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7 must-reads in the evening | What does Chainlink’s white paper 2.0 mention?



1. Seven operations that can be implemented in Layer2

The age of L2 scaling solutions has arrived, but this is just the beginning. If you're a pioneer, now is an excellent time to try out some of the things that are possible with Layer 2. So you may ask, what is the hottest L2 service right now? Click to read

2. Pantera Capital: Bitcoin will eventually increase by 100,000 times

Golden Evening News|A list of important news on the evening of July 9: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Wenzhou Police, Central Bank Response, Bank of Lithuania, KNC, London Stock Exchange

1. Wenzhou police uncovered the country's first cryptocurrency arbitrage scam involving more than 100 million yuan.

2. The central bank responded: "Transfers over 100,000 will be strictly investigated" is a misinterpretation.

3. Secretary of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province: Accelerate the construction of integrated basic platforms such as blockchain.

4. Member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Lithuania: LBCOIN is a testing ground for testing CBDC.

5. Bank for International Settlements: CBDC is a supplementary means of payment.

6. Ethereum developers tracked and found that 39 USDC-related addresses have been blacklisted.

7. Founder of Kyber: Nearly 10.5 million KNC were staked within 24 hours.

8. The CFTC will have comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations by 2024.

9. London Stock Exchange Group assigns financial "barcodes" to 169 cryptocurrencies.

10. The Islamic Shariah Advisory Committee of the Malaysian Securities Regulatory Commission allows digital currency transactions. [2020/7/9]

In our April 2020 investor letter, we used the S2F ratio to predict that Bitcoin could reach $62,968 this week. The bitcoin price has really arrived. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of January 7: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank, Ministry of Education, SBI, Apple

1. Shenzhen branch of the central bank: the business volume of the central bank's trade finance blockchain platform is more than 90 billion yuan;

2. Ministry of Education: my country will focus on writing a batch of new textbooks around AI, blockchain and other fields;

3. Ministry of Justice: explore and promote "blockchain + public legal services";

4. Bloomberg: SBI and GMO become new customers of the world's largest cryptocurrency mine;

5. Kusama, the Polkadot test network, has resumed block generation, and Gavin Wood published an article detailing the bug solution;

6. Apple recommends the blockchain browser Brave as one of "our favorite new apps";

7. After the Ethereum Muir Glacier upgrade, the number of blocks produced is close to the highest level in history;

8. Governor of Hebei Province: Promote the application of blockchain technology and industrial development;

9. V God: Ethereum 2.0 may be launched in Q1 or Q2. [2020/1/7]

3. The Federal Reserve’s panoramic interpretation of the subversive power of DeFi

Quotes| Evening digital currency market report: According to the Huobi trading platform data, the latest transaction price of BTC is 9552.67 US dollars, the highest price is 9730 US dollars, the lowest price is 9177 US dollars, the transaction volume is 27,700, an increase of 0.35%; the latest transaction price of ETH is 210.48 US dollars, the highest The price reached US$215.44, the lowest price was US$199, and the transaction volume was 382,100, an increase of 0.84%. [2019/7/29]

This article focuses on the opportunities and potential risks in the Defi ecosystem. I propose a multi-layered framework to analyze the underlying architecture and various Defi components, including token standards, decentralized exchanges, decentralized debt markets, blockchain derivatives, and on-chain asset management protocols. click to read

4. Find New|Debaseonomics: Algorithmic Stablecoin Architecture

Debaseonomics is creating a new algorithmic stablecoin architecture. Rather than having only one mechanism designed to determine how the stablecoin is pegged, Debaseonomics allows for various mechanisms to be created and deployed according to mechanism-specific needs in different situations. click to read

5. Find new | Polkadex: a decentralized trading platform on Polkadot

Polkadex is an open source decentralized trading platform developed using the Substrate blockchain framework, a cryptocurrency exchange based on peer-to-peer orders, merging the most common automatic market making (AMM) and centralized trading in decentralized exchanges (DEX) The order book model used allows AMM pools to exchange with the order book, which perfectly combines the convenience and high speed of centralized exchanges with the security of decentralization. click to read

6. What does Chainlink’s white paper 2.0 mention?

Chainlink released a new white paper on Thursday, along with a post detailing its plans. Jinse Finance sorts out the key parts of the content-zce of the article to clearly explain its concepts. click to read

7. Let’s talk about what “Polca followers” need to care about?

On April 7th, the Polkadot experimental network Kusama has officially launched the parachain auction webpage, explaining in detail what Kusama’s parachain auction is, how to participate and more frequently asked questions. Click to read


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Li Bin, Director of the Central Bank's Macro-Prudential Management Bureau: There is no timetable for the official launch of the digital renminbi

On April 12, the central bank held a data interpretation conference for the first quarter of 2021. The reporter noticed that this was the first public appearance by Li Bin.

BIS President: How Central Bank Digital Currencies Put Great Ideas into Practice

Bank for International Settlements President: Cryptocurrencies Do Not Pose a Threat to Fiat Currency: Golden Finance reports that Bank of International Settlements President and economist Agustín Carstens said that cr.

Golden Hardcore | Pantera Capital: Bitcoin will eventually increase by 100,000 times

Jinse Finance launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects.

7 must-reads in the evening | What does Chainlink’s white paper 2.0 mention?

1. Seven operations that can be implemented in Layer2The age of L2 scaling solutions has arrived, but this is just the beginning. If you're a pioneer.

Golden Observation 丨 Stablecoins are unstable? The story behind investors selling FEI

Jinse Finance Blockchain, April 16 News Fei Protocol, a stablecoin project supported by many mainstream venture capitalists.

Fairyproof Tech CEO Tan Yuefei: DeFi investors must read the project audit report

Jinse Finance live report, on April 10th, hosted by Jinse Finance, TRON as the general title, HBTC, SumSwap.

15.$500 million Bitcoin options will expire on Friday, the market outlook is more bearish

Bitcoin prices are slowly recovering after experiencing a sharp 16% correction in the early hours of April 18.While some analysts have blamed the “9,000 BTC transfer to Binance.