwhile, ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is “even cheaper” compared to bitcoin at current prices.

The two largest cryptocurrencies are down 68.58% and 74.95%, respectively, from their all-time highs, the data showed.

Timmer believes that Ethereum’s correction may be close to bringing the price closer to a bottom. Also speaking about bitcoin adoption, the executive believes that bitcoin follows the internet adoption curve rather than the "more exponential" mobile adoption curve. This suggests that Bitcoin will experience more "moderate" price increases in the future. (cryptonewmedia) [2022/7/10 2:03:10]

The platform using blockchain technology can ensure the authenticity, accuracy, integrity and consistency of information. Once the data is uploaded to the chain, it cannot be tampered with, and the modification process and results of the data will be accurately recorded. The shared data including process changes has a higher security. credibility. Through this platform, all contracts, tickets, etc. between the enterprise and the general contractor, between the general contractor and the subcontractor, and between the subcontractor and the construction unit are uploaded to the blockchain system, and all actions will be recorded. Imprint, subject to supervision.

$248.6 million in Bitcoins was transferred from Coinbase to an unknown wallet: Golden Finance reported that Watcher.Guru tweeted that just now, $248.6 million in Bitcoins was transferred from Coinbase to an unknown wallet. [2022/4/25 14:46:14]

On January 23, the financial construction fund management blockchain information system of Xiong'an New District was launched. The system successfully completed the penetrating payment of builders' wages and suppliers' material payments.

The first builder’s salary, after all the information is uploaded to the chain, is paid across banks through the account of the general contractor company, the account of the labor subcontracting company, and the salary account of the builder. Within 10 minutes, the salary of 360,000 yuan was sent to 29 In the salary card of each builder. The second payment of 50,000 yuan for engineering materials also went through multi-level cross-bank account penetration payment, and reached the material supplier's account within 15 minutes.

From the applicable scenarios of the two cases, we can already glimpse the grand blueprint of the future smart city of Xiong'an New District.

People familiar with the matter: Facebook plans to change its name next week to reflect its focus on building the "Metaverse": According to sources familiar with the matter on October 20, Facebook plans to change its name next week to reflect its focus on building the "Metaverse." Mark Zuckerberg plans to talk about the upcoming name change at the company's annual Connect conference on Oct. 28, but it could be announced earlier, in an attempt to signal the tech giant's ambitions. (TheVerge) [2021/10/20 20:42:24]

Li Jun said that in Xiong'an New District, blockchain is not just an icing on the cake application like "blockchain +", but is truly integrated into the bottom layer of smart city construction and governance, becoming an organic component of new infrastructure, and it is closely related to big data and artificial intelligence. , cloud computing and other technologies work together to bring the city of the future into reality.

The development of the blockchain is a revolutionary paradigm, which will have a profound impact on all levels of technology and society. Although the blockchain has not been applied as the underlying technology, many cities have made many attempts.

In 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau and Tencent jointly launched the first practice of "blockchain + taxation", launched the blockchain electronic invoice system, and issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Shenzhen also launched the "Extreme Edition" of blockchain electronic invoices, realizing the online process of the entire process from registration, invoice collection, invoicing to reimbursement, and realizing "contactless" processing. As of the end of 2020, Shenzhen's blockchain electronic invoices have issued 33 million invoices, with an invoiced amount of more than 39 billion yuan, and the application scenarios cover more than 100 industries.

There are more than 5 million real estate and land registered in Wuhan, and the annual new and old real estate transaction volume is close to 300,000. The total market size of real estate transactions exceeds 400 billion yuan, and the scale of tax revenue accounts for a large proportion. On March 26, 2021, Wuhan City launched the "Chain Tax Link" - "Blockchain + Real Estate" tax governance project.

This project is an important link in the construction of "Smart City" in Wuhan. By applying blockchain technology to the whole process of real estate transactions, taxation and registration of new commercial housing, it solves the problem of many formalities and departments in the purchase of commercial housing by natural persons in the past. , complex processes, miscellaneous data and other issues. The platform effectively solves the problem of data interoperability and sharing in the One Netcom Office, realizes cross-departmental and cross-regional joint maintenance and utilization of government data, and promotes business collaboration.

Coincidentally, the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent started the first practice of "blockchain + taxation" and took the lead in experiencing the technological dividends brought by the blockchain. On August 10, 2018, with the approval of the State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen launched the blockchain electronic invoice system and issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice. This is the first product incubated by the "Smart Tax" innovation laboratory, and it is also the first application research result of the "blockchain + invoice" ecosystem in China.  

WeBank provides Macau with a solution to realize user identity recognition and credible exchange of certificate data - WeIdentity, to solve problems such as data silos and data abuse. Through a specific application, the enterprise can accept the user's certificate and application materials, and easily and quickly verify the authenticity of the user's certificate.  

The information summary of the anonymous ID and the encrypted digital certificate is stored on the blockchain, and the real identity of the user and the original data of the certificate content-zce are all stored off the chain, ensuring that there is no risk of user privacy being leaked on the chain. Secondly, the disclosure of any information needs to be authorized by the user. Organizations will not and cannot exchange data through the blockchain. At the same time, WeIdentity's encryption technology can prevent any third party from reversely speculating that the user is in the real world or other scenarios. identity of.

With its own core technical characteristics, blockchain technology is reshaping social trust and becoming an important basis for maintaining the orderly operation and normal activities of smart cities.

Cities with reinforced concrete structures are undergoing rapid changes.

Author | Jin Zhaoyu 


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Taking the express train of blockchain, what has Xiong'an New District done?

"I hope that the blockchain will become the underlying facility of production and life like the Internet." ——Li Jun, director of the Xiongan New Area Blockchain LaboratoryOn December 14, 2020.

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