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Golden DeFi Daily | DeFi token YFI breaks through $50,000 for the first time



DeFi Data

1. The total market value of DeFi: 127.281 billion US dollars

The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFibox

DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the last 24 hours: $3.61 billion

Source of trading volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX rankings by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 18.53 billion US dollars

Golden Noon News | November 3 at noon list of important developments: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, People’s Daily Online, Grayscale, US election, PayPal

1. Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission: The SAR government will introduce licenses related to encrypted assets;

2. People's Daily Online: domestic RMB purchase of virtual currency, foreign currency cash withdrawal may be suspected of breaking the law;

3. CEO of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission: The previous encryption regulatory framework allowed some trading platforms to operate without supervision;

4. Grayscale BTC Trust increased its holdings by 1938 BTC for the 13th consecutive working day;

5. Analysis: Cash App purchased 40% of newly issued Bitcoins in the second quarter;

6. 21 Finance and Economics: The digital renminbi has not yet been opened to the public for download, so vigilance is needed;

7. The results of the US general election will be released tomorrow afternoon;

8. PayPal will open cryptocurrency services to international users in the first half of 2021;

9. President of MasterCard: CBDC plans are being discussed with governments. [2020/11/3 11:31:43]

Golden Morning News | Overview of important news overnight on October 9: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: United States, Shenzhen,, Square

1. The U.S. Attorney General announces a cryptocurrency law enforcement framework;

2. Shenzhen Luohu District distributes 10 million yuan digital RMB red envelopes;

3. Japanese Deputy Finance Minister: China seeks first-mover advantage in building digital currency;

4. The Luohu District of Shenzhen launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot;

5. launches a testing tool for the proposed resource model for the EOS community;

6. The central business area of Tianjin Free Trade Zone realizes the online processing of judicial arbitration through blockchain;

7. Survey: Most Ethereum mining projects do not approve of the EIP 1559 proposal;

8. Executive Director of the Hong Kong Financial Development Council: The launch of digital renminbi in Hong Kong can be used as a good sandbox trial;

9. Payments giant Square buys $50 million worth of bitcoin. [2020/10/9]

DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank

Top 10 lending platforms by lockup volume Ranking source: DeFibox

Jinse Finance contract market analysis | BTC fluctuated within a narrow range after the sharp drop: According to the Huobi BTC perpetual contract market, as of 18:00 today (GMT+8), the BTC price was temporarily reported at 11,140 US dollars (-1.55%), 20:00 00 (GMT+8) settlement funding rate is 0.031647%.

BTC has made repairing adjustments after the sharp drop at $11,000-11,300 from last night to now. According to Huobi’s delivery contract data, the BTC contract turnover in the current quarter decreased significantly compared with yesterday, the open interest was stable, the proportion of elite longs increased slightly, and the contract in the current quarter maintained a relatively large positive premium. During the time when BTC maintained a narrow range of volatility, some mainstream currencies rebounded, and the overall market trading remained active, accumulating momentum for the follow-up direction.

The price of USDT on Huobi Global OTC is 6.96 yuan, with a premium rate of -0.38%. [2020/8/3]

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $67.35 billion

Golden Morning News | June 24 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: South Korea, Tether, United States, Microsoft, Chainlink

1. The Korea Internet and Security Agency is developing software to track cryptocurrency transactions on the dark web.

2. Report: As Tether issuance slows down, BTC prices may drop.

3. The new director of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency: Central bank digital currency should be designed by the private sector.

4. Microsoft: Blockchain can help meet Paris Agreement carbon emissions targets.

5. The Nasdaq closed up 0.74%, continuing to hit a record closing high.

6. BSN announced the introduction of Chainlink oracle functionality into its network.

7. IBMC, a financial services institution, will launch a gold-backed digital currency USG.

8. The Ethereum 2.0 Altona v0.12 testnet is scheduled to be launched within 7 days. [2020/6/24]

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of March 6: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Ethereum 2.0, Fcoin, PoS, double spend, PlusToken

1. Japan Exchange Group (JPX) announced the testing of a blockchain-based securities post-trade information platform.

2. V God: Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 will start this year PoS will eventually become a reality.

3. Fcoin: Login will resume within a week. Users can withdraw 50% of the original assets of the FMex account.

4. Be wary of multiple Omni USDT double-spending attacks.

5. The top 100 large Ethereum holders began to buy again, which may indicate a positive signal.

6. There was a change in PlusToken's runaway funds. 13,112 BTC were being cut and dispersed.

7. Analysis: The number of active-zce Bitcoin addresses in February increased by 15.5% compared with January.

8. The data shows that the 0.01% rich accounts holding more than 20 million XRP are accumulating more XRP.

9. Bitcoin fluctuated and rose within the day, reaching as high as $9,170. [2020/3/6]

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. Polkadot DeFi project Equilibrium announced that the PLO phase 1 raised a total of more than 250,000 DOT

On April 15th, the Polkadot DeFi project Equilibrium announced that in Phase 1 of the Polkadot PLO (Parachain Lease Offering), a total of more than 250,000 DOT (approximately US$10 million) was raised for the DOT/EQ token exchange. Equilibrium will offer up to a 25% bonus in EQ tokens, depending on the amount of DOT the user pledges to redeem.

2. DeFi token YFI breaks through $50,000 for the first time since February

Due to the planned repurchase and increase in TVL of the DeFi protocol, Yearn Finance's governance token YFI exceeded 50,000 yuan for the first time in two months. According to Alex Svanevik, CEO of blockchain data firm Nansen, Yearn Finance’s buyback program and explosive growth in TVL have fueled YFI’s growth.

3. DeFi project Benqi Finance raised $6 million

The DeFi project Benqi Finance raised US$6 million in strategic financing. Investors include Arrington XRP Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Ascensive Assets, Mechanism Capital, etc.

4. The locked position has exceeded 3 billion US dollars tweeted that its TVL (locked volume) has exceeded 3 billion US dollars.

5. Data: Uniswap's liquidity is close to $8.4 billion, a record high

According to data from OKLink, as of 10 o'clock today, the liquidity of Uniswap V2 is about 8.39 billion US dollars, a record high. In the past 30 days, the liquidity of Uniswap V2 has increased by 74%. The top three tokens with current liquidity are Wrapped Ether with USD 3.75 billion, Fei with USD 1.33 billion and USDC with USD 380 million.

1. Heco announced an ecological strategic cooperation with XRP, XRP has now successfully cross-chained to Heco

On April 15th, Heco announced an ecological strategic cooperation with XRP. XRP has successfully cross-chained to the Heco network. Users can directly cross-chain to Heco through the Huobi Global deposit and withdrawal portal. In the future, XRP will be used as a DeFi asset and will be connected to the Heco chain. Various application scenarios including DEX transactions, lending, and liquidity mining. Ripple is an open payment network, mainly used for currency exchange and remittance, in which XRP or its legal currency (xCurrent) can be used for transactions through Ripple transactions. XRP is the native token in the Ripple network system and is generated by attaching to the Ripple network. Heco is a decentralized energy-efficient public chain fully compatible with EVM (virtual machine), which can provide developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment. In order to enrich the diversity of assets and facilitate users to use the Heco network, Heco has already launched AAVE, ARPA, BAL, YFI and other currencies of Heco network anchor Token. In the future, Heco will continue to expand the scale of one currency and multiple chains, and more online Heco network anchors Token.

2. Golff Heco version of Lend will be launched at 20:00 tonight

According to official news, Golff will launch the Heco version of Lend one-click loan product at 20:00 tonight. The Heco version of Lend makes the user experience faster and easier to borrow at a lower cost by obtaining the lending rate on the Heco chain. And deposit/borrow can get additional mining GOF rewards. The first phase of Heco version of Lend supports currencies: 13 Heco assets such as HT, HUSD, USDT, HBTC, ETH, MDX, UNI, and AAVE. Golff is positioned as a one-stop encrypted bank. Its product form is mainly a DeFi aggregator platform, and it is committed to creating a lightweight, open and free financial world.

1. The new song created by Korean singer Xia Yunxiu through AI will be released in the form of NFT

Korean singer Xia Yunxiu's new song "I don't know what to do" composed by AI will be released in the form of NFT. NFT has attracted the attention of the music industry after news that Ryan Tedde, the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning American rock band, recently released a new album in the form of NFT.

2. TrustBase makes a strategic investment in the NFT platform Liquidifty

According to official news, TrustBase announced a strategic investment in the NFT platform Liquidifty, with the intention of jointly enriching the development of the NFT ecosystem. TrustBase is a Polkadot parallel chain based on the Substrate framework, which independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports a variety of tool plug-ins and smart contract applications. As an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has obtained the certification support of the Web3 Foundation Grant, and the Subscript smart contract language has delivered the first phase of development results to the Web3 Foundation. Liquidifty - The platform aims to bring more liquidity to the NFT market and provide users with more use cases to support their NFTs with more usage scenarios. At present, the project has received investment from AU21 and PartOne Capital.

3. Snowden released the first NFT work "StayFree"

Prism Gate Discloser Edward Snowden released the first NFT "StayFree" (Keep Free) on the Foundation platform on April 15. According to the official description, this NFT work contains landmark court judgments in American history and represents freedom of the press. At present, the auction of this NFT work has not yet started.


A major breakthrough in Layer 2 expansion, zkPorter ended the battle between Zk Rollup and Optimistic Rollup

Layer 2 mass migration is coming. As the protocol moves from the Ethereum base layer to Optimistic Rollups and EVM-compatible zk Rollups.

4.15 National Security Education Day for All: Prevent the risk of money laundering from online part-time job "running points"

At present, the emergence of the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, but it inevitably also brings a lot of network security threats. Especially in recent years.

NFT works are frequently priced at sky-high prices, and three major problems in the supervision of valuation liquidity need to be solved

A digital art painting that doesn't exist in reality sold for $69.3 million, a tweet for $2.9 million and a shot of LeBron James dunking for $208.

Golden DeFi Daily | DeFi token YFI breaks through $50,000 for the first time

DeFi Data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 127.281 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Golden DeFi Daily | Maker's lock-up volume exceeded $8 billion for the first time

DeFi data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 113.902 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Golden Morning Post | Nasdaq sets the reference stock price of Coinbase at $250

Headline ▌NASDAQ Sets Coinbase Reference Stock Price at $250Jinse Finance reported that Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq have set the reference price for Coinbase’s direct listing at $250 per share.

The first anniversary of the digital renminbi pilot: Over a million people participated in the pilot city to start the "new" battle

Original Title: The First Anniversary of the Digital RMB Pilot 丨 More than a million people participated in the eight rounds of public testing.