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DeFi "Cambrian" burst SumSwap highlights unique market competitiveness



If the development history of the blockchain is compared to the history of the first year of the earth, then the birth of Bitcoin is the ancient cloud. During this period, the white paper released by Satoshi Nakamoto opened the era of decentralized electronic currency, and the next wave is The birth of the smart contract represented by Ethereum is the Sinian period. During this period, it pioneered a rich interactive innovation method on the chain, which is the basis of today's blockchain technology. Now, we are on the third wave of blockchain innovation - DeFi (decentralized finance), which brings us to the Cambrian era, which is the era of biological explosion in history , and our DeFi is now ushering in such a big explosion. The rise of DeFi has brought new investment directions for investors, and the rise of DeFi has also broken through the shackles of traditional centralization bottlenecks, bringing it a broad space for development. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the upsurge of DeFi will not be a flash in the pan, but will be the future development trend. 1. The popularity of SumSwap is not decreasing The upsurge has lasted for 15 days, and the heat wave effect has led to a sharp rise in the entire market. The discussion on SumSwap in the entire market has never stopped. The market is concerned about the pre-sale process of SumSwap nodes, the next market action of SumSwap, and the development of the SumSwap community. The discussion fully demonstrated the market's emphasis on SumSwap. Based on the uniqueness and value potential of SumSwap, SumSwap will become the wind vane of DEX development in the future. DeFi Saver launches a module automation strategy that allows the use of yield mining funds to implement liquidation protection: On March 8, the one-stop asset management solution DeFi Saver launched a new module automation strategy that allows automatic use of yield mining funds for execution Liquidation protection, connecting MakerDAO to liquidity mining protocols such as mStable, Yearn, and RariCapital. Compared with the previous liquidation protection of automatic repayment, the difference is that the new strategy will not sell the collateral. Once the threshold is reached, the Dai deposited in any of the above agreements can be withdrawn and used to repay part of the debt and prevent liquidation. DeFiSaver said that more automated strategies will be launched in the next few weeks or months. [2022/3/8 13:45:04] The market popularity of SumSwap is reflected in the current data. The current number of SumSwap’s global community has exceeded 300,000+, WeChat and telegram groups have exceeded 5000+, and the number of pre-sales of hot nodes is confirmed Breaking through 130+, the number of node activations has exceeded 2,000, and it is estimated that there have been more than 2,000,000 discussion messages about Sumswap in domestic and overseas communities. Double up. Under the current excellent market environment, as the ecology of SumSwap continues to grow and grow, the number of users continues to rise exponentially. Coupled with the unique trading model mechanism, it can effectively reduce the cognitive threshold for entry and help liquidity providers maintain long-term stability Passive income, which can attract more users and funds to actively enter into the liquidity provider, improve the liquidity of the platform, and thus form a positive cycle. The average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 1.86%: Jinse Finance and Economics quotes show that the average decline of the DeFi concept sector today is 1.86%. Among the 47 currencies, 9 rose and 38 fell, among which the leading currencies were: REP (+24.87%), NMR (+8.70%), UMA (+4.35%). The leading currencies are: HOT (-10.97%), AKRO (-10.12%), SNX (-7.14%). [2021/7/17 0:58:52] Just like UNI, tens of thousands of daily activities can bring it a liquid market value of 15 billion US dollars. The rise of SumSwap’s liquidity is expected to surpass UniSwap in terms of daily activities, and the daily activities are the most direct The benefit will be the value of SUM, and a single SUM will surpass UNI, so the rise of SumSwap will bring an excellent opportunity to get rich, and its return on wealth cannot be estimated. 2. The platform advantages of SumSwap Compared with the past DEX, SumSwap has a powerful promotion mechanism and easy operation. The platform advantages of SumSwap are reflected in the team strength, operation mode and platform governance mode, etc.! Data: The total lock-up volume of DeFi protocols on Ethereum is 45.73 billion US dollars: According to OKLink data, as of 16:00 today, the total lock-up volume of DeFi protocols on Ethereum is about 45.73 billion US dollars, a month-on-month decrease of 14.29%. The top three lock-ups in the past 24 hours are Cover (+26.16%), Dynamic Set Dollar (+22.8%) and Kyber (+11.86%). Currently, the top three DeFi protocols with locked positions are WBTC with USD 5.86 billion (-4.49%), Maker with USD 5.77 billion (-6.45%), and Compound with USD 4.91 billion (-3.66%). [2021/3/5 18:18:17] (1) The powerful team SumSwap is built by a British blockchain company. It is based on the success of Uniswap and Sushiswap; Significant decentralized financial products, most of the founding team members of SumSwap come from financial technology companies such as Wall Street and Silicon Valley, with an average of 8 years of research and development experience and core team members with more than 5 years of collaborative relationship, in cloud computing, SAAS, blockchain Has rich experience and skills in the fields of technology and network security protection. At present, Sumswap has received investment from many international investment banks, and its strength is very strong! ZB (ZB) DeFi Mining Report: The total locked-up amount of DeFi mining is about 36.47 million US dollars: According to the data of ZB (ZB) platform, the total locked-up amount of DeFi mining today is about 36.47 million US dollars, of which QC mining , deposit USDT mining and deposit ZB mining lock-up volume decreased slightly; deposit QFIL mining lock-up volume rose slightly; deposit ETH mining lock-up volume remained unchanged. [2020/11/3 11:32:56] (2) Base index issuance model + currency holding + ecological dual staking model SUM is the protocol token of SumSwap, it is the carrier that carries the value of the entire project, and it is also an incentive for participants to jointly create SumSwap The key link of the ecology, in order to better empower its value, SumSwap does not issue tokens in equal amounts like most projects, but adopts the base index issuance model. The total amount of SUM is 320 million, and 32 million mother coins are pre-mined. 288 million are divided into five stages, and the issuance has been completed for more than ten years. The distribution ratio of Sum's daily release output is used for: 40% token holding pledge, 40% ecological pledge, 20% liquidity mining, among which token holding pledge is the most distinctive, compared with the normal Staking mechanism, both It will only be calculated according to the weight of the user's currency holdings, and the result will be completely out of the essence of fairness and justice, while SumSwap uses a unique jump ranking weighting algorithm. The design of the jump ranking weighted algorithm can effectively break the barriers of capital monopoly, take into account ordinary users, and fully guarantee the fairness and justice of the gameplay! Know the lowest price to start SumSwap, add WeChat: hyf694 The total market value of DeFi projects is 12.92 billion US dollars, and the concept currency has risen 7 and 6 has fallen: Jinse Finance’s DeFi zone shows that the current DeFi concept currency market has 7 rises and 6 falls in the 24h market, and the top three 24h increases are : KNC (+17.63%), LRC (+17.61%), KingN Coin (+16.57%). The top three decliners were: DMG (-11.13%), AMPL (-10.53%), and BNT (-5.52%). The total market value of DeFi projects is US$12.92 billion, and the top five tokens by market value are: LINK (US$6.557 billion), COMP (US$682 million), UMA (US$673 million), MKR (US$663 million), SNX (US$659 million Dollar). [2020/8/14] SumSwap's coin holding mechanism has an "optimum income range". Users with less and more coins will have less income than users in the middle area, so that each user can hold SUM Be more even and avoid being monopolized by oligopolies. SumSwap can attract large-scale attention in the market. In addition to its excellent ecological model design and innovative architecture system, it can fully reflect the principle of decentralized distribution in concept. (3) Special platform governance model SumSwap has innovated and extended the governance model of other DeFi protocols. Compared with the traditional financial system, which is often supervised by financial regulators, the community governance of the SumSwap platform is designed based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) , The significant advantage of this model lies in the unified rules of automatic execution, transparency, and any stakeholder holding SUM can express their own interests. SumSwap's DAO community governance can not only improve liquidity, but also significantly increase user activity. Although many DeFi platform communities are completely based on DAO autonomous communities, they will face more difficulties in the short term. The biggest problem is not technical, but more about the lack of relevant data support so that all decisions can be made. Quantified by smart contracts, related projects show that a community governed entirely by self-executing code does not reduce the cost of communication between humans, especially when dealing with extreme events. To give a simple example, the current basic principles of DAO governance are still just like binary, with only two options of "0" and "1", which are either black or white. The financial market is often changing and extremely complex. If we completely leave the question of whether a certain token can be used as collateral to the users who hold the token, and the user's voting options can only support or not support these two extreme options , if the vast majority of users do not know enough about the currency, then this kind of voting is obviously unfair and inefficient. Therefore, SumSwap innovatively proposes a governance plan that combines "rule of man + autonomy". Rule of man mainly deals with unquantifiable and high-frequency decisions, while autonomy mainly deals with quantifiable and low-frequency decisions. When the entire community is faced with new problems that are not written in the smart contract, it is necessary to deal with this type of problem at this time, and at the same time write a smart contract that can handle this type of problem so that the next time the community faces the same problem, it will not No human involvement is required. When such problems are discovered and solved more and more, the participation of the rule of man will become less and less until it finally withdraws. Autonomy can mainly deal with problems that can be standardized and designed in advance. At present, most of the governance work of SumSwap can be solved through smart contracts. 3. The pre-sale time of SUM nodes is running out. Compared with other projects that use many complex formulas or derivative products to market, SumSwap's marketing method is more sophisticated and simple, and it knows how to weigh the key points of the market. As a new generation of DeFi integration innovation protocol, SumSwap has taken leading the ecological development of DEX as its own responsibility since its birth, and constantly innovated the development model of DEX, which makes its birth full of meaning. Therefore, it can be foreseen that the competition of DEX in the future will be based on comprehensive strength. Competition is also the competition of innovation models. The node subscription of Sumswap is currently in the early and mid-term. Participate in the liquidity investment of the project as soon as possible, and you can get more stable income than other projects. Participate in the node pre-sale of Sumswap and become an early node, you will be able to get; 1. Participation rights; node The participation weight of the node is definitely higher than that of ordinary users, and the self-contained halo of the node makes it have a heavier weight in the community. 2. Decision-making power; in determining the future development direction of the community, it will also have a higher right to speak and be able to conduct more in-depth Participate in the early stage development of the project, 3. Income rights; early nodes can obtain more bonus opportunities brought by project development and enjoy the benefits brought by project development. 4. Divide the transaction fees of the platform. Uniswap’s current daily transaction fees are about 3 million US dollars. SumSwap’s user stickiness is higher and its scalability is stronger, so the future transaction fees are more optimistic..


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