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Detoxification of "poison" India's ban on Bitcoin NewsCrypto in-depth analysis of the environment of encrypted assets



According to Reuters: The Indian government will follow the Turkish government to ban cryptocurrencies and impose fines on those who trade or even hold such assets in the country. India will define any behavior related to encrypted assets as a crime. On that day, digital currencies collectively encountered a round of bloodbath, and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS plummeted across the board. According to NewsCrypto data, nearly US$4.5 billion was liquidated that day, equivalent to about 30 billion yuan. At present, many governments have adopted strict control measures on encrypted digital assets, and India is currently the world's largest in terms of strict control measures. Why use such a large scale as criminal behavior to characterize it? What was the straw that broke the camel's back?

NewsCrypto analysts believe that due to India's financial structure and plans to launch a digital currency issued by the national credit endorsement The reason is that it is doomed to conflict with cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrencies cannot be popular in India for a long time. However, India’s move serves as a precedent and has given many countries a sense of reference. In the future, digital currencies will inevitably rise, and large-scale encryption applications will be as unstoppable as ever. Whether to go or stay with Bitcoin has become a question that many countries need to think about.

Data: The total lock-up volume of the current DeFi protocol reaches 70.104 billion US dollars: According to the news on December 12, the data on the Tokenview chain shows that the total lock-up volume (TVL) of the current DeFi projects is 70.104 billion US dollars. The top five locked-up assets (USD):

Curve (10.165 billion +1.53%);

Maker (6.921 billion -0.25%);

Uniswap V3 (4.946 billion -0.03%);

Aave (4.372 billion -3.61%);

WBTC (3.429 billion -0.06%). [2022/12/12 21:38:28]

NewsCrypto is an educational platform aimed at investing in encrypted digital assets. Find the correct information to guide people not to invest blindly and make rational investment decisions. This time, policy issues in countries like India have led to an overall decline in the mainstream digital asset market. The NewsCrypto team has made relevant analysis and risk warnings as early as 20 years ago. Starting from mid-April 21, what is the development trend of encrypted digital assets in the next six months? Data analysts related to the NewsCrypto project said that the future development of encrypted digital assets can be measured from the following three aspects.

Polygon introduces a Snapshot voting tool for witnesses to improve governance transparency: On March 19th, Polygon announced the introduction of a Snapshot voting tool for witnesses to improve governance transparency. This voting tool is based on the principle of one address = one vote, allowing witnesses to use their addresses to vote, which corresponds to the way the witness community currently reaches consensus outside the chain. In the next step, the Polygon Proposal (PIP) framework will also undergo major reforms to achieve transparency and consistency in the governance process. (blog.polygon)[2022/3/19 14:06:11]

First, the central banks of various countries set off a wave of digital currency research and development, and the battle for digital currency supremacy kicked off. On July 20, the G7 decided to cooperate on the issuance of central bank digital currency. The G7 plans to hold a summit meeting in the United States at the end of August and early September to discuss the promotion of China's digital renminbi as an international settlement method and the risks of the country's possession of personal information such as user purchase history. NewsCrypto analysts believe that driven by sufficient liquidity in the global capital market, investors keen to chase risks, and institutional investors beginning to buy, digital currencies will have a great possibility to sweep the world in the future and bring about an era of asset transparency.

The decentralized asset management platform dHEDGE Aurora version update is now officially launched: On March 15th, the decentralized asset management platform dHEDGE announced that its Aurora version update is now officially launched, allowing users to directly manage UniswapV3 liquidity in dHEDGE, and Added a ton of new assets on Optimism and Polygon. In addition, the platform also allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly with fiat currency through an integration with Banxa. [2022/3/15 13:58:12]

Second, global financial credit payment institutions are actively investing in the digital cryptocurrency market. Recently, international credit card giants Mastercard, VISA and other companies are in contact with cryptocurrency companies, encouraging and inviting them to apply to become their partners as part of their newly expanded cryptocurrency payment plan to meet the needs of different customers. With the popularity of digital currency, NewsCrypto analysts believe that more and more merchants will realize the importance of digital currency in the future. With its decentralized nature, it does not need to rely on third parties, let alone intermediary fees. If it can be implemented on a large scale in the future, it will definitely become the best choice for merchants.

The USDC circulation on the Avalanche chain exceeded $400 million, a record high: On March 13, according to the latest data from usdccool, the USDC circulation on the Avalanche chain exceeded $400 million, a record high. At the time of writing this article, it was $403,478,221.10. At present, the total circulation of USDC is about 52.4 billion U.S. dollars, of which the largest circulation on the Ethereum chain is about 47.03 billion U.S. dollars. [2022/3/14 13:54:29]

Finally, investment institutions have entered the digital currency market. According to the Grayscale report, the digital asset fund increased by US$905 million, a new high in a single quarter. Grayscale Investment released its quarterly report, and institutional demand for Bitcoin and other digital assets is still rising. NewsCrypto analysts believe that following stocks and futures, digital cryptocurrencies will also become new members of the investment securities market. It is an inevitable trend for A-shares, futures, and digital currencies to go hand in hand.

Recently during the live broadcast of NewsCrypto's "Encryption Course 101 Webinar", the CEO of NewsCrypto gave a detailed speech The advantages of using cryptocurrencies for payments and transactions as well as the new trends in blockchain technology and cryptography. The NewsCrypto platform pays great attention to user experience and service. Whether you are a novice user who has just entered the blockchain industry or an investment veteran driver platform, you can choose the corresponding three levels of high school and junior high school, and provide applicable 1:1 training courses. The content-zce covers all basic services such as consulting and analysis, education and training, payment tools, advertising services, and community incentives. Whether you want to understand the basics of cryptocurrency, access professional-level market analysis tools, or swim in the world of encrypted games, NewsCrypto can do it On the road of stable investment, we will escort you!

NewsCrypto official Twitter recently released a community interaction activity: describe the NewsCrypto platform APP in one sentence. There are a thousand Harry Potters for a thousand readers. Everyone has a different understanding of NewsCrypto, and the three officials who best describe them will be rewarded with 100 NWC token candies.

Judging from the latest movements of governments such as Turkey and India, similar situations may break out in other countries one after another, and cryptocurrencies may face a new round of regulatory storms. The NewsCrypto platform will prepare sufficient risk warnings, and the professional team will use big data analysis to interpret the latest policies and assist NewsCrypto platform users to make correct decisions in the field of encrypted digital asset investment. Unlike legal tender, cryptocurrency has no central issuing agency and is borderless. It was born in the trend of "denationalization". Even if the Indian government completely blocks it, investors and capital can always find new ones. The method continues to circulate, its concealment is extremely high, and it is difficult to find clues. Cryptocurrency still has a very promising prospect.

Under the trend of the global development of the digital economy, blockchain technology has been vigorously promoted and supported, and it has also promoted the future development of the encryption market. Newscrypto, as the preferred platform for professional education services and transactions, will surely seize the opportunity to assist you in the region Make the best decisions in blockchain investing.


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Detoxification of "poison" India's ban on Bitcoin NewsCrypto in-depth analysis of the environment of encrypted assets

According to Reuters: The Indian government will follow the Turkish government to ban cryptocurrencies and impose fines on those who trade or even hold such assets in the country.

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