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Golden Observation | Encryption asset ETFs are listed together.The US ETF may not be far away



The impact of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the traditional investment industry has taken decades to emerge, but players in the cryptocurrency world may disrupt the traditional investment industry in a short period of time.

There are more and more signs that there is a huge potential demand in the market.

The Toronto-listed Purpose Bitcoin ETF is the first bitcoin ETF in North America and has amassed about $1.3 billion in assets since its launch in February.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of October 13: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank of Russia, G20 Group, Polkadot, Spain, Filecoin, BitMEX

1. US presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen accepts BTC and ETH donations.

2. The Polkadot 7 referendum was submitted incorrectly and the Runtime was upgraded to the 8th referendum.

3. The Central Bank of Russia: is studying the possibility of issuing digital rubles.

4. The Spanish government plans to create a bill to force owners of encrypted assets to disclose their earnings.

5. The current total lock-up volume of the Defi protocol on Ethereum is about 12.61 billion US dollars.

6. Governor of the Bank of England: Bitcoin may have extrinsic value.

7. Filecoin Slingshot will end on October 22 and the Filecoin mainnet will start on time.

8. BitMEX will launch LINKUSDT dual-currency perpetual contracts on October 16.

9. The G20 group once again emphasized the regulation of the stable currency market.

10. V God: If you want to give up Eth 2.0, you will publicly admit it. [2020/10/13]

Subsequently, in Canada, encrypted asset ETFs began to get listed together.

Golden Morning News | A list of important overnight news on May 12: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: halving, central bank digital currency, ETH2.0, supervision

1. BTC has completed the third halving.

2. Yao Qian: The combination of Libra and the digital dollar will be an excellent example of public-private cooperation.

3. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary: If the central bank issues digital currency, it will make it harder for anonymous financial forms to prosper.

4. Former CFTC Chairman: A digital dollar will allow the government to allocate stimulus funds more accurately.

5. The May contract of CME Bitcoin futures closed down 12.31%.

6. V God: With the help of the multi-client test network Schlesi ETH2.0 is on the right track.

7. Tether issued an additional 100 million USDT to the TRON network (authorized but not issued).

8. U.S. OCC officials propose to provide a federal licensing framework for encryption companies.

9. Foreign media: After halving, 30% of Bitcoin miners may shut down their mining machines.

10. Bitcoin fell as low as $8,206.05 at night, and as high as $8,924.83 within the day. [2020/5/12]

Last week, Canadian regulators approved ethereum ETFs from Purpose Investments, Evolve Funds Group and CI Global Asset Management to trade on local exchanges. Previously, Purpose and Evolve both launched bitcoin ETFs, attracting about $1.3 billion and $100 million in assets under management, respectively.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of January 31: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Facebook, Cambodia, Ethereum, ETC

1. Zuckerberg: Facebook is developing a digital wallet to be used with Libra;

2. Cambodia will issue CBDC, and the project has entered the final deployment stage;

3. The Seychelles Stock Exchange MERJ plans to tokenize luxury cars including Ferrari;

4. Founder of Galaxy Digital: There are three reasons that will drive Bitcoin to rise in the next few months;

5. Developers: The conversion of Ethereum to PoS will not affect the projects built on it;

6. Japan's JVCEA announced the transaction data reports of 19 registered exchanges in December last year;

7. Head of Blockstack User Growth: The company will no longer lead hard fork upgrades in the future

8. CEO of We are completely rebuilding the digital infrastructure;

9. ETC officially announced that it will implement the Phoenix hard fork to repair the original planned Aztlán hard fork. [2020/1/31]

Three Ethereum ETFs started trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange this Tuesday (April 20).

Previously, in addition to the Purpose Bitcoin ETF, Canada successively approved the Bitcoin ETF applications submitted by Evolve and CI Global Asset Management. In addition, on Monday, 3iQ, Canada's largest digital asset management company, announced the launch of a Bitcoin ETF that 3iQ cooperated with CoinShares. At present, the Bitcoin ETF has completed the initial issuance of units, and began trading in Canadian dollars on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") on the same day, under the symbol "BTCQ", and in US dollars under the symbol "BTCQ.U".

In Brazil, blockchain and cryptocurrency firm QR Capital’s Bitcoin ETF has also been approved by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission and is trading on Sao Paulo’s B3 stock exchange. Meanwhile, Banco do Brasil became the first state-owned bank to allow clients to invest in crypto ETFs.

Industry insiders said that as Canada and Brazil's Bitcoin ETF applications are passed one after another, the United States may also make corresponding adjustments. Especially after the new chairman of the SEC of the US Securities and Exchange Commission takes office, the SEC is likely to re-evaluate all Bitcoin ETF applications, including asset management company VanEck.

On April 21, Jake Chervinsky, Compound’s general counsel, tweeted: “In my opinion, the most likely (by a slight margin) outcome of this round of Bitcoin ETF proposals is the approval of three Bitcoin ETFs at least in early November.” Securities The SEC deadline for VanEck is Nov. 10, and I bet they'll take as much time as they can. If we get an ETF this cycle, it's about time."

It is reported that recently, a batch of Bitcoin ETF applications have flocked to the SEC. The applicants include Tianqiao Capital, asset management company WisdomTree Investments, encryption investment company Galaxy Digital, Galaxy Digital, Fidelity, etc.


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Golden Observation | Encryption asset ETFs are listed together.The US ETF may not be far away

The impact of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the traditional investment industry has taken decades to emerge.

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